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45 Days


This year I attended the Milan Furniture Fair and well... travelling abroad is always very inspiring. Right? My short European vacation produced this:

moira bianchi hot rio chick

A linear retelling of Pride and Prejudice picturing a Brazilian Elizabeth Bennet falling for a British Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Mostly fluff, MA, modern, luv,luv,luv!
It´s finally available.


A versão em Português, LINDA!


This is my first linear retelling where I worked adapting Pride and Prejudice as truthfully as I managed. Also, this is my first story that was never posted on line.

A Brazilian Lizzy and a British Darcy.

Elizabeth Bennett is a spirited twenty years old Carioca girl whose love for travelling directs her life in many aspects. A Tourism major busy unfurling her exciting early adulthood, Lizzy is shook up by her first visit to the lovely Amsterdam with her lively big family. Aside from the pleasure of reuniting with her adored friend Charlotte Lucas, she meets a certain gentleman who she can only describe as 'unpalatable'.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a brooding twenty-six years old British man who hops boutique hotels around the globe. Decided on enjoying his late twenties, William evades his family's attempts to chain him to their many businesses such as the luxurious Hotels, much to his Aunt Catherine's abhorrence. To appease his family's annoyance, he occasionally adorns social events with his VIP presence, such as a Gala in Amsterdam.

When these two stubborn, sexy and handsome people meet, in spite of sharing the eagerness to see the world, she hates him with more passion than she wants to acknowledge and he is instigated by her sparkling personality. 
Much to Lizzy's dislike, whenever she manages to cross the Atlantic Darcy magically materializes close to her. Fate working its coincidences or puppeteering them around Europe? 

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, as well as feared, that fate has its twisted ways to dispose of our lives."

A worldly and modern adaptation for Pride and Prejudice. A tale about how finding the one you're supposed to be with can influence your expectations, how weirdly and meaningfully outsized it can be.


Here, the beloved Austen’s characters are divided between left and right of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mr. Bennett moved to Brazil in his late twenties and married Agnes Gardiner, a Brazilian beauty daughter of Scotch immigrants. Their happy marriage gave them five daughters and a picturesque life in Petrópolis, Brazilian Imperial city. 

Their elder daughters live in Ipanema, the hype Rio de Janeiro neighborhood to attend college – Odontology for Jane, Tourism for Lizzy. A fact that challenges Mrs. Bennett’s nerves.

The Gardiner family was as Brazilian as immigrants could be with the exception of Martin, the younger son who returned to England and established life in London with lovely wife Regina, three kids and two dogs.

Sir Lucas moved to Petrópolis when transferred to work on Rio de Janeiro’s British embassy. Instantly his elder daughter befriended the second Bennett girl forming a bond close to sisterhood.

When Charlotte graduates and wins the renowned Rosier Hotels’ International contest, Lizzy saves as much as she can to visit her best friend on her around Europe year of internship.

The Darcys from Pemberley are one the wealthiest British families, especially because their fortune is associated with the Fitzwilliams’ and de Bourgh’s. Orphaned in a tender age, the Darcy heirs evade any commitment, especially the eldest – Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh, ‘William’ Darcy aunt and owner of The Rosier Hotels, have an only daughter Anne who she vowed to develop into a business woman as shrewd as she herself was. For this task, it was imperative to surround them with exceptionally loyal assistants as Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas.

Graham Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s other cousin, is also a disappointment to the family because he decided to open an independent law firm and escaped the family businesses’ clutches.

Mr. George Wickham is a flight attendant gavotting the globe, embellishing it with his charms.

Crisscrossing the Atlantic, the famous characters retell their delightful story in a fun and exciting new light.

Meant for mature readers, considered ‘MA’.

Here is Lizzy's blog, the famous Wanderlust Lizard

pride and prejudice fanfic

cute, huh?

Want to read an excerpt? Here...
And a vignette (in Portuguese), here.
A vignette about Darcy's New Year's party in Dubai, here.
Another vignette where Lizzy teases Darcy unmercifully, here.
PAGE 40 is availabe here. Why page 40?... go find out!
Well, what can I say... I ramble! ;) 

Em Português? Aqui...

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