& Moira Bianchi: outubro 2017

domingo, 29 de outubro de 2017

Life updated: the correct number is 43

Hello there,
It's been such hard days for me here. A time I never wanted to arrive did reach me and I had to watch my father go. So sad.
Yep, the winter is here inside me.
I've written mourning processes several times in my books, won't share my pain here in a single post. Instead, I'll let it sit and melt and blossom into missing my dad's presence. Damn, it still feels unreal!

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I realized he was my age when I was born. 43. Huh.... Such coincidence: he had 43 years before me and we had 43 years together. If you've been here in my blog before, you know how much I like even counts. 
But this one floored me. 

Prayed with all my faith. This has to carry me on, has to mean something.

So, as part of my healing, and specially to keep me busy, will start posting small P&P love ❤️ stories. A few, maybe in a series. After all, Austen knows best:

Stay with me,
Sure need company.


segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2017

Austen quotes - gotta love'em

Who doesn't?
Found these lovely cards, had to pass them along...

if only we had all day for enjoying ourselves in Austen Nation!... 
See ya!

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