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terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Living a dream

This week I was invited to a delightful lovely event: Live in 1799 for a few days. Oh, how nice this might be... I can imagine how that must be like... all in costume playing the part. *sigh*

It's the pink lovely book in the middle. The grin is mine! ;)

'Lizzard' has dreamed about his in '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy', here's how it was:

"He opened a heavy door and her senses were awash immediately. Faint lighting, smell of candles and live music, all aside from their clasped hands. From the other side, the door could not be noticed and Lizzy thought about how an old palace worked in its daily routine. She had seen it on TV but this was the real thing.

‘We usually watch these parties from that balcony.’ He said pointing the turned off flashlight. ‘There is a small bridge that if we stay really close to the side we can see the ballroom without being seen. Shall we?’

It was amazing to see normal people playing dress up. They were so happy dancing quadrilles, the musicians completely attired, the ladies had fans and some men even had wigs! Lizzy was as happy as a child in Disneyland for the first time.

Darcy stood behind her to prevent Lizzy from stepping into view and unable to resist, hugged her waist to whisper in her ear several interesting things: the man hidden behind a curtain typing on his phone; the lady taking big gulps of punch; the guy trying to look into a lady’s cleavage. She giggled and leaned back into his chest to ask a question or make a comment, delighting both of them with the proximity.

‘This must be great, don’t you think?’ Lizzy asked him. ‘To go back in time… Have you ever done that?’

Darcy scrunched up his nose. ‘Once. And I hated it.’

‘Oh, come on…’ Lizzy whined.

‘Those breaches… I could never wear those near you, for instance.’ He said before he remembered they were not as intimate in person as they were in his head. Something had to be done, and fast. ‘Come, I will take you as close as I can.’ He said ungluing their bodies.

Darcy pulled her by the hand into doors and parlors, down another dark steep set of stairs and they arrived in a den illuminated only by the light coming from outside the windows. She couldn’t see much but could smell candles burning close by.

‘Trust me?’ He asked."

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The 'Georgian house party' will take place in November, there are dinners and day events, even a Gothic night! Oh, how much I'd love to be there... Brazil has never been so far down south...

Ok, it's Georgian, not Regency. Right, I get that. 
Winter, in period clothes for a Brazilian- cruel. I get that too. 
Convincing hubs to gavotte around in breaches: impossible. But a girl can dream, right?

And... there will be a Regency house party too! 
In August!
That's summer!
At Kent Church! *faint*
Oh. My. God.

Why, oh why, real is not closer to pounds??? $$$ 
I know, everything is six times more expensive for us. Darn!

I know exactly what you're thinking: Austenland. Yeah!... Not that I'd like to find a Mr. Noble (ha!) or anything but I can only imagine how amazing it must be to talk to people who do this, how interesting, how fun, how many plots could come out of this!...

I'm so sad here...
If you're closer, go! If you do, send me pics! And snapchats! And everything else! 

Meanwhile, I write...
Trying my hand in Regency. It has had good reviews...

See ya.
*sad Moira says bye*

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