& Moira Bianchi: Love in three Acts

Love in three Acts

A lovely Regency game of hide and seek!

Love can be whimsical; it takes pleasure in finding torturous ways to play with destiny.

It can be rather complicated to acknowledge, then deeply cherished, then painfully ripped away leaving hopelessness behind. What one wouldn’t give to control her own heart, to stop it from bleeding and find a way to solve the difficulties placed in love’s way?

Other times it can be delayed and take forever to unite people who were always meant to be together. What one wouldn’t pay to find love after her life was played with by Cupid, by fate, by bad luck? How valuable is courage to acknowledge an old heart can indeed find love again?

And it can be fooled and played with, at the same time fondled and duped by young apprentices of its own art. How exciting it is to find one have been used as Cupid’s bullseye? A young heart taken over by overwhelming passion can find its equal in amusing and unexpected situations.

Whimsical, difficult, foolish… Isn't Cupid a spoilt child?

In three independent stories Apollo and Daphne play with Cupid as much as they are played with, intertwined by coincidences and similarities. This collection may be read together or separate, in any sequence. Aside from the different plots, the stories share peacocks, swans, liqueur, small books, slippers and carriages. Also servants and their own subplots developed differently in each story, Venice and the meager power women had over their own lives in the 19th century. Part of the fun lies on searching and identifying these elements.

1st act is ‘Love hurts’: A continuation for Pride and Prejudice in which the first blissful months of her new life as Mrs. Darcy are violently disrupted when Elizabeth discovers what is expected of her. Mr. Darcy finds himself in deep need of adjustment.

2nd act is ‘Eclipse of the heart’: An alternative universe for Pride and Prejudice. Fate plays Darcy and Elizabeth well and they only meet several years after the Bingleys’ wedding. As life hasn’t been kind to both of them, they find in each other not only friendship or solace but also love and hope.

3rd act is ‘Love inside and out’: A good humored Pride and Prejudice ‘what if‘. At the Hunsford Parsonage, by chance Darcy overhears a fateful discussion between Elizabeth and a newlywed Charlotte. Most intrigued by learning the fetching Miss Bennett is being blackmailed, he immediately claims the task of protecting her honor but learns he’s not her only protector... 

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My versions of what a courageous lady could be back in the day…

Of course, they are in no way accurate enough – I’m not a historian, neither researched enough to write a bible on the matter, I’m simply having fun…
Come along! ;)

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