& Moira Bianchi: Not exactly Pride and Prejudice

quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

Not exactly Pride and Prejudice

I was having lunch on my own and decide to find some P&P company on youtube. Who else can make me improve my lunch experience than Mr. D. himself, right?

So I found this 'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE KOREAN DRAMA' and I thought: "Great, a Korean fanfic. Yummy!"

Well, not exactly. It's more like Law and Order than Austen's P&P, but it is catching.

The Lizzy - Yeol-Moo - is fast-tongued and cute but the Darcy... Not sure if it's Dong-Chi or Soo... Mmmm... At firts I thought Dong-Chi was Wickhamish but then, not sure anymore. Soo is quiet and obviously taken with Yeol-Moo. 

You know what? Not sure it has anything to do with Austen but I'm gonna watch the other episodes.

This review pretty much sums it up: "It's pretty cute - it's always easy to watch two characters slowly care about each other again - but wholly unesceptional." (read the whole review here)

That pretty much sums up my next book as well... Mmmm... unexceptional. Can I live with this? 

Korean actors are awfully cute.

See ya!

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