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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 2 - Chapter 2


I'm very excited about '45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy' that's so neat and almost ready to be released!

Meanwhile, here, this hot Darcy and Lizzy are getting it going!...

As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

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Finding boundaries

‘There’s nothing better to one’s health than loving and being loved in return’, a poet once said.

Elizabeth felt great after the Indian-born-British ortho’s appointment. He confirmed her treatment was right, asked for a few more tests she could take in Paris avoiding missing any classes, as an acupuncturist enthusiast he gave instructions to be passed along to her therapist, advised her to exercise specifically to tone the right muscles to sustain her knees and prescribed another pill to help her deal with the cold weather and the flight back home.

Darcy insisted she stayed with him at this London apartment but she refused. How awkward would it be? There was no need for Elizabeth to put herself in this absurd position. They had spent two nights in a row together and frankly, she needed to sleep alone and rest a whole night. Half saddened and half relieved, she didn’t have to argue too much with Darcy after the consult and he helped her check in at a fine hotel near his apartment. With a hot goodnight kiss inside her room, he left and she flopped down in bed ready to sleep soundly even before taking a shower.


Doctor Negandi had given Darcy a lot to think about. While Elizabeth dressed, he had explained his procedure would have been a tad different and she probably would be feeling better by now but she was fine.

‘Nothing to worry, we only need to follow up.’ The old tanned doctor said.

Darcy breathed relieved. ‘I thank you for finding time to see her. I respect your opinion, if not for your care, my father would have been kept in a wheel chair for years.’

‘I was very saddened when he didn’t resist his accident’s complications.’ The doctor said and Darcy nodded. ‘We used to talk for hours, his consults had to be the last on my schedule or else my patients would rotten in my waiting room.’ He chuckled.

Darcy smiled. He had feared the old man would reminisce his father’s death but he was the only ortho Darcy trusted to treat his Elizabeth.

‘Your father and I, we arrogantly controlled our lives like Shiva. Of course, our sins differed in many ways but we shared the taste for good food.’ The man rested against his chair, clasping his hands over his belly. ‘We believed ourselves powerful, indestructible, above good and evil. Your father paid with more weight than his back could take; I paid with a mild heart attack. He insisted on riding horses forcing his back, me on keeping a double life that brought me so much trouble I couldn’t make a list.’ He took a deep intake of breath as if deciding what to say. ‘I married a fine Indu woman my family chose for me but I also kept the steady girlfriend I had as an act of defiance and life is too complicated to balance between two women. I’m old and now I realize I could have done things differently if someone had only enlightened me.’ He paused looking Darcy squarely in the eyes and then leaned forward. ‘I see you look fit, good for you.’

Darcy nodded.

‘Your father was a good friend to me; I was there at the hospital when he arrived after that accident. You were a lad.’ He said and Darcy pressed his lips. ‘I don’t remember you being this worried when your bride arrived soon after, and that was a lot more complicated. This Mrs.…’ The doctor pulled Elizabeth’s file from his table to take a look. ‘Wickham has a minor knee injury, no need to worry. She must be really important to you, a very beautiful woman she is.’

Darcy didn’t answer.

‘Life is too short for big sins, son.’


Elizabeth opened her eyes grudgingly at eight thirty in the morning and noticed two things immediately. One: she had a major migraine, two: it had been the bedside phone that disturbed her troubled sleep. She groaned and tried to turn to a side, but her neck was unmercifully throbbing so she tried the other side and felt a jolt from her knee. She groaned audibly and picked up the phone.

“What?” She barked seating up, wincing and reaching for her cell phone.

“Bart?” Darcy had been smiling in anticipation of hearing her voice and walking to pick her up. The day was sunny and chilly- a weather she loved. “What happened? Are you in pain?”

She groaned again. “No…” She deep sighed. “Yes. I have a migraine.”

“Your knee?” He asked worried.

“Fine.” Elizabeth said checking to see if her kids or husband had called her.

“That is a lie.” Darcy accused.

“Fitz, my neck and head throb so much that if my leg did hurt I wouldn’t feel a thing.” She said and flexed her feet for a while, exercising as the Indo-British doctor taught her.

“This migraine may be side effect of the new pill Negandi gave you.” Darcy said. “I’ll call him right away.”

“No need, King.” She said wanly. “My migraine is stress related. I’ll take a long shower, a painkiller and some coffee. I’ll be fine in two or three hours.” She waited His Royal Highness’ opinion on the matter but Darcy kept silent. “Let me go, Fitz. I’ll call you later.”

“What happened?” He asked.

“I…” She sighed. She could tell him that Wickham had called in his usual hour – evening in Brazil, very late night in England – and woke her up to chat, that she inadvertently told him about the consult and how he had been offended, blamed Darcy and implied she was getting ‘way to close to her old friend’. She could say how frustrated and secretly ashamed she was, the guilt she felt and how it consumed her. “I used two pillows. I should have slept without any, as always.” She said and it wasn’t a lie.

