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quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Friendship of a special kind

How exciting a Tuesday can be?


Before yesterday, I'd say 'not at all'  but then, October 23rd came and I say: 


moira bianchi mr darcy erotica romance novel book cover
My book is out!


Yesterday was my Mom's b-day and the date when my first book was released! Yay!!

I wonder if it was all a coincidence....
It was a lot of work as I´ve already posted here, lots of revisions, editing, taking off  the songs that  hinted Lizzy's mood in the begining of each chapter, references to stores and brands, etc.

Also yesterday I received the first paperback! Oh, it´s so awsome! My book, my words, my Darcy and Lizzy!

The story is a bit long - 41 chapters, so the paperback is 485 pages and I managed to make it a reasonable good price. And the e-book is as cheap as I wanted.

As you know, I still have to wait for some analysis before both the paperback and the e-book can be offered at Amazon, Nook or iBookstore but they are available at Lulu.com and a Kindle version. If you click at the buttons on the upper right side they'll take you directly to the bull's eye! 

I'm Brazilian, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and studied English from 8 to 18 years old. Writing my ‘Friendship of a special kind’, a 180k words story completely in English was easier than I first imagined, incredibly enough. Maybe it was Mr. Darcy’s doing.

            My relationship with ODC started in 2006 by chance. A few years before a dear friend challenged me to read the biggest international classic novels since I had addicted her to Harry Potter. It really wasn't fair of her since my first task was Dorian Gray, followed by The Hobbit and the LotR trilogy. From those my enthusiasm only grew and Austen was a must. I chose S&S because of Emma Thompson but it didn't get to me. I wanted Elinor to be stronger.

          Well, in 2006 I finally met Lizzy and her impertinence. It was love at first line! When Austen told me exactly was going on in Darcy's head, I fell hokk, line & sinker for him. Canon led to Google, and Mr. Google to ‘Mrs. Darcy’ site. I got so addicted that I started buying sequels and retellings.

           After years being a silent member of the most excellent Mr. Darcy's fandom, he and Lizzy started talking to me. A particular scene looped in my head constantly. 

I needed a while to find courage to write it down, though. Until, on a poorly slept nights period during my baby son's adaptation from crib to bed, I thought that instead of lying awake I could, you know... Write! So that's how I started: shyly, in the middle of the night, not a single lamp on, writing on my iPhone! As crazy as it may sound, I wrote a 41 chapters story in less than five months using a 3,5 inches screen. 

It was such a thrill! The characters talked to me in the wee hours of the night at first, then all the time! They babbled and quarreled and complained and made love and told me what to write. I only had to type it. I felt exhilarated, proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.

I wrote a story that I would like to read. E&D are together since the beginning, it's about their relationship, how they struggle to keep together. My betas often called to my attention that they were too forward, that Darcy would never give Lizzy a kiss on the cheek on the second time they met. Or that Lizzy wouldn´t drink beer, but wine. Well… I’m Brazilian, so these D&E have a zest of Brazil too. Why not?

So they are forward and a bit naughty sometimes. Darcy hacks into her IPhone so he can keep in touch while Lizzy is only interested in Darcy as a one night stand. It´s not a retelling, it´s a P&P inspired story.

Here´s a glimpse of Chapter 3.
When he (Darcy) agreed to spend these vacations (in Meryton) with his longtime friends he just expected to take a break from his responsibilities at Darcy Inc., since the mergers he started a year ago were practically concluded. Financially, it meant his bank balance grew considerably; and as work usually did, it also meant another emotional hideaway.
He couldn’t believe his luck on finding this sexy woman (Lizzy) who now was in the bathroom and almost flying the coop. This thought woke him up from his daydreaming and he decided to take action. He wouldn’t mind to keep in touch with her, but it would be best if he could do it directly, without in betweens.
During these last two weeks since he first met her, Darcy had to go great lengths to find something about Lizzy, and the results were meager. He wouldn’t ask just anyone and risk having the Holy Inquisition to answer to, although what he tried was as frustrating as it could be. After the guys made him acknowledge that he liked her at the fishing trip, he decided to reach out for Lizzy asking Thorn to ask Charlo – of all people. Darcy could never have known that Charlo was Napoleon on the ‘Save Elizabeth Bennett Army’. When Charlo came to Netherfield earlier in the week and they met in person, he made Darcy squirm just to get simple info such as her age, whether she was in a relationship or not, and if she would be back at Meryton before he left.
He thought about asking for her number but dismissed the idea because he wouldn’t want to look needy. He could use his charms and casually ask her while they had lunch together, in a few minutes. She might even offer him her numbers spontaneously, as any other woman he had dated. But she didn’t already, even though she took her phone from the bathroom and left it on his dresser. His dresser! He smiled wickedly to himself. Lizzy was so sassy in bed, she bought him drinks; she flirted with him and then fled… Obviously she left her phone where he could take it! Fate had brought him a temptress! Darcy could not believe his good, good luck!
She wanted him to hack into her phone, and of course he would oblige. He grinned to himself. During lunch he could come up with some excuse to make her call him so she would find out that he had done what she had expected him to do and, one thing leading to another… Darcy was already sizzling with just the thought of a night with this beautiful siren. He didn’t want this encounter to end. He justified himself with the certainty that he wouldn’t browse her data in details – that would be a horrible crime - he would just get her contacts. Darcy had one more second to hesitate, then jumped and took her phone.
“Thank God I know how this works.” He thought happily, almost shaking in his excitement. Not for one second he thought that Lizzy might actually not want his contacts, or see him ever again.

