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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 8


This week I had a very upsetting incident concerning this story but, as a reader told me, 'haters will hate...'


Here it is, the (first of many in this story) thrilling chapter
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As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

pride and prejudice fanfic


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It's useless to resist


Elizabeth tried to not let her beliefs cripple her life.

She believed in God, went to church regularly, was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and occasionally prayed the rosary. Eventually she even read the horoscope and checked her astrological chart, but nothing like her teenager years when she read her daily prediction before leaving the house for school or asked people’s birth dates as soon as she was introduced. That passion was left behind as she grew older and life proved to be unpredictable.

Her dear father died early, her mother couldn’t control her three younger sisters, Jane and her had to take care of the six of them. It was in the midst of this familial maelstrom that horoscope lost its appeal and she acquired the comforting habit of fingering the rosary’s tiny balls when things seemed lost.

Elizabeth believed in Divine Providence. A grown woman, a professor and researcher, mother, wife, sister, daughter and employer; she summoned Special Providence every now and then when she found herself in an impossible situation.

Darcy was a major impossible situation.

He had been a dear friend in her younger years, someone that existed only in letters, weak radio transmissions and scarce photos; a friendship that only dallied with the best in (young) human interaction: they read each other’s doubts and gave advices to help each other go through the difficult insecure years of early adulthood, they flirted raising the battered teenage ego and ended up forging a strong bond.

This bond seemed purer than a pet’s love since there was no material gain between Darcy and Elizabeth. A pet expects its beloved owner to at least feed him; their pen friendship was ethereal, dreamy, guileless, perfect in its impossibility.

Fate had juggled pieces to put them together, push them apart and when their lives had settled, threw them together again – for Elizabeth was sure that thinking about searching Darcy’s name on Google after decades of using the internet was fate’s twisted work.
Karen Oakley designs
The intensity of their renewed friendship was overwhelming, especially for Elizabeth. She conducted her household husbandless since Wickham chose to work far from home making her an independent woman as many in the world. Kids, career, studies, family it all fit together in a tight arrangement she made an effort to maintain, like spinning plates.

Darcy didn’t fit in. He was part of her past, back when life was carefree and full of possibilities, when Elizabeth dreamt of studying abroad, backpacking the world, refusing to settle for the less thrilling choices - which she ultimately did. Darcy brought back her dreams, her selfish urge to live adventures.

Before Paris, she managed to see in Darcy a friend, but after, she saw a lot more in him. His cousin’s presence last time they met helped cool her foolish eagerness to talk openly and discuss with Darcy this mislead view that was taking over her.

He had thrown her eloquent hints - or was she fooling herself?
Darcy intrigued her, seduced her, melted her. She was curious about him, she couldn’t figure him out. Why would someone keep trapped in a miserable marriage?

Incoherently, Elizabeth wanted what she couldn’t have. Very ashamed she admitted to herself how she felt when his wife took him from her during that lunch: jealous. How could she feel that way?

On the flight back to Europe two months after the last time they met, Elizabeth once again summoned Divine Providence to point the way. One long night, a mini bottle of wine, a light in-flight breakfast and twelve hours straight later, she landed in the City of lights to face whatever fate had in store.

Darcy confirmed he was going to join her for her last days in Paris, again occupying the penthouse grand suite in the same hotel – so Elizabeth decided to play as her planets laid. The last module of classes of the year was starting, Christmas was just around the corner and the season in Paris increased the dreamlike atmosphere for Elizabeth. It was cold and the city was already lighted for the Holidays, a sight to be seen.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to go to the concert with us?’ Elizabeth asked her friend Charlotte sipping coffee, hoping to have a chaperone. ‘It’s the opportunity of a lifetime…’ She wiggled her brows making Darcy chuckle.

‘Like the singer is walking the green mile…’ Charlotte rolled her eyes. ‘I want to do some more Christmas shopping.’

Elizabeth pulled a funny face. ‘God forbid. The stores will be crowded at night and then carrying bags in this cold weather… You must be crazy.’

‘And you won’t bring anything else for your family?’ Charlotte raised one eyebrow defying her.

‘Of course I will, for all of them. That’s why I jump out of bed early!’ Elizabeth winked at her friend.

‘I thought it had been to have breakfast with me, since I arrived early.’ Darcy hid his smile the best he could on the rim of his teacup.

Encontra Apucarana
Elizabeth smiled. He had a new haircut, modern and carefully done with scissors, he looked very handsome. ‘Your plane landed at eight thirty. Before you managed to arrive here with all the morning traffic, I had already visited two shops.’ She raised her designed brows. ‘Not shopping for you, that gift came with me from Rio!...’

