& Moira Bianchi: The pains of having patience

sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

The pains of having patience

This year I've been wandering far from Austen. 

It's not done easily, I carry I heavy heart, feel guilty for writing and falling for new heroes who I do not call Darcy. Aside all the discussion on making an hommage or taking advantage of the classic, most of all I love Pride and Prejudice and rejoice in imagining its characters in new adventures.

But lately I've been writing about other people. Princesses in my new series in Portuguese, cat lovers in Nameless, crispy new ideas bursting in my mind... All off Austen romances.

And in the midde of this personal connundrum, I got involved in an Austen anthology. Because I felt guilty? Perhaps. Because I didn't want to be that far from Darcy? Certainly. It was one of those things that you know will give you more headache than fun, but still you get into.

Inside it, it's a mess! Not because people think differently - in fact, I take pleasure in different views because I think it's potentially food for another character - but because people can't stand that I don't agree with everything... I'm not an expert in the matter, but I've put a few books out there. As much as I don't want to teach anything to anyone uninterested of hearing, I suppose I am allowed to avoid mistakes. 

Urgh, how frustrating!

My story, an Austenland kind of funny bit, was by far the best one and will probably land here - both in Portuguese and English. Still, it's a project doomed for crash landing... Sad.

I miss having Austen fun with friends.


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