& Moira Bianchi: Image or Likeness

Image or Likeness

Official cover! Love it!

Entangled in a convoluted web of lust, envy and jealousy a wife, a call girl, a husband and his friends are a power game's pawns.

How long a couple of troubled minds can stretch a fantasy, in spite of its hazardous nature?
Better, how much havoc one single troubled mind can create? 

When Samuel Vaughn handed his beloved wife Lana her mail, he couldn't have guessed that the shadow over their past was about to come forward one more time. An illness that proved impossible to cure.

A spoiled only child, a beautiful woman worshiped by her husband, Lana Zaraki-Vaughn couldn't help the feelings such a note aroused in her: Anais Robinson, an expensive call girl who impersonated Lana to a select group of men, invited her to a concert.

The storyline goes back and forward in time telling the fateful moment Anais entered Lana's life, from the pounce at Sam's College 

Reunion to the lunch they had together, the secrets, perversities and how much it changed all of them.

An erotic tale of two women who refuse to someone else's bitch. 

A dark, edgy, hard to swallow, disturbing story. 
Enticing, seductive, addictive. 
What's Behind the mirror: people's ugliest sides.

Angst Thrilling, just the right amount of fluff and a lot different from my previous stories. My first NOT JAFF book.

Sam Vaughn - a thirty something successful advertiser; triathlon enthusiast; loving husband and father; athletic, handsome and passionate.

Lana Zaraki-Vaughn - a half Brazilian-half Greek early thirty woman, stunning figure and fiery personality. Spoilt by her husband and parents, Lana fails to realize the world around her.

Anais Robinson - a thirty something stunning woman who earns her living as an expensive call girl who empersonates... Lana. Meeting her whole model is a chimera that fate makes possible.

The story recounts these two (extra)ordinary women's encounter in a non-linear prose mixing past, present and future full of erotic tales that may or may not be real... 
In fact, some of these characters may not even be real...

That all, here are the fore notices.

  • Sexual relations between consenting adults; 
  • Homosexual relationships mentioned though this is NOT a slash story;
  • Several sexual fantasies mentioned; 
  • Sexual violence hinted but NOT confirmed; 
  • No BDSM or sub&dom stuff;
  • Women who refuse to be anyone's bitch abound.

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