Darcy was surprised.

‘Happy birthday, Fitz.’ Charlotte said blushing. ‘I forgot to say when you arrived here.’

‘Thank you very much.’ Darcy smiled with closed lips. ‘It’s been a month already.’

‘Elizabeth could argue something about zodiac hell, but I beg her not to!’ Charlotte glued her palms in plead.

‘Ha, ha, Charlotte.’ Elizabeth scrunched her nose. ‘Zodiac hell finishes on one’s birth date.’

‘Not mine…’ Charlotte sighed miserably. ‘Mine started the day I fell in love with a guy whose mother coincidentally is my birth date twin… Years apart, of course.’ She snorted. ‘The woman has pleasure in tormenting me; now she’s into giving me her clothes. Imagine that… I shop for her something I’d like to wear so when she hands it down to me, I’ll actually like!’

Both Darcy and Elizabeth chuckled.

‘Do her clothes fit you?’ Darcy asked sipping his tea while the ladies had coffee.

‘To my chagrin, yes!’ Charlotte widened her eyes desperately. ‘She’s shorter than me but rounder in the middle so the clothes hang a bit loose. I use it anyway, out of guilt… When she shows up unexpectedly; I like her to see the clothes in the hamper.’

Elizabeth snorted. ‘She could just keep the damned clothes in the clean laundry hamper, but she likes to suffer. I would never wear my mother-in-law’s hand-me-downs!’

‘Well, I’m a good girl.’ Charlotte smiled sweetly making Darcy chuckle. ‘Elizabeth is a good girl too; she just likes to hide it. Don’t you think, Fitz?’

‘Absolutely.’ Darcy nodded solemnly while Elizabeth showed her tongue to her friend.

Charlotte clicked her own tongue. ‘You’re so polite… You don’t deserve to hang around her, she’ll pollute you!’

‘Shut up!’ Elizabeth scolded. ‘And finish your breakfast; we have classes in twenty minutes.’

‘Soon you’ll start dieting all the time and swearing.’ Charlotte warned him.

Darcy chuckled and Elizabeth slapped his arm.

‘You tried to convince us that you snub the gifts your mother-in-law gives you.’ Charlotte shook her head. ‘I know that woman has unbelievable good taste because I remember a black and blue watch from last year…’ She snorted.

‘My mother-in-law is a gem.’ Elizabeth groaned. ‘Lucky me, Mrs. Young lives in São Paulo and is busy pestering her husband…’

Darcy pressed his lips together and looked down.

‘His mother-in-law is a delightful woman as well. Right, Fitz?’ Elizabeth asked and he nodded. ‘Was she really sick that day?’

‘What day?’ Charlotte sipped her coffee.

‘Last time we met, he was called to take her to the hospital.’ Elizabeth explained. ‘Is she fine now? Because you are pretty far to rescue anyone…’

Vik Muniz @ MoMA
‘Everything is fine, thank you.’ He said seriously. ‘My wife’s mother has a chronic condition that isn’t crippling but is enough to keep the family moving around her.’

‘My mother-in-law has the same thing! Sadly there is no cure and no drugs known to men.’ Charlotte nodded sadly. ‘It’s called shrewdness.’

Darcy had to laugh because that was exactly what he meant.

This story's release is close... Check the book's page for info.

“… I'm giving up, before the night is gone!
I'm giving in, giving up strong!... ”

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In Portuguese, there is a saying such as this: 'whomever steps in the rain is prone to get wet.' My friends from 'English experts' suggest a nice alternative in 'If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.'

And well, as I've been posting my much loved (by me) HRH The PRINCE of PEMBERLEY as you know, I got this sad excuse for a review:

'I just came across this story and I am a little upset. I started a story over on AHA back in February 2014 with a very similar premise. With the exception that my E and D were college sweethearts who break up and get back together 20 years later. We will have to see where this goes.'

Upset... Darcy and Elizabeth haven't even started to do things to upset anyone... Believe me, they will. 

