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quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

Pride and Prejudice

I come full circle - from my new Pride and Prejudice fanfiction to the original masterpiece. 40 pages 40 posted.

As I wrote on the book's first page, 
Happy 200th anniversary
P&P. May my humble book honor this extraordinary date.

Happy 40th birthday to me. 
May the next 40 bring as much fun!

Jane Austen

Chapter 7
page 40

"‘Mamma,’ cried Lydia, ‘my aunt says that Colonel Forster and Captain Carter do not go so often to Miss Watson’s as they did when they first came; she sees them now very often standing in Clarke’s library.’

Mrs. Bennet was prevented replying by the entrance of the footman with a note for Miss Bennet; it came from Netherfield, and the servant waited for an answer. Mrs. Bennet’s eyes sparkled with pleasure, and she was eagerly calling out, while her daughter read,
‘Well, Jane, who is it from? What is it about? What does he say? Well, Jane, make haste and tell us; make haste, my love.’

‘It is from Miss Bingley,’ said Jane, and then read it aloud.

‘If you are not so compassionate as to dine to-day with Louisa and me, we shall be in danger of hating each other for the rest of our lives, for a whole day’s tete-a-tete between two women can never end without a quarrel.

Come as soon as you can on receipt of this. My brother and the gentlemen are to dine with the officers.—Yours ever,


Just imagine what a match-making mama can do with such a note?

So, since December I´ve posted 40 awesome books:

1- 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy
2- Jane Eyre
3-  Naked determination
4-  Orgulho e Preconceito
5-  Death comes to Pemberley
6- Inferno
7- Northanger Abbey
8-  A Abadia de Northanger
9- The Mists of Avalon - book 1
10-  The Jane Austen book club
11-  Friendship of a special kind
12-  Colours and years
13-  The ocean at the end of the lane
14- One day
15-  A clash of kings
16-  As esganadas
17-  Poirot salva o criminoso
18-  North and South
19-  The bloody chamber
20-  Twilight
21-  Austenland
22-  Bridget Jones's diary
23-  Breakfast at Tiffany's
24-  Image or Likeness
25-  Tarantula
26-  Dead to the world
27-  Em algum lugar do passado
28-  Quando Nietzsche chorou
29-  Emma
30-  Pollyanna
31-  Lady Susan
32-  A Ladeira da Saudade
33-  The beach
34-  The dead zone
35-  Mansfield Park
36-  Persuasion
37-  The girl with the dragon tattoo
38-  High Fidelity
39-  Contos de fim de
40-  Pride and Prejudice


In other words, hold my hand;
in other words,
Happy birthday to me!!!

Let's toast to a juicy 40!

Disclaimer: 40 pages 40 was my way to celebrate my 40th birthday. It's not easy to accept that 'youth' no longer describes me...
By promoting 40 awesome books I like in no way I intend to dupe the original authors. If you, as me, like what you read, buy them!
All 40 books can be found on the right side bar. ►
All images found on Google. Kudos to the original poster.

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