“Do you need me?” He asked suspicious of her answer.

“No!” She hurried to say. If he showed up in her hotel room, looking all manly and virile, those eyes and smile and hard dick, she would be very tempted to mingle sex with migraine and afterwards she could need intravenous painkillers. Her migraine was not something to trifle with. “I’ll feel better in a few hours.”

“Fine.” He said.

“Ok. See you.” She said ready to hang up.

“Lizzy?” He asked.

“Mmm?” She asked impatiently.

“Graham invited us to dinner, and the girls are coming here. Sally was ecstatic when I said you were in town.” Darcy said happily. “How about we have lunch with them?”

“Oh, fuck, shit, bad luck of the bad lucks.” All she wanted was to take at least two migraine pills, put ice over her eyes for an hour and as soon as she felt better, she would go out alone. When in such a migraine crisis she liked to be left on her own. “Think fast, Elizabeth!” She was returning alone to Paris early Sunday morning to prepare for the following week’s classes. Darcy would meet her only the following Friday to spend a little less than 24 hours with her before she returned to Rio. If he had his daughters and cousin, that would mean they wouldn’t spend the night together anyway… “Late lunch? Around two?” She asked.

“Perfect.” He said in a smile she didn’t see but was sure it was there.

She grimaced.

“I’ll meet you in an hour.’ He said.

“No!” She said. “Meet me at two! Text me with the restaurant’s address.”

Darcy went silent.

Elizabeth sighed. “Migraine, Fitz…” She said but he was still silent. “Say: ‘Fine, Bart.’” She urged.

“Fine, Bart.” Darcy mumbled.

“Kiss.” She said, hung up and plopped down on her pillow face first. ‘Fuck, shit, shit, shit!’ A migraine day was the worst to meet hostile audiences, but Sarah and Georgiana had been such happy surprises… “Well, maybe Darcy’s other daughter is just as sweet…”


‘Holy key ring, Batman!’ Elizabeth gushed making both Darcy and Graham chuckle. ‘It’s gorgeous! Thanks so much!’ She said and leaned in to give Graham a kiss on the cheek.
Darcy squirmed frowning.

‘What’s holy in a key ring, Lizzy?’ Sarah asked frowning much like her father.

Elizabeth laughed. ‘Sweetie, it’s from the best Batman that ever existed. No hot guy in a tight black suit could fight a shark hanging from a helicopter!’ She smiled and searched the 1960’s iconic TV show’s episode on her phone.

‘Oh, that’s a classic!’ Graham smiled. ‘The keys to my studio in Paris are no way that cool!’

‘Better!’ Elizabeth returned his smile. ‘Here, Sally!’ She passed her phone to the girl so she could watch the streaming video and her older sister tilted her bright blonde head to take a look, her nonchalant air never faltering.

Around the restaurant table, Darcy observed Elizabeth get along with his family and considered how it affected him. His cousin already loved her - not as much as his youngest daughter though, Sarah thought Elizabeth was the coolest elderly she had ever met. His older daughter, Diana, was skittish and aloof but Darcy could see she was mesmerized by Elizabeth’s liveliness.

Of course, he would like to spend the day with her naked in bed and not share her company but it had been impossible to dodge both his daughters and cousin.

‘Are you sure I can have it?’ Elizabeth asked, the Eiffel tower aluminum key ring hanging around her fingers. ‘My grant is small and I’ll need it only a few weeks every two or three months. Your Paris loft will be unavailable although empty.’ She twisted her lips.

‘It’s yours, Lizzy. My ex was keeping it unavailable anyway; you were a great excuse for me to ask it back.’ Graham patted her hand on the table. ‘Do me a favor? Move in there as soon as you can. Today, tomorrow, so she’ll be sure I didn’t make it all up.’

‘I can visit it tomorrow when I arrive back at Paris!’ Elizabeth raised her shoulders smiling, her migraine forgotten.

‘Oh please, this is absurd!’ Diana rolled her eyes at Elizabeth’s phone. ‘One should be ashamed of watching this.’ She said while her sister hid her incredulous grin behind her hand.

Elizabeth glanced at Darcy’s stoic face with amusement. His older daughter was a bitch! When they had met at the restaurant’s door, the girl had complained Elizabeth was late; then when asked why Anne didn’t join them, the girl answered haughtily that her mother had better things to do. Darcy harrumphed menacingly making the girl jump and Elizabeth chuckled. ‘I’m glad your Saturday is as uninteresting as ours, Diana! Nice to meet you.’  The girl had inherited her father’s height, nose and aloofness. Elizabeth thought she was too blond, too thin and too conservative on what she wore. She was also too young and that gave her credit to be as bitchy as she wanted, as long as she didn’t step on Elizabeth’s toes.

‘Lizzy, are there more?’ Sarah asked. ‘I cannot believe this trash!’