My Answer (sadly to anyone enjoying my Prince of Pemberley)

I'm not sure if I was accused of plagiarism yesterday on a review, if 'We will have to see where this goes' was a threat or just a wondering, but I feel I need to make it clear that this story is not derived from anyone else's. There are (as always) some personal bits although this is not a biography and (also as always) the very first idea for this story was posted and thoroughly discussed on my blog moirabianchi.com. As for AHA, I sadly found out that it's too 'mainstream for me' years ago and it's been a very very very long while since I've been there.
I have no problem acknowledging the books and authors - both mainstream and fanfic - that inspire me. In my blog, anyone can find several lists of these works. Actually, when I start a new story, or even just edit one, I stop reading romance novels altogether afraid to copy without the intention and fail to mention who or what influenced me. When I registered this story on Brazil's Copyright main office last december, the few works cited aside from P&P such as Victor Hugo's Les Mis and the songs the characters sing, are also listed as inspirational works.
In other words, this story that took me a whole year to wrap, is not in any account inspired or copied from anyone else's work besides Ms Jane Austen's.
This person who posted this sad review didn't try to contact me in these last 12 hours or so (I waited for this contact on PM, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Smoke signs, etc) , therefore, I can't either find out what upset him/her so much in this lovely love story, neither report abuse to FFnet. In fact, this is the most appealing detail about FFnet in my POV- freedom. Anyone can post anything, even if it's just empty rambling.
I'm sorry all of you had to read this instead of another chapter - and the next one is pivoting. I'll probably delete this later so it won't damage your enjoyment.
Hoping to have made things CRISTAL CLEAR about this issue, I can only ask you guys to forgive this outburst.

Live and let live, right?
E beijinho no ombro! ;)"

Beijinho no ombro pro recalque passar longe
Beijinho no ombro só pras invejosas de plantão
Beijinho no ombro só quem fecha com o bonde
Beijinho no ombro só quem tem disposição

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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 7


I'm happy to say that I finally finished the Portugues version of my second book '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy'... Now to revision and to beta and... September is coming!

Anyway, back to the oh-so-charming Prince. Tks for the views, hope you're enjoying his and Lizzy's friendship and please, leave me a note.

As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

pride and prejudice fanfic


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Taming the inner freak

In his life, this Fitzwilliam Darcy (for there had been others before him, the old fashioned name was a legacy that skipped very few generations) had made it happen. Less than twenty years had passed since he had taken over the family business and he was already on the verge of doubling the fortune he inherited.

He could not be called a business shark for he lacked geniality; often times lost his slot and missed deals but he had the uncanny capacity of choosing the right staff. His board of directors and CEOs was composed of extremely capable men – actual sharks that he fed chunky anchovies frequently.

From one who made it happen in business to a man who wondered what happened in his personal life. Fitzwilliam Darcy hadn't realized how domesticated he was before Elizabeth Bennett Wickham reminded him of who he once wanted to become.

He always had been a loner; he liked to be left to his own things. The Youth Group, the pen friendship with Elizabeth and the radio were devices he created to show the world a facade he had created. Elizabeth had been the one who penetrated his carefully constructed bubble and he knew from the beginning he would always want to have her around.

He proudly mastered logical reasoning, refusing to let emotions rule over him and was fairly successful. He had married a woman of his instance, settling for the steady girlfriend from his college years, and by doing so he had ensured the continuance of his family's pedigree.

Slowly and deliberately he chose how to respond to any marital problems, frequently wearing his wife down. Of course he had the same impulses as everyone else but he had never expected to be happy in his marriage anyway. Anne was dependent of her mother and he was happier in the comfort of Pemberley. It was simple.
The afternoon he passed in his attic reading Elizabeth's old letters awakened him to how he had spent years, decades watching his personal life enfold, rarely taking the reins.

Worst was that once he met her in person, he saw the Darcy Elizabeth imagined and how much who he actually was surprised her.

And those two days in London with her messed up with his head even more.

Unable to fight the addiction of spending time with Elizabeth, he  arranged his business to spend three days with her in Paris just a month after she had been in London.

Her presence was each time more consuming to him, not only because she was a hot woman. Seeing himself through her eyes was an irresistible sin, he felt like cheating time, powerful and invincible. Here he was in his forties feeling like he was barely twenty. The onslaught of memories, emotions and passions won over him, transferred him to a time where his regrets weren't bigger than life.

'Paris will always be my chimera.' Elizabeth said in a big smile as they wandered the Louvre. She had asked Darcy to meet her there because she craved the opportunity to walk aimlessly amongst the best pieces of art in the world. 'The first time I arrived here, I was dazzled. Not in an arrogant or cool sense, in the raw aspect, you know? Like, hillbillies seeing the world!'

Darcy chuckled.

'Even the pollution in Paris smelled better, the men were more handsome, the tall women dressed better... After years studying French I was overwhelmed by the Seine, Champs Élysées, Notre Dame, Louvre, Place des Vosges...' She sighed stopping to admire one of Louis XV's furniture set. 'I hope my inferiority doesn’t offend you, King.' She hugged his arm to get closer. 'It’s just that now I'm about to fulfill a dream: live in Paris for a while!' She smiled urging him to walk again.

