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domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

I don't own Jane Austen

WARNING: this is a renting babbling post.

Funny, I always thought Jane Austen was the author who had the biggest legion of owners in the world, but I never considered myself one of these adorably deranged people. Mr Darcy, yes, I do claim ownership on him - at least the ones I create; but Miss Austen, no.

Today I attended a Jane Austen lovers in Rio meeting and found myself forrowing my brows and twisting my nose to what was lectured. Oh. My. God. I also pressed my eyes. Dear Lord, I'm Lady Catherine!!! *freaking out here*

After years studying Austen's works (P&P  in special) I learned that Austen is everything but light, and romance novel-like or parody. But, really, what do I know?

I merely have an unhealthy fixation on Darcy and Lizzy - probably more on their 'ardent connection' than anything else. Still, there I was thinking 'in the Berkeley course, it was said THAT was wrong' or 'when the other group discussed Northanger, we concluded differently'.

Oh, I felt bad...

The fact that Austen is discussed in Brasil over 200 years after her novels were first published is so amazing, isn't it? A writer whose works are in a foreign language can unite 20 people in a rainy Sunday is admirable. Amongst them, several quoting absolute truths in terms of England's historical and societal accuracy... I don't want to put myself in this throne.

That's my new mantra! 

Owmmmmm... I don't own Jane Austen! Owmmmm... I refuse to think I do! Owmmmm...

Let me not mention here the criticizing and bad mouthing of other Austen authors beside the one lecturing the event, that will take me years to swallow. Damn! (In case you're wondering, I stayed incognito. My hubs says it's proof of maturity.)

In suma, I spent an afternoon exercising my poker face (poorly) and detachment.

Owmmmmm... I don't own Jane Austen! Owmmmm... I refuse to think I do! Owmmmm...

*insert those three ironic wise monkeys here*


I'm the middle one.

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