‘More?’ Elizabeth asked and exchanging a glance with the men, all three sang the TV show’s theme song and ended in a chuckle.

Diana was astonished how her father seemed different. Her sister had told her that in Florida, he was relaxed, laughed and made jokes but Diana had disregarded Sarah’s opinion, now she could see it. Sally had also said Elizabeth was stunning, but she wasn’t… she was good looking, and fit. Had amazing dark hair and her makeup was beautiful. Fine, the woman had good taste. The black fitted leather pants with the grey military jacket and low pumps looked good, the tattoos on her feet were cool and to be really honest, Diana had loved the sequined black t-shirt she had inside the jacket. But still, this ‘Lizzy’ was someone her mother despised so what good could she have?

‘Really, Graham. How will we make it work?’ Elizabeth said sipping her lemon water.

He wiggled his brows to her. ‘How do you propose, my dear?’

Darcy cleared his throat. ‘Graham, watch it.’ He said and when he realized what he had done he glanced at his daughters.

‘How about some tips for the famous Brazilian carnival?’ Graham asked. ‘Is that allowed, cousin?’

‘It’s the week after next!’ She grinned from ear to ear. ‘Do come! I can even offer you company!’ Elizabeth clapped and risked a glance at Darcy’ frown. ‘Not me but my sister Jane.’

‘Oh, I love Jane!’ Sarah gushed. ‘How is she? And baby Juju?’

‘They are fine! Juju learned a new song at school, let me show you.’ Elizabeth loaded the homemade video and both Sally and Graham were enchanted by the adorable toddler. ‘I know Jane loves carnival!...’ Elizabeth insisted. ‘What do you say?’

‘Lizzy, can I forward this video to my phone?’ Sarah asked anxious to have a channel to keep in touch with the cool older woman.

‘Of course!’ Elizabeth caressed the girl’s chin.

‘I like how this plan sounds…’ Graham scratched the beard in his chin. ‘Keep going…’

Elizabeth smiled at Darcy through her lashes. ‘Aside from my best sister’s company? That is worth an apartment at George V, Mr. Wayne.’ She smiled sideways.

‘Give me back my keys and I’ll do my best to get you a reservation today.’ Graham wiggled his fingers to her.

‘No!’ Elizabeth closed both hands around the keys and he chuckled. ‘Should I let you know my schedule so you can dispose of the studio as you’d like?’

‘I would like to stay there once in a while.’ Diana said.

Graham raised his brows. ‘You know there’s no maid to wait on you, right?’

‘I live in school, uncle.’ She said impatiently. ‘Life is hard there.’

‘I can guess.’ Graham nodded. ‘Only four maids for the whole floor of dorms…’

Diana sighed.

‘Well, Diana, as far as I’m concerned, you can have his studio whenever I’m not scheduled to come. Just make sure to deliver it as neat as I’ll leave it for you, ok?’ Elizabeth winked at the girl. ‘Graham, last chance to change your mind. When this key hits my purse, it’s mine.’ Elizabeth opened her purse and held the key ring by the tip of the mini tower. ‘Three, two, one…’

‘Let’s toast to the beautiful lady who just rented a studio in Paris relieving me from the pain of dealing with my ex-wife’s shit!’ Graham waved for the waiter.

‘She can’t drink alcohol.’ Darcy said.

‘I can toast.’ Elizabeth tilted her head to the side defying him to contradict her. ‘So can the girls.’

For the first time Diana looked at Elizabeth with a small smile – a hopeful one and Sarah clapped. Darcy was vanquished; the five of them toasted to Elizabeth’s new rent.

Measuring his words, Graham told her some of his ex-wife’s antics with the help of Darcy’s meager insights. Elizabeth laughed and for fun decided to excuse every crazy thing the woman had ever done blaming the female hormonal rollercoaster. She tried to chat with the girls but gave up on Diana after her third attempt was disregarded and concentrated on Sarah’s delightful company.

She had seen Darcy as a father in Orlando but in London with both his daughters he was different. Although obviously proud of his girls, he was an imposing figure frowning and measuring his words. Maybe if not for her migraine hangover, Elizabeth would have tried to pull him out of his shell and be more forthcoming with the girls but she was not in her better mood and Graham posed a much more agreeable company.

All in all, it had been a fairly pleasurable long lunch date and Elizabeth returned to her hotel by six in the afternoon. The posh lobby was alighted and bubbling with a large group of tourists and she was almost sure she heard Portuguese spoken. Distracted with the sinking realization that she would have to call Wickham and deal with the previous night’s fight, she didn’t notice a woman looking at her intently.

‘Bennett?’ She heard and averted her eyes from her phone to search who had called her. ‘Lizzy Bennett!’ She heard again.

‘Ana Gardiner!’ Elizabeth said smiling genuinely.

The women hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks.

‘Thirty years?’ Ana Gardiner asked.