Elizabeth's intention was to emphasize their proximity and pressing her boobs to the back of his upper arm never crossed her mind. Or that it would set his loins in flames. 'Not at all, Bart.' He said folding the arm she was holding over his chest to tuck her hand in the crook.

'I’ll have to find a place for my own here!' She shrieked discreetly and reached out to hold the hand he rested on his chest. 'How amazing is that?'

'Very.' He said. "I hope I won't break in sweat here."

'So, college has released a preliminary schedule and I'll have two weeks' classes every two or three months. At the beginning of each new module I'll have to update them on my research that I'll be conducting with my students back home. Georgiana's info was of great value; she was great, really.' Elizabeth said animatedly. 'My grant covers a good hotel for this trip and maybe the next but then the cash will drop a lot! One of the guys has asked for a paid leave to move here.' She rolled her eyes. 'I can afford some of the stays but we're talking about... Fifteen modules of two weeks if everything goes well, either here or London; plus visits for discussing the thesis. I'd better find a small flat for rent, preferably small so I won't have to put up with roommates. Charlotte is a good friend but I’d like to be alone to concentrate on studying.'

'And you don't want to share your dreamt adventure.' Darcy said with a sarcastic little smile.

'One person should not know the other this thoroughly!' Elizabeth frowned. 'It’s disconcerting!'

He chuckled and she squeezed his hand.

'I may be able to help-' He said.

'Stop!' She halted. 'I didn’t tell you this to ask for financing!'

'I want to help.' He said patiently.

'You made me accept the most expensive Disney resort suite; I don't want more of your money!' She answered.

'Good. That solves it.' He tapped her hand and resumed walking. 'Graham has a studio by the Left Bank that he rarely visits. If I'm not mistaken it’s close to Rue des Écoles. I'll get you the keys.'

polaroid cupcake: movie interiors: Before Sunset
Elizabeth was torn between the urge to smile and the need to refuse his offer. But what if the studio was as romantic as the ones in French movies? An old building, no elevators, entrance through a hidden square...

She bit her lip. 'Would he accept what I'll get from the grant as payment? It won't be much.'

Darcy nodded. 'I’ll talk to him.'

'But if I find out you're paying a lot of cash behind my back, I'll kill you!' She pointed a finger at him. 'First I'll throw you in the Seine and then in the Thames!'

'Horrible death.' He pulled a face.

'Remember you're still on probation after the cake disaster!' She poked his upper arm with an angry face.

Darcy chuckled.

Her husband and sister had thrown her a surprise party that Darcy only heard about the next day when she sent him pictures captioning how very depressed with the 'it's your life' video homage she was. Darcy would have liked to be present but as he was neither invited nor included in the video, when Elizabeth had arrived at the Paris’ hotel she was handed his gift celebrating her fortieth birthday.

To humbly mark the date (as she had requested him not to), he had sent a small cake with a classy natural lilies bouquet on top and an atrocious '40' candle. The box was beautifully wrapped with a wired lilac bow and attached to it there was a cute small box with the handmade chandelier earrings Sarah had chosen for him to buy for Lizzy. The semi jewel was exquisite, the amethysts precious, the flowers marvelous and the cake tasty, but Elizabeth hated Darcy's gut with all her power.

'Wow. A studio at Rive Gauche!...' Elizabeth smiled from side to side. 'I won't let my mind wrap around it until it's real!'

'It’s yours, Lizzy.' Darcy said calmly.

‘Blub, blub, blub! Don't forget!' She raised her manicured index finger to him again and he chuckled. 'Listen, I saw in the paper today the debut a cool cemetery sculptures’ photo show at Le Grand Palais. I know it'll be crowded and all but it's my only chance to see it. Do you want to come?'

'Mmmm...' He pressed his lips in a thin line.

'Tomorrow we'll have the opera you bought and the next day I'll go home...' She insisted, her boobs close to his arm as much as her cute one shoulder top allowed.

'Fine.' He said mesmerized by her face close to his, her perfume invading his nostrils.

'Yay!' She squeaked. 'Let’s do it!'

And so this Fitzwilliam Darcy had now the pleasure of watching things in his personal life happen before his eyes, through the delicate perfumed hands of this hot, friendly, outgoing, welcoming Brazilian woman.


A dark museum is one of the most undermined places on Earth. Of course there's that movie franchise where the collection comes to life at night but during the museum's work hours, when there is a crowd visiting the many remarkable objects on display, that's when magical moments are wasted.

Darcy had always taken a dark museum for granted until the day he let Elizabeth drag him into one.

The photo show was arranged in a pitch black maze of high walls making the visitors literally walk through a darkened cemetery while admiring the many exquisite sculptures that adorned the most beautiful tombs in the world.

