& Moira Bianchi: maio 2014

quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2014

Blind date (with a book)


Between work and my son's bday party, I've been busier than I'd like to be. Mr Darcy and Lizzy are always on my mind but not on paper... Sad.

The more interesting thing I've done was playing rooky and watching 'Yves' with a friend in a 2pm movie session. Not even my friends believe I've been this distant to culture (either consuming or producing it), so... Through a match-making friend I got a BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK!

What a maaaaaarvelous idea!

I gotta love my friends, Thin guy in special! Look at this lovely gift he found me in Amsterdam! And Yes, I may have influenced him on choosing this destination for his vacations with his hubs. 

He said there were several shelves of wrapped books with little cute cryptic notes scotch-taped to them. 

revealed itself to be...

How yummy is that?

Back cover is also very eloquent, isn't it?

I'll post page 41 next year, ok? 

Bye from chilly Rio!

sábado, 10 de maio de 2014



Long time no see...

After my forty posts of forty books, I've been wondering what to talk about. Ultimately, I've been simmering not only in this matter, but in many levels.

We have a plaster copy of Rodin's Thinker in my Architecture school. Big guy, lots to ponder...

Work has been keeping me from Mr. Darcy and my writings. My day job is Architecture as you may have read here on the blog and after a very cavernous 2013, the market is really alive now. I can't afford to seat back and watch things unfold. I have to work. The need for the vile money is real and urgent, I have to make a living...

The problem is that with my Architectural self busy, my Writer wannabe side has to step back and wait. I do miss Darcy and Lizzy though. Now I have many Dizzy projects on the move but on hold. 

45 days in Europe - Portuguese version is 1/3 done, and my beta thinks it's nice enough. With the postponing of our National Jane Austen Society Meeting, my Portuguese versions are postponed as well. I politely listen to Lizzy's nagging on the back of my head telling me what she would say and how she would react to stuff that happens in Milan and London... Only I can't find time to dedicate myself to her.

The Prince is THE man in my head these days. Actually, that Lizzy is making sure I don't forget about them. She is very assured of herself, unlike Friendship of a special kind Lizzy. She has strong ideas and isn't afraid of fighting for what she wants. But much more than that trait of her personality, 

this new book will be about realizing 
when life gives you a second chance. 

How do you identify it is good enough to take the leap?

Especially when the (incredibly sexy and complex) 
main guy's good opinion once lost, is lost forever?

Mr. Darcy is not a second chances guy, at least at first. That's one of the things Lizzy helps him to work out - even without meaning to. I've been planning to talk about Pride and Prejudice's standards, maybe it'll be another post.

I know many people who stopped their unfulfilling lives and started it out afresh. Although it sounds awfully romantic and inspiring, it takes a lot of work and a ton of... faith?

'Leap of faith' would begin to describe the theme of this new book, but it's sketched in my head and not in paper yet. It's... simmering. Although I have four chapters done, I'm considering to re-write most of it. I'm second guessing actions and choices, their past story but incredibly enough, not their future.

Love scenes abound, they are an adult couple sure of what they can reach and the consequences of their actions. How they'll deal with them is the million dollar question...

Check this out:

"...When he sat beside her, she half turned his way to hold both his hands. ‘Darcy, I can’t deny you rock my world. Last time we met…’ Elizabeth lost her words.

‘It was fucking hot.’ He said in an intense low tone that made her tremble.


‘We are here now.’ He said.‘I’ve been counting the days, Lizzy.’ 

She shook her head. ‘We can’t.’ 

‘That’s why you are here inside my hotel suite?’ He gave her a patronizing half smile.

‘I’m here because you make me feel weak.’ She released his hands. ‘And because I think I owe you more than a ‘sorry pal, no more burying your bone in my yard’. The second the words left her mouth she blushed and hid her eyes in her hands. ‘That’s not what I wanted to say.’ She chuckled at herself and heard him chuckle in return.

‘Lizzy, relax.’ He said holding her wrists to pull her hands from her eyes. ‘It’s just us.’

When a still smiling Elizabeth opened her eyes, she was surprised to find Darcy's face close to hers and the kiss was inevitable.
They had been holding back for hours, really.

It was such a good kiss, a kiss that lifted the spirit to where it belonged. She had been daydreaming about his kisses for a while, but not since the first time they were together. After that, she had successfully convinced herself this was wrong and should never happen again. But oh, this man… older and mature, so sexy and such a good kisser.

He held her neck and sweet-kissed her for a few minutes. Darcy had been anticipating this encounter with her for so long that he feared an intoxication if he took her in too fast.

She ran her small hands inside his button-down rolled sleeves to feel some of his skin giving him goosebumps. Both clad in jeans and button-downs, very little skin was available even if Elizabeth kept the first buttons undone to show the pretty maxi-necklace and some of her incredible cleavage."

Things heat up between them pretty easily, but I need time to simmer... 
Ponder, think, change stuff. 
Ultimately, I have to find time.
Let me simmer.