‘Give or take, Gardiner!’ Elizabeth smiled holding her old friend’s hands. ‘Are we too old to return to first names? That awful gym teacher is not here for us to make fun of her anymore!...’

Gardiner laughed. ‘You look the same, so thin!’

‘I work my ass off to keep this figure.’ Elizabeth said smiling and thought that her friend could do with some exercising. Not properly fat but out of shape, Gardiner looked older than the forty something she had. A good haircut, highlights to minimize the grey locks, some makeup and better-suited clothes wouldn’t kill Ana Gardiner. ‘Tell me all about you!’

‘I’m a tourist guide. After checking this group in, I’ll be free for the night.’ Gardiner motioned with her thumb to the large group behind them. ‘Are you staying here?’ She asked. ‘Care for a night cap?’

It was arranged they would meet in an hour for drinks and Elizabeth took the time to free her leg from the tight pants, call home and leave her husband a voice mail. They would have many ends to trim when he arrived home… she sighed.


‘Two small kids?’ Gardiner was surprised. ‘You took your time, friend!’

‘Yeah… I had a lot on my hands after my father died. Did you know?’ Elizabeth asked.

Gardiner nodded. ‘My mother told me.’

‘It’s funny that our mothers still talk but we lost contact…’ Elizabeth smiled and held her friend’s hand over the table. ‘It’s so good to see you again!’

‘It is!’ Gardiner squeezed her hand. ‘Are you sure you can’t have a pint with me?’

Elizabeth shook her head. ‘I’m taking medication for my knee… maybe next time. But tell me about you. I remember how much you wanted to live abroad.’

‘I did all I could at the time. When I got that scholarship I made sure not to return.’ Gardiner sipped her beer. ‘After my graduation I found a job here and dodged my father’s demands. It was not easy but I managed. I lived here, in Scotland and in Germany for a while. And I got pregnant…’

‘Wow, a grown son!’ Elizabeth marveled.

‘Yes!...’ Gardiner smiled. ‘Weston is already twenty four.’

‘Weston Gardiner... What an imposing name for a chubby couch potato’s offspring!’ Elizabeth snorted.

‘Shut up, Bennett, you smart-mouth!’ Gardiner laughed. ‘Let that horrible woman die! How much I hated our gym classes!’

Elizabeth laughed. ‘What does he do, the big baby boy?’

‘He has just majored in tech. Actually…’ She gave Elizabeth a look that seemed familiar.

‘Wait!’ Elizabeth raised a hand. ‘I know this look… some evil plan forming in your mind, right?’ She chuckled. ‘Remember those questioning notebooks you came up in high school? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite flower? Who would you like to date?’

‘Ha!’ Gardiner chuckled. ‘That was fun! Your husband was the one we all wanted to know who he liked and in each notebook he answered something different. The cad!’ She said. ‘Oh, sorry.’

‘No, no!’ Elizabeth shook her head. ‘Cad is fine!’

They both laughed.

‘You married Wickham!... I always thought he had an eye on you…’ Gardiner smiled.

Elizabeth raised her brows. ‘It was mutual…’ She said and remembering how mad they were at each other the night before, she decided to change the subject. ‘What is the evil plan?’

‘Look…’ Gardiner tilted her head slightly to the side. ‘I thought I saw a man with you when you entered the hotel…’

Elizabeth frowned. Darcy and she were absolutely chaste that whole day, there was nothing to see. ‘My friend, Fitz.’ She nodded.

‘Fitz as in Fitzwilliam Darcy?’ Gardiner asked. ‘From Derbyshire Holding?

Elizabeth nodded. ‘He had that radio we used to listen, remember? That pirate radio, every other Sunday morning?’

‘No!...’ Gardiner held Elizabeth’s arm. ‘Is it him? The…’ She snapped her fingers a few times. ‘The Prince?’

‘Yes!’ Elizabeth laughed. ‘He is gorgeous, isn’t he?’

‘Oh God!’ Gardiner sighed. ‘That’s why I saw you, the tall man called my attention. Gray haired and handsome.’ She sipped her beer. ‘I can’t believe it’s him…’

Elizabeth nodded.

‘He’s close to you?’ She asked.

Elizabeth blushed faintly sensing an alarm go off in her head, but the dark pub didn’t betray her. ‘I guess, he’s my friend. Why?’

‘My son works for him.’ She said and pursed her lips. ‘Can you put on a good word?’

‘Of course!’ Elizabeth smiled relieved that Gardiner’s intentions were self-directed, it was an old trait. Still, the boy must know the boss is married and it made her jumpy. ‘I can’t promise it’ll work though; Fitz is very discreet about his business, but surely I can say something.’

‘Thanks. Weston has a boss who is a big pain in his ass and I think stalls his promotions at the company.’ Gardiner’s eyes drooped. ‘I wish I had given Weston an easier life…’

Gardiner told Elizabeth how she fell in love with a married man who never gave his wife up for her, even though Weston was the only man’s son. He had daughters with his wife and since he worked for the woman’s father, he was never able to break the marriage. They still saw each other but now Gardiner dated on the side.