The topic itself would be enough to make Darcy walk miles away from the exhibit, but Elizabeth was ecstatic with it. And he had the pleasure of walking hand in hand with her from the first turn or else they would lose each other, always a step behind letting her guide him through the maze of sensations that overwhelmed his self-control.

One whispered comment here, an ironic retort there and all of a sudden Darcy and Elizabeth were surrounded by a thick sexual tension that could be physically felt by them both. His skin crawled when she stopped to admire a gigantic photo and leaned on his chest to have a better view.

He was unsure if she was attuned to him as he expected she was, even though she grew quiet and passed sluggishly from photo to photo. He would behave as a gentleman no matter what, it was unquestionable, but when she leaned on him again, he rested a hand on her waist. It felt natural.

From then on, his hand always found her waist when they stopped and sadly, when his whole arm finally wrapped around her, they bent a turn and were surprised by blinding white lights.

The last photo was from a sunny day meaning life vanquished death.

In Darcy’s case, his better judgment had almost been vanquished by the power of his feelings.

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“… Oh, this is how it starts
Lightining strikes the heart…”

Brighter than the sun – Colbie Caillat

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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 6


I've been busy with the Portuguese version of 45 DAYS IN EUROPE WITH Mr. DARCY and I must say that it is lovely to revisit old friends...

Of course, you know all about it, since you're interested in this next chapter...right?

As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

pride and prejudice fanfic


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Simple Pleasures

This next step in Elizabeth’s academic life was laden with family responsibilities. Although her husband supported her decision, he didn’t change his professional life to help her manage hers. A week in London was only the beginning of her years’ ordeal to complete the mandatory curricular credits. She had opted for a high level international PhD program part because traveling abroad was always fun, but she refused to neglect her family.

Elizabeth would have to juggle her career, her household, her kids and the occasional help from her mother; arrange her life well enough to find some peace of mind and focus on spending two weeks away every two months or so. At least she could count on Jane to overlook the situation and put out any fires that may occur.

Paula Goddard | ND Magazine
Having a hard time fighting the helplessness she felt facing this humongous challenge, Elizabeth still had Darcy’s exciting shadow over her. If they still haven’t found each other again, simply his nationality would bring a spicy taste to the whole affair; but as it was, with their almost daily contact, her heart fluttered whenever his handsome face popped into her mind. And it happened often unannounced and uninvited whenever she let her guard down. When taking a shower, when planning which clothes to pack for the first trip, when calling her mother to arrange her stay in Rio to help the housekeeper with the kids, when spotting a pudgy tall man walking towards her.

It was irrational, she was aware of that. He lived in Manchester and only came to London on business. He disliked London life for the same reasons the world craved it: crowded, chaotic, a modern Babel. That was another thing she had to make an effort to understand; a vision so different from hers who lived in a big city and loved it.

Regarding Darcy, Elizabeth considered herself magnanimous. He hadn’t mentioned again his secretaries’ addiction confessed in Orlando, but it had been hard to swallow for many reasons. She believed him better than men who chased after easy disposable sex. At least, she wanted him to be better than that, she had assumed he was actually; the same way she assumed his conquests were the proverbial secretaries working overtime on the boss’s lap.

She realized his confession had felt like china crashing on the floor and it surprised her to see their friendship as a fragile lovely thing.

The knowledge that women desired him also shocked her. Yes, he was a charming man, beguiling sad green eyes, heavenly voice and other many qualities. However, Elizabeth saw him as ‘just a nice guy’, pudgy, not a sexually available man who sought sex out of his marriage. Moreover, he had preyed on his low level female staff…

He baffled her.

Other women interest in him upset her, or rather, opened her eyes to the way she felt about him.


Aside from the company of a few work friends, Elizabeth was alone in London making her guilty for feeling so excited with the beginning of her PhD in a cosmopolitan city.

She called home as soon as her plane landed and Jane assured her that everything was and would be fine. Then she called Wickham and left him a voice message and thirdly she called Darcy.

“Bart, you took care of your children’s routine the best way you could. Stop overthinking and concentrate on your PhD.” He said patiently. “Welcome to England!”

Either Darcy’s words were what she needed to hear or the program monopolized her attention from the beginning, because Elizabeth was completely caught up with it and only had time to call home again in the evening. Any other communication with her children was via text as they used the app installed on their tablet for this purposed.

From the National Institute came four masters including Elizabeth, other three from Rio de Janeiro State Institute, two from the Brasilia National Health School and one from the City of São Paulo Health Care Department. In total they were ten Brazilian masters in Biomedicine and endemic diseases in this PhD program among a group of fifty members from many nationalities, one in each specific field.

