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sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2014

Forever young Jane Austen

Happy Thanksgiving to the ones who understand celebrate the holiday.
Happy shopping to the ones who enjoy Black Friday.

Here in Brasil, until last year, Black Friday meant half of the double price, this year, it seems prices are dropping. Sadly I have been grieving the double suicide of my Sony Ereader and my Mp3 player a month after I returned form my Florida vacations. It's so so sad... So today I bought a Kindle reader... Yay!

Anyway, I wanted to babble about something that has been nagging me for a while. I've talked about my new book that is finally coming to an end (first draft is two chapters away to wrap) and it's another 'inspired on' story, Like Friendh, it's not a retelling as 45, it's a love story, a what if for modern Darcy and Lizzy. while writing it, I keep thinking a bit guilty for taking advantage of Austen although I know the value of fanfiction to oxigenate and keep alive a masterpiece.

And it's not only me or my Janeite friends... there are cell phone covers, action figures, dummies, apparel, tv shows, movies... 
Are we all guilty of vampirism?

Let's not speak only of fanfiction and/or adaptation (synonyms really), but new publishings of her works with modern covers... I have a few here and several of my friends collect different prints of the same novels. Flavorwire has a funny fanfiction scenes of the characters commenting on some. It's funny. 

My favorite is this one (I am a fanfic junkie afterall):

"Pride and Prejudice, Middleton Classics, 2009 (p. 132)
This is a small-press, ebook-only edition of Pride and Prejudice, and while the Thomas Gainsborough paintings make a pretty cover, they were painted some 30 years before the publication of Austen’s novel; besides, I find Mr. Darcy’s floating head to be a trifle… disconcerting.

“Miss Bennet, I have never been so bewitched by any woman as I am by you.”
“Really, Mr. Darcy, if you will persist in letting your disembodied head float around one, I wish you would choose another woman to follow. I dare say Miss Bingley would be pleased to oblige you.”
“I said I was bewitched.”
“That is hardly an excuse. Look at your expression. You are mooning over me like an adolescent.”
“I do not moon, madam.”
“And yet there is your head floating in the sky like the moon itself. It is most disconcerting.”
“And this is all the reply which I am to have the honor of expecting?”
“I am going inside now. Pray do not peek in my bedroom window like you did last night. It is a most ungentlemanly thing to do.” "

Also a post about ridiculous books taking advantage inspired by the novels. Fun as well.

So, to stop my nonsense here, I conclude that Jane is ours and we'd better keep her alive amongst us.
Am I right?

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