Her story made Elizabeth think about the consequences of the choices one makes in life. Sometimes they can be tougher than one foresaw. Gardiner looked older and tired, very opposed to the pampered only daughter of a fairly wealthy immigrant who never made peace with her dream of living abroad. He begged her not to go because he had seen the war when a child in Europe but she didn’t waver. Elizabeth knew her parents sent her some money every now and then to help her support herself and her son.

Later that night when Darcy called her, Elizabeth brought up the subject. Maybe it hadn’t been the best timing since he was upset she had had plans that didn’t include him, even though he wouldn’t be able to be with her.

“Fitz, don’t waste me. You have your family and I’m not chained to you. I don’t have to stay glued to my bed waiting the moment you’ll bring your royal cock for a ride.” She said ironically.

He didn’t answer.

“I met a longtime friend by chance and yes, we went out. And no, I didn’t drink because I know better than to mix alcohol with meds. And no, I don’t have to explain anything to you.”

He still didn’t answer.

She sighed. “Where are you?” She asked.

“My apartment. Three blocks from you.” He snarled. If she asked prettily he would find a way to escape his daughters and go to her. It was just a matter of using the right words. Darcy was very upset she had disappeared for several hours without letting him know where she would be.

“Where in your apartment? Are you alone?” She insisted.

“Yes, in my den.” He said ready to smile when she said the words he expected.

“Then talk to me, dammit!”  

Darcy was surprised and didn’t know how to react.

“Talk to me! I want to know what’s in your head. Don’t clam up!” She said passionately. “What do you want?”

“I want you to be reasonable.” He said between clenched teeth. “You are sick-“

“I’m not sick!” She cut him.

He started again. “What if you had an emergency? I didn’t know where you were and-“

“I’m not hopeless and certainly not your spare pussy!” She groaned.

“Stop interrupting me.” He admonished her. “You wanted me to speak; now you listen.” He took a deep breath to speak without shouting at her. “I care about you enough to worry if you’ll need help and I won’t be there. Most of the time you are far away from me and there’s nothing I can do. Your leg is not completely healed yet. You are not my spare anything, and I don’t control you. But you could at least be as considerate as I am with you.”

Elizabeth first felt guilty for losing her patience with him, then felt ashamed for thinking the worst of his intentions, then decided she had nothing to apologize, even if she misinterpreted him. “Look here, you are my dear friend and I’d love to see you all the time, but that doesn’t give you any authority over me.”

“I just said that.” Darcy answered.

“It’s settled then.” Elizabeth said. “Good evening, Fitz.”

Darcy clenched his jaw and squinted at his image on the window. “Sleep well.”

Negandi was right, women were high maintenance creatures. Especially this woman. When she was in a bad mood, she was impossible.

He was jealous and mad that she didn’t even remember to tell him where she would be. When he brought her to London for the appointment, he expected to spend time with her as they would do in Paris: alone, preferably naked and enjoying each other’s company. Instead, his daughters barged in, his cousin decided to steal his thunder and give her the flat’s keys and now this friend he had never heard about appeared out of nowhere. Did she say woman friend? What if it was a male friend? He was her male friend and he dammed well knew how hard it was not to touch her.

He closed his eyes and the erotic vision of her riding him came to his mind. Her slender curves moving over his lap, his cock snugged inside that deliciously wet pussy, her moans…

Darcy could grab his keys and go to her, let her shout her frustration with him until she realized she was frustrated at her husband’s lack of interest in their marriage and that was why his care felt so unusual for her. Then he would soothe her on the mattress…

And Darcy knew how to love that body. Depending on her mood he would either go hard or smooth, she would dictate her own rhythm for him to follow, he was still learning what she liked and disliked... He wanted to be the best she ever had, she was too important and he valued her opinions. The first time they were together, that look on her face when she told him she had cummed was priceless; as was the lioness look she gave him when she was horny… all he had to do was to pay attention to her and forget he knew anything. Hear her body’s demands was erotic real-time feedback, it made his own body tremble. He didn’t want to waste this night – or any other night he may have with her.

Pushing his ego aside, he decided to call her back and just listen. What he had to lose? He took a deep breath and speed dialed her, it went directly to voice mail.

He tried again and got an automatic response via text.

‘Sorry, I cannot take your call right now. I will contact you as soon as possible.’

‘Not good enough.’ He mumbled.

Darcy would have insisted if his daughter hasn’t brought her phone to him and he had to talk to his wife for a while. She was in an excellent mood and made him promise to bring the girls for lunch at Rosings, her mother’s estate. From there they could go to Pemberley for a week.