Much too tired, they retired early on their first night, exhausted from the overnight flight and the excitement of starting such an important course in another language. The second night, the group of ten Brazilians went out for dinner together enjoying the lovely summer evening in London. As the night fell late in early August, they even had time for group sightseeing afterwards.

Only on her third day in London did Darcy manage to arrive in the city. Elizabeth would be held at the university until late afternoon and he promised to meet her at her hotel’s lobby to pick her up at six thirty.

She hurried with her afternoon engagements and managed to arrive one hour earlier at the hotel to pamper. She took a quick shower, half blow-dried her hair, dressed in capri denim pants and a white short-sleeved button down that skimmed her waist, the colorful thin scarf he had given her, red medium heels suede pumps, nice drop earrings, some bracelets, light make up and she was ready.
Six twenty five she was arriving at the hotel lobby to wait for Darcy.

Three minutes later, she got a text.

Sorry, Lizzy. I’m running a tad late. See you soon.

Elizabeth had to wait twenty more minutes that she used to answer e-mails, call home and chat with her sister online. When she tired of seating alone at the budget hotel’s lobby, she put on her sunglasses and stepped on the sidewalk to enjoy the rest of the sunny afternoon.

She lit a cigarette watching the Londoners pass her by, the iconic taxis jammed in heavy traffic and her eye caught a handsome man walking down the street. She took a drag and nodded at a distance thinking that there were hot men anywhere in the world. Then, to her surprise, the guy smiled responding her nod.

Discreetly she checked if he was smiling at someone else but he seemed to be coming straight to her, the half-smile in place.

“Damn, it’s Fitz!” She thought and her heart jolted. In work clothes – a pink button down shirt, navy pants and a caramel jacket - he was so modern, sexy, a heartthrob. She raised her sunglasses, it was impossible to take her eyes off him; he was fit and looked so good. The cigarette warming her fingers broke Elizabeth’s trance and she half turned to put it out using the tall planter’s ashtrays - but her eyes never left his approaching figure.

Darcy had tried to be punctual as an Englishman should, but he had an impromptu meeting at the office and the traffic didn’t help. He was anxious to meet Elizabeth after the last two months missing her so much. With difficulty, he had tamed his mind and was succeeding in pushing her off his head, their almost daily phone calls had been spaced when she told him the news he had been waiting: Elizabeth was coming to Europe.

Now, his car and driver ditched two blocks behind because walking would be faster, he finally rounded the corner and saw her standing at her hotel door looking so young and hot. He smiled as soon as he recognized her figure and gloated the second he was close enough to notice her ogling him.

An image flashed through his mind: a feline stalking a prey, a lioness’ intense gaze when she located dinner. Strong and magnificent, so bloody sexy.

‘Wow, doesn’t your wife forbid you to look this good when she is not around?’ Elizabeth said when he got close enough to hear her. ‘Women will want to steal you from her!’ She held the hand he offered her.

‘Will you?’ Darcy asked pressing his lips to hold the smile threatening to take over him. That’s why he had been trying so hard to look fit.

‘I do have a husband and... Oh, what the heck. Yes!’ Elizabeth smiled from side to side.

He nodded solemnly, still serious. ‘The preference is yours.’

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“… And now the planets circle around you
I didn’t know I was looking for love until I found you…”

I didn’t know I was looking for love – EBTG

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Rights to images

I've said this countless times, in disclaimers, notes, etc: ALL THE IMAGES I POST HERE ARE FOUND ON GOOGLE, and I thank the person who posted it before me.
But, as I've been tagging stuff all around, Pinterest and all, I started to put a small note as a subtitle or something, with the source where I got it.
Again, I thank and acknowledge the creator, cartoonist, genius mind behind the image I posted.
Thank you.

Então, já disse várias vezes, mas não custa repetir.
TODAS AS IMAGENS QUE POSTO AQUI FORAM ACHADAS NO GOOGLE. Não são minhas, não tenho direito a elas e agradeço do fundo do coração aos gênios que as compuseram, desenharam, postaram antes de mim.
Daqui para frente, vou fazer força para colocar legendas pequenas com as fontes das fotos/imagens.

Update Aug, 31st: I found FREEPIK and I loved it. Tks for your awesomeness.  Designed by Freepik

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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 5

Happy Easter!

Many happy Pride and Prejudice news here. An all Brazilian musical and pics from the set of Pride, Prejudice and zombies...

And of course, another chapter of my new P&P fanfic... Buckle up, the ride starts to pick up speed NOW.

As always, if you haven't already, read the story's front page before diving in. Tks.

pride and prejudice fanfic


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Time after time

‘She is influencing you!’ Graham Fitzwilliam said in an ironic smile and handed the menu back to the waiter. ‘A salad with grilled fish?’

