& Moira Bianchi: The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 4

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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 4

This week I found out my first crush is back!... AUS will continue!
It was my first P&P fanfic crush, the one I couldn't put down. Curious? Check my post on fave JAFF!

As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

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For the rest of that Monday they exchanged texts.

Tuesday morning for Elizabeth, early afternoon for Darcy, he missed the beginning of an important meeting in his conference room to call her and check on her traffic jam.

Wednesday she sent him a playlist with pop songs from the eighties. He replied saying he abhorred torture of any kind but actually downloaded the songs, uploaded on his phone and listened on his way home.

Thursday he spent a good part of his morning putting together a makeshift playlist with his favorite songs to send her in time for her morning traffic jam.

Friday Elizabeth sent him a couple of texts asking his plans for the weekend and saying how she longed for a leisure traffic-free time with her kids. Beach, sun and fun, those were her plans for the weekend. Darcy didn’t answer.

She reasoned he was a busy guy and they had been talking daily since Monday – it should be enough for her. It was silly to expect he would devote more of his time to her.

Saturday morning the kids woke her up early eager for the beach. Before going, they called their father according to their usual Saturday morning routine. As Wickham worked at least twenty days a month in a hospital boat floating along the Amazon River, they scheduled Saturday conference calls in advance so they could stretch the conversation for long minutes.

After the kids shouted on the phone excitedly about their week to a delighted father, Elizabeth took the phone from the speaker and talked to her husband about her week including the unexpected pleasure of finding Darcy. In return, Wickham told her about the sad experiences he had had curing a vast array of nasty sufferings. After they exchanged quick endearments, she got the kids ready for the beach.

A few hours later, they returned exhausted and famished but thankfully Reynalda, their housekeeper, had the kid’s lunch ready. Amidst the frenetic bath-lunch-cartoons on TV sequence, the doorbell rang but Elizabeth was too busy explaining to her daughter why some cartoons were not meant for children.

The doorbell rang again and she walked to get it since Reynalda didn’t. Down her bedrooms' corridor, Elizabeth regretted postponing her bath in favor of the kids’ cartoon hunt. She was still sticky from seawater and her bikini top felt a little uncomfortable; even her adorable dog’s barking irritated her. She adjusted the canga wrapped as a short skirt around her waist and held the doorknob.

In her small hall shared by only two apartments, Darcy felt ashamed of his forwardness. During the week, he had thought about inviting her to London or offering to make things right seventeen years later by going to Rio de Janeiro, the World Cup was only a few months away after all. But the words died in his throat and fingers (as he typed). He didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, he was just very happy about meeting his old friend again.

The week had been brutal, the only thing making his days brighter were her texts and voice on the phone. Another fight with his wife, his daughters busy with their little lives where he didn’t fit, a stall in his new business venture… everything was very frustrating. Except the pretty woman and the remembrance of his youth.

Suddenly the door opened: Elizabeth was certain it was her next-door neighbor, Darcy wasn’t certain of anything any longer.

Seeing him, Elizabeth’s heart stopped, her vision blurred and her legs wobbled.

Darcy’s air escaped his chest. He didn’t expect to get this welcome, he had only planned to meet his friend in person and share a few good laughs travelling back in time.

He hadn’t planned to feel this aroused by seeing her. True, he already knew Elizabeth had a pretty face but in fact she was a gorgeous woman. How could he have predicted she had that body? In a bikini and a skirt, barefoot with tattoos showing on her insteps, smelling like the sea…

Elizabeth needed almost a minute to make her mind work.

‘Fitz?’ She whispered.

His answer was a closed lips half smile. “Behave down there, man.”

‘Fitzwilliam Darcy?’ She insisted raising her brows. ‘His royal Highness, the Prince of Pemberley?’

‘King now.’ He said impudently. ‘Yes, me.’

Elizabeth blinked trying to drink him in. Several times in the past she had fantasized about this moment. They had been close friends in letters, but unfortunately never met in person. He told her his height, she could guess how he carried himself and his shape from his pictures but a little older and in person…

This story's release is close... Check the book's page for info.

“… Her warm heart, would never gonna leave me
She’s turned me round…”

A new flame – Simply red

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