The urgency to see Elizabeth increased in him and he once more considered surprising her on her hotel room that same night. They had plans for the following weekend and he wouldn’t let anything get in the way, but he needed to see Elizabeth for reassurance.

When his phone buzzed, he took her call before even thinking. “Bart!”

“King.” She sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.” He said.

“I hate fighting with you but you… I hate to be undermined.” Elizabeth whined. “Sorry, I won’t bring this up again if you promise to behave.”

“Always.” He said and was glad to hear her chuckle. “I’d like to see you.”

She shook her head alone in her room. “Have breakfast with me tomorrow?”

Darcy didn’t answer.

“Clamming.” She accused.

“I’m not sure if you invited me to spend the night or come in the morning.” He said flatly.

“Come in the morning.” She said and sighed. “Don’t be offended, King.”

He was.

“I need a friend now and if you come over, you won’t be my friend…” Elizabeth scratched her forehead to calm the splitting migraine’s return.

His curiosity was picked by her tone. “I’m always your friend.”

“If you come over, I’ll be the woman between the mister and the mattress!” She joked.

“Very funny.” He said. “What happened?”

“George.” She said and told her old friend about how personally offended Wickham was because she searched a second medical opinion and even mentioned fleetingly his insinuations about Darcy.

The whole time he kept quiet, his jaw clenched and his shoulders tense. Diana entered his half opened den’s door to pick up her phone and noticing her father’s body language hurriedly left unnoticed.

Darcy was beyond annoyed. He tried to emotionally disconnect from her bed and try to see the situation as he would if Graham or Bingley had told him but he couldn’t, he didn’t know why Elizabeth was still married to that wanker. A cheater accusing his stunning wife of searching elsewhere what he wasn’t capable of providing her.

“Oh, fuck. I need a smoke…” She mumbled and he heard the door slam.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Ah! He speaks!” Elizabeth teased. “Out. I need a cig.”

“Alone?” He asked surprised.

“Yep.” She said and he heard the elevator’s ding.

“Lizzy, no.” He said.

“Oh, no, Fitz… Don’t.” She whined. “Talk to you soon, a kiss.”


In front of her fancy hotel, there was a neat little square with a beautiful set of small sculptures in a circle and in the center there was a four meters high glass sculpture of a sun-like tree. The enormous ball of hand-blown glass fiery tentacles in an array of yellows, oranges and reds lighted from bellow consumed Elizabeth’s thoughts and she lost herself imagining that this mess of elements was her present circumstance.

Before she could think hard enough to reach any conclusion, a big hand took the cigarette from her hand for a drag. She turned sharply and found Darcy’s smiling face next to her. He puffed the smoke above his face, took another drag and returned the smoke to her lips with his own hand.

Nothing was said, no mistress, mister-ess or mattress was mentioned; just the company and the three cigarettes shared were enough for the night.


‘This was the reason I didn’t spend time at the pool in Florida.’ Darcy said running his index fingertip on Elizabeth’s left breast’s tan line.

‘Silly, you. That hotel had magnificent pools.’ She smiled. ‘The kids loved it.’

‘Exactly.’ He said circling the tan line with his finger. Both naked enjoying post-sex relaxation in bed, Darcy was laid on his side, his weight balanced on his right arm, her left leg still adorned with kinesio tapes resting on top of his. ‘I would scare the children with my reaction to your black bikini.’

She laughed. ‘How do you know my bikini’s color if you never went down to the pools?’

He bit his lower lip and smiled. ‘I watched you from behind the curtain!’

‘Oh, no!’ She poked his chest and he laughed. ‘How juvenile!’ She pushed him to lie half over him. ‘Did you masturbate?...’ She teased.

‘Of course!’ He chuckled. ‘Several times.’

‘Oh my poor dicky…’ She lowered her hands between them to cradle his jewels. ‘Suffering so much in this brute’s hands!...’

‘How could I not?’ Darcy was still chuckling. ‘You have no idea what your ass does to me. And that black bikini comes all the way here…’ He raised his neck to stretch his sight over her butt and run a finger over her tan line. He whistled. ‘Would you use it for me?’

She laughed and laid on her back.

In Graham’s Paris studio, they could have more privacy than any hotel. There were a few setbacks such as the lack of a daily maid, room service or a concierge but there was a lobby with a full time doorman, weekly housekeeping and security. The flat needed some work done, a new painting, a new sofa and some kitchen utensils that Graham asked Elizabeth to arrange as she pleased and send him the bill. Darcy planned to pay for everything since he would be taking full advantage of the place, but Graham was genuinely satisfied with the repossession of the flat.

Elizabeth hadn’t moved in yet since her stay at the hotel was already paid and waited until Darcy arrived in town to christen the studio. Small dollhouse-like windows overlooking the river, excellent heating system, a king size bed, a bottle of wine and a few of water, two loafs of bread and several cheese triangles were enough for their reunion.