Darcy shrugged.

‘Are you on a diet or something?’ The older cousin asked.

‘Yes. My pants are already fitting better.’ Darcy raised his brows.

‘And you bought a rowing machine.’ Graham said as if listing clues to an enigma.

Darcy nodded. ‘My personal trainer said–‘

‘You have a personal trainer?’ Graham asked in a mocking tone.


‘Is she a vision in spandex?’

‘Hardly. He is as male as both of us.’

Graham frowned and twisted his lips adding another clue to his enigma.

‘Anyway, the guy said it would be nice to have some exercise during the holidays. Lizzy suggested running, she loves to run, but with all the snow we are having at Pemberley this year, I’d need a treadmill. I prefer rowing.’

Graham Fitzwilliam nodded slowly and stared at his cousin. The waiter brought them their beverages – a beer for Graham and sparkling water with a side of lemon juice for Darcy. ‘You do look better.’

‘Why, thank you, my Lord!’ Darcy mocked.

‘You are in general good mood; smiling, making jokes… don’t tell me you are content with yourself.’ He pursed his lips under his heavy beard.

‘I sleep better, less insomnia.’ Darcy mixed the juice in his water glass. ‘And I’m not desperate for the next meal either.’ He sipped his water and winced at the sour taste. ‘I also cut back on the booze; I drank mostly out of habit anyway. Anne always have wine served at dinner and when alone I sometimes had beer-‘

‘Oh, that is a nice fight!’ Fitz chuckled. ‘She hates to have her careful planned meals tempered with!’ He smiled. ‘I love doing it to her!’

Darcy chuckled. ‘By the way, please watch out her dress code next time she invites you. Please don’t ruin another holiday for me.’ He said miserably and Graham laughed delighted. ‘Anne complained about your manners the whole night and the next morning with her mother. I had to hide from them to have some peace.’

‘I’ll do it for you, cousin. Next time your wife invites me in, I’ll wear a tuxedo.’ Graham joked.

Darcy shook his head. ‘It’s a pity that now I only have alcohol on the weekends.’

‘No more booze, light meals… How did you manage on the holidays? The food was anything but salads and grilled meat.’ Graham licked his lips.

Darcy shook his head. ‘That’s why I rowed.’

They sipped their drinks in silence for a while. Darcy checked his watch and Graham thought his cousin had an important appointment waiting for him at his office and their London lunch in would be cut short. But Darcy was really calculating what time it was in Rio de Janeiro and New York wondering why neither Lizzy nor Georgiana called him to say what they had planned. His sister lived alone in a big apartment; he could barely monitor his sister who traveled more than stayed at home so Lizzy could help him while having her girls’ only vacation. During the holidays, he discussed the idea with Georgiana and she loved it. In fact, Georgiana was curious about Elizabeth - the friend her brother talked so much about - and when he asked her if they could stay in the big studio she had in TriBeCa, she agreed instantly.

The women were supposed to have arranged schedules yesterday but neither told him what was settled.

‘Did she tell you to lose weight?’ Graham deadpanned stunning Darcy.


‘Lizzy. The hot Brazilian.’ Graham said. ‘Did she tell you to lose weight?’

‘No…’ Darcy frowned and lowered his eyes to his glass on the table. ‘Of course not. She is much too generous for that.’ He pressed his lips together. ‘She looks a lot younger than her years, not only the four she’s younger than me. You should meet her, Graham. Bloody hell.’

‘Very hot… Let me see her again.’ Graham extended his hand to Darcy demanding his phone. During the Holidays they had escaped the women and spent hours travelling down memory lane, listening to their taped radio transmissions. Darcy read Elizabeth’s letters and studied her photo on his phone, the selfies she took of them both. Christmas Eve, when Darcy called her, Graham popped in the video to exchange a few words with the friend from the past.

Darcy fished his phone from his pocket, fidgeted with it for a while and extended it to his cousin.

‘Holy cow!’ Graham said reaching for Darcy’s phone that showed a picture of Lizzy on her balcony, tank top and skirt, legs curled under her, smiling and holding a beer. He looked over the phone to Darcy who nodded and then back at the picture. ‘Are there others?’ He asked. Darcy nodded again.

While he perused the pictures until he reached Pemberley’s pure blood horses, an idea occurred to Graham. ‘Are you falling, man?’

Darcy blinked.

‘Are you having an affair with her?’ Graham pressed.