‘You like these tan lines so much,’ She said and he lowered his head to place an instigating kiss on her whitened area, just beside her nipple. ‘I can tattoo ‘nothing is sudden’ around it.’ She joked and he kissed around her other nipple. ‘How about ‘faith in fate’ around here.’ She ran a finger over her breast. ‘What do you say?’

He shook his head at her.

‘How about a Latin phrase?’ Elizabeth twisted her waist and reached the nightstand by the bed to grab his phone. ‘What’s the password?’ She asked trying to unlock the device.

He smiled sexily at her. ‘Bart87.’

She was extremely surprised and incapable of uttering a word other than ‘No…’

He raised his brows to her and she typed to see his phone unlock.

It was so incredible! A password after her! The nickname only he used and the year they first exchanged letters… She threw herself on top of him for a searing kiss.

‘Use me!’ She pleaded. ‘Use me as you please!’ She whispered in his mouth making him laugh loud.

‘I wonder what you’d let me do if you knew this password opens all my accounts…’ He raised one eyebrow suggestively to her.

‘What, money too?’ She hid her mouth with her hands and he laughed again.

Elizabeth rested her elbows on his chest to look at his face. She was about to say something that she might regret later, but he spoke first.

‘You also rock my world, Lizzy.’

He locked eyes with her for long minutes until she lowered her face and rested her forehead against his.

‘We’re fucked.’ She said. ‘More me than you.’ She added and he chuckled. ‘But we are awfully fucked.’

He moved his head for a kiss while his hands caressed her curves, making her tremble.

A little breathless, she got up and opened a little crack on the window.

‘Naked…’ He complained. ‘Get away from the window, Bart!’

‘Oh, the other windows are miles away.’ She pointed far. ‘The other side of the river.’ She took a cigarette from the pack on the counter, lighted, took a drag, put it in his mouth and sat on the bed beside him, her patched leg stretched so he could caress it. ‘Let’s see what sounds better for a naughty tattoo.’ She said in a smile and reached for his phone again. ‘Me.87…’ She chanted as she typed his password and he smiled devilishly with the cigarette between his pressed lips, an arm folded under his head, very Nouvelle Vague Belmondo. Unsuspecting, she raised her eyes and lost herself admiring his sex appeal. ‘Ok, show me a hard-on and I’m yours for whatever the hell you want.’

He laughed openly, the cigarette still between his lips. This woman was really reinventing him, the way he saw himself in her eyes made him be the man he had dreamt to accomplish when he had all the possibilities ahead of him. She was beautiful, had a sexy body, funny, interesting and smart; almost a PhD. She stroked his ego, her admiration for him made him more virile, more interesting.

‘Let’s see… translator… English to Latin… We. Are. Fucked.’ She typed and glanced at him through her lashes. ‘Sumus futui.’ She said and twisted her nose, he shook his head. ‘We. Are. Screwed.’ She tried again. ‘Nos life?’ She giggled and he shook his head again, extended the cigarette and she leaned to take a drag while he held it, puffed smoke and tried for the third time. ‘We. Are. Doomed.’ She tilted her head from side to side while the phone loaded the answer. ‘Ah! Fatatum. That’s an excellent tattoo!’

He chuckled.

‘How about… here.’ She twisted by the waist and pointed just inside the tan line on her lower back.

‘A tramp stamp.’ Darcy shook his head.

‘Yeah, you’re right.’ She clicked her tongue. ‘How about a lovely friendship tattoo so we can both do it? One that’s only complete when together?’ She offered but he still shook his head no.

‘You already have two tattoos. That’s enough.’ He pointed at her feet where her children’s names were written. ‘What happens if you have another child?’

‘I’m forty!’ She said.

‘What’s the problem?’ He asked nonchalantly.

She shrugged and returned his phone to the nightstand. ‘That’s so unlikely… I’d have to grow another foot.’

He laughed and pulled her into a hug. ‘I want to show you Pemberley.’ He said. ‘Next time you come here, I’m taking you to Pemberley. Can you come a few days earlier or stay longer?’

She shook her head ‘no’. ‘I don’t know, King.’

‘I want to have my Marchioness in my kingdom.’ He caressed her face.

‘Ah, that convinced me!’ She teased and he poked her waist.

“… Where do we go to draw the line

I've gotta' say I've wasted all your time, honey honey...”

God put a smile upon your face – Coldplay

45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy - contagem regressiva

Tá de bob? 
Agora é hora de arrumar as malas e separar o passaporte: 45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy está prestes a te levar para Amsterdam! 

De lá para Milão, Veneza, Londres, depois NY, Buenos Aires, Nova Délhi... 

Minhas (muitas) revisões estão prontas e minhas betas do coração Schirlei e Maria, e minha revisora/conselheira/partner Lu estão a todo vapor... A capa já está escolhida (fofa demais!) e agora tá quase. Vem? 

Na minha fanpage tenho postado trechinhos, já viu? Aqui vai mais um, agora logo que se conhecem...