He shook his head ‘no’ but Elizabeth’s voice over the phone came to Darcy’s mind: “Have you ever heard of the expression ‘emotional affair’?” ‘She is also married, we are friends. I just like to talk to her, she is sunny. She doesn’t sound like an old nag, we laugh, share kids’ problems, ideas – mostly we try to convince each other of our view of things… much like when we were teens. We don’t have any bad blood between us. No dead weigh dragging us down. We have fun together.’

‘Sounds like an affair to me.’ Graham sipped his beer. ‘Fuck you! Now I feel guilty for having this.’ He put the glass down and waved for the waiter to order a diet soda.


Usually, George Wickham had the loving company of his beautiful wife as soon as he landed in Rio’s Air force base. After working aboard a hospital ship for three weeks at a time, all he wanted was the comfort of his family and his wife’s kisses.

A handsome man that knew the power of a uniform, Wickham had opted for the Navy right after med school and didn’t repent. He had had trouble adjusting to the hierarchy but once he made friends, he started building a nice career.

He planned to open his private practice when he retired from the Navy taking advantage of the good reputation he was building working the most unusual cases on the Hospital ship. He even studied the option of working abroad for a year joining the Peace Corps stationed in Haiti. But until he made a decision if it would actually improve his professional reputation, he wouldn’t share his plans.

Wickham ran a hand over his short hair and smiled to the lady officer talking to him at the Air base’s reception. He tried to remember when he had had a night with her but he couldn’t, it must have been very dull. He was concerned if this woman would cause him any headache when Elizabeth arrived to pick him up.

He hated taxis and as she worked a few minutes from the Base, he scheduled his flights so she could give him a ride home. That way they could chat before the kids demanded his attention exclusively. Once or twice he had managed to get an early flight and they stopped at a motel to rekindle their love even before arriving home.

The woman was smiling flirtatiously at him, adjusting her hair and shifting from foot to foot inside her uniform. If she only knew that uniforms were a weapon he used for seduction not to be seduced… Anyway, she could try almost anything and wouldn’t top the vision of his beautiful wife arriving with a smile on her cute face.

Her appealing figure clad in a black pencil skirt, fitted baby blue button down shirt, a black scarf around her neck, black high heels, delicate golden accessories; she was a vision for his sore eyes. He was proud that his wife was such a beautiful woman.

The moment he saw her, he tuned out the lady officer and turned to the door from where Elizabeth was coming, his cap under his arm.

‘Hello, Babe.’ He said when she got close.

‘Hey, George.’ She smiled and held his arm. ‘Welcome home.’

Wickham hugged her trim waist and kissed her lips lightly, careful not to make a show - one of his biggest traits was discretion – introduced her to the officer talking to him, said his goodbyes and left carrying his duffel bag in one arm and wife in the other.

She gave him the car keys, he took the wheel and they headed home. Elizabeth knew she would be picking him up so she was using his car that day, a midsize sedan that he loved. Wickham relaxed behind the wheel and maneuvered the evening traffic until they entered the highway.

As Elizabeth told him what had happened these last weeks, Wickham basked on the pleasure of holding her knee as he drove, feeling her gentle touch on his neck, learning about his children’s last exploits and hearing her melodic voice. Talking about another man.

Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Since she discovered this jerk online, she had been obsessed with him and their teenage years. Wickham remembered the guy perfectly from that eventful school convention in Peru, how haughty he was talking before the crowd of teenagers and his face when he knew Elizabeth wasn’t going to show up. At the time, Wickham thought the guy decided to leave early because she wouldn’t be coming and that propelled him to ask her out. How long since he had heard that name spoken?

‘What else happened, Babe?’ Wickham asked, not bothering to disguise his tone of voice.

‘Besides Fitz’ sister offer to host us in New York next month?’ Elizabeth asked. ‘Or besides my week away with Jane?’

‘Both.’ He said checking his side mirror to change to a faster lane.

‘Mmmm… Nanda is almost giving up the pacifier, at last. Fitz sent Tom that build-your-own dinosaur kit he wanted so badly.’ Elizabeth smiled. ‘He was static when he got the box!’

Fitz, Fitz, Fitz. If he heard that name one more time he would be sick. With jealousy. His wife was not enough; he had to pounce on his son too. ‘Which toy?’ He asked.

‘That one I bought him last year when he aced his first math test, remember?’ She said and babbled about his son but Wickham didn’t know what she was talking about.

He believed Elizabeth pampered the boy and he’d like Tom to be raised as he had been, careless and free to play soccer with friends whenever he’d like. When he was at home, he took the boy to the beach all the time to let the kid do as he pleased.

‘And what about your PhD? Any news?’ He changed subjects pushing this matter for later.

He would deal with that later.

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“… Friends will be friends
When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention…”

Friends will be friends – Queen

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