"‘Já ouviu falar sobre mulheres e pontes?’ Darcy perguntou depois de alguns minutos de silêncio.

‘Quê?’ Elizabeth perguntou. “O quê é agora, Prego?”

Ele sorriu de leve, um discreto rubor coloriu seu rosto bonito.

‘Ai, pára. Essa é uma piada velha.’ Elizabeth levantou a mão mostrando-lhe a palma. ‘Chega de provérbios...’

‘Nada disso.’ Ele sacudiu a cabeça. ‘É como... um ditado popular.’

‘Como uma expressão idiomática? Tipo cabelo em ovo, ou chifre em cabeça de cavalo? A que gosto mais é cutucar onça com vara curta.’ Ela disse.

Ele franziu a testa e a boca numa expressão engraçada de frustração e curiosidade juntas.

‘Fico sempre imaginando uma pessoa com uma pauzinho colorido, tipo de ‘Pega varetas’, mordendo a língua e se esticando em direção a uma onça enorme com pelo sedoso e cara de má.’ Elizabeth fez exatamente o que descrevia, como uma criança brincando de esgrima.

Darcy teve que rir, estava perigosamente correndo o risco de ficar completamente seduzido por esta garota. Talvez pudesse dar uma chance à sorte e arriscar um beijo? Era essa trilha que estava percorrendo, ou tentando percorrer. ‘Não exatamente.’ Ele disse.

“Rindo de mim novamente...” Elizabeth pensou. ‘Mulheres e pontes, você disse?’ Ela perguntou dobrando o pescoço para trás a fim de olhá-lo no rosto, bem mais alto que o seu. ‘Não faço ideia.’ Ela disse e subiu nas pontas dos pés para tentar achar sua irmã ou as de Bingley chegando. “E não ligo a mínima, Prego.”

‘Toda mulher deve ser beijada no ponto mais alto de uma ponte, é o que se diz...’ Darcy disse sugestivamente e riscou os olhos para o meio da ponte mais próxima – nem vinte passos à frente.

Amsterdam tinha pontes suficientes, ele pensou satisfeito.

‘Nunca ouvi essa baboseira.’ Elizabeth respondeu sem se virar para olhá-lo diretamente. ‘Esse continente tem o péssimo hábito de inventar bobeiras relacionadas a pontes.’

Ele piscou confuso com a rejeição.

Elizabeth continuou: ‘Isso é tão bobo quanto encher pontes com cadeados.’ Ela deu de ombros.

‘Acho que são coisas totalmente diferentes, Lizzy.’ Darcy franziu a testa, frustrado e contrariado com a descaso dela. ‘Você se referiu às promessas românticas, certo?’

‘Do livro do Moccia, sim.’ Ela disse.

Darcy manteve a testa franzida e não comentou. “Uma coisa é um romance, outra é um flerte.” Ele pensou. “Será que ela não percebeu?” Ele tinha esperado que ela fosse mais esperta que isso; ela parecia ser… Ele tinha certeza que ela era…

‘Tudo baboseira com pontes.’ Ela sacudiu a cabeça negando a ideia completamente e continuou a procurar pelos outros por todos os lados. Será que o Prego teve a audácia de querer uns amassos para passar o tempo? “Depois de fazer graça de mim? Tá maluco?”

Ele não conseguia ver a necessidade de Elizabeth ficar na ponta dos pés. Se esticando ela era uns três centímetros mais alta e ele era mais de vinte. Ele podia ver que ninguém conhecido estava a caminho, em nenhuma das direções. Por isso ele tinha juntado coragem suficiente para flertar abertamente. ‘Achei que você consideraria a ideia romântica.’

‘Eu?’ Elizabeth finalmente virou-se para ele. ‘Por quê?’ Ela perguntou horrorizada.

Ele deu de ombros. ‘Mulheres são naturalmente a metade mais romântica de qualquer relacionamento. Especialmente mulheres jovens.’

Curiosa, ela apertou os olhos para ele. ‘Não seria isso um clichê bem antigo?’

Ele concordou, seus lábios presos numa linha fina para conter um sorriso. ‘Pode até ser, mas é verdade.’

‘Se as mulheres são a metade romântica, relacionamentos gays são uma sucessão de dias super melosos ou completamente áridos.’ Os olhos dela sorriram para ele. ‘Do que eu vejo nos namoros perfeitamente normais dos meus amigos gays, romantismo é mais um traço de personalidade que de gênero.’

Darcy fez força para manter a expressão neutra. ‘Eu já vi relacionamentos como esses, tanto homo quanto heterossexuais.’
‘Especialmente os áridos, certo?’ Elizabeth perguntou levantando uma sobrancelha.

‘Infelizmente, sim.’ Ele respondeu acenando a cabeça.

‘Personalidade.’ Complementou. “Sua personalidade de titica é que faz seus relacionamentos assim, Prego!” "