Only after more than six months of its finish I could find courage in me to post this story online. It felt like I was an intruder on my favorite author’s playground. But one thing lead to another and now I have three more stories (small ones), two cooking in my head and it is published

Wow, how exciting is that?

I pictured Raoul Bova as Darcy and Ana Paula Arósio as Lizzy. Gorgeous, aren't they?

           I'm sure I won´t be rich with its selling but it's a great experience. Hope you like it.

See ya!

Discalimer: Raoul Bova and Ana Paula Arósio are not part of this project, they are just absolutely beautiful people and I'm their fan. Pictures found on Google, babbling and book are mine.

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Keeping Mr Grey

Hi, long time since my last post in English.

I've been indulging my sweet Amigas Darcy with a Portuguese version of Darcy's and Lizzy's hot Boston weekend, right on the beggining of my story 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again' aka 'Friendship of a special kind (FOASK)'. Anyway, that´s done and they are surfing their sexy mood while I devoted myself to another task.

For several months now I had been struggling with Fifty Shades Trilogy . When I first heard of it, I was finishing the first edit of my story, so my mind was consumed by that (awfully hard) task. Then I re-revised it a thousand times (1000x awful task), posted, commented, revised again, posted on FFnet, revised, edited, translated 5 chappys to Portuguese, revised, edited and now it´s (almost) ready for publishing. YAY, btw.

Anyhow, only two months ago I finally started reading '50 shades', after the hubburb had spread around the world. At first, I hated it. Then I found my way through it. Let me explain my several shades of Pale.

1st shade: I LOVE FANFICTION. It´s no news to anyone who read this blog's subtitle. I do. I discovered fanfiction when waiting for the next Harry Potter to be released, I guess after book 5. And I loved it from the begining. Kinky Harry and Ginny: fun. From that to JAFF. In my mourning after release of Harry Potter 7 , Amazon sent me a lovely e-mail saying that I might like a book called Twilight . Oh boy, did I like it! And that brings me to shade 2.

2nd shade: I LOVED THE TWILIGHT BOOKS . From the end of chapter one, I was Team Edward. I read all three books in a row, hooked all my friends on it, I adored it. Merely having fun with a cool little book, I was very glad to find several hints of P&P on Bella and Edward. Come on! That was cachaça meets lemon! And that brings me to shade 3.

3rd shade: I LO-LO-LOVE P&P. No news either. On the right side bar you can find several fanfiction written by me and translated to two languages. I am crazy for Mr Darcy. Imagine when I found the 'Mrs Darcy' site? Yep, I went beserk. - 'Beserk' is so Edward, right? As well as 'unconspicoulsy'. Anyway, I had so much fun surfing Darcy's fandom that I let him talk to me and now I even consider myself a -hm,hm- writer.

4th shade: TWILIGHT FANFICTION. Loved those, made friends, elected my very best fanfictions ever like 'Waiting for dawn' (IMO it´s way better than Breaking Dawn. This is my view of their story.), 'Cullenary education', and my fave AU story - 'LOST' - the one when Edward returned only years later and Bella moved on to be a business shark. Fun, fun, fun. 

All this put, I was glad when I learned the story behind '50 shades'. Really glad, a cool long NC17 fanfic published and sucessfull. YAY!!! So, as soon as I was sure I wouldn´t inadvertently copycat anything from it while editing my story, I started reading and...

5th shade: I WAS BORED. Yeah... bored to my wits.  But, hey, this is Edward and Bella! Gotta keep going. I had to cajole myself to keep trying till mid book 1.

6th shade: I DON'T MAKE LOVE. I FUCK. HARD. Mmmm... how promissing. I kept myself going, deep down fearing Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty. Frankly, just thinking of Mrs Rice's books I get a weird twist right there where Anastasia feels the tightening in-every-5-or-6-lines. Really weird. Hard to describe. I dropped the first Sleeping Beauty after 1/4 read. Too much for me, too hard core. So yes, I kind feared Grey would be the mean Prince. Well, he´s not.

7th shade: VANILLA BDSM = MOMMY PORN. I like mommy porn. Yeah. Both in flesh and written. Or movies. Who didn't enjoy '9 1/2 weeks'? But excuse me, Mr Grey, you´re not my first. Enid does kinky fuckery marvelously. Rika too. A hawt bathing each other scene, here. A kinky delicious weekend, here. A damn hot beguiling panties-wetting pervert night between two consenting adults, here. No, am not linking my own stories, though I 've been compared to Mr Grey on FFnet. Point is, Grey is too... macadamia nut brittle. He has his oh-so-damn-hot-moments, but he could have some brandy in him.

8th shade: NO COPYRIGHT TO S. MEYER? Frankly, that made me sad. It's her Edward and Bella. Am still incredulous on this shade.

9th shade: BLOOD FOR SEX: WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I thought it so nice! It´s exactly what it is: instead of her blood, Grey wants her sex! Excellent idea, perfect, well connected, brilliant.

10th shade: AN AMATEUR MAKING MILLIONS. How great this is! An amateur writer making millions with her hobby, people liking and commenting. Great! The other day I saw a woman, late 20´s, leave her building with her '50 shades' in hands and nose buried in it, absently waving her doorman off, walking the streets and getting in the subway. She walked 3 blocks without taking her eyes off of it! I was coming from my baby's school and when I recognized the cover (BTW, amazing covers) I slowed my pace to walk behind her. I have to say that if she tripped, I would help her. An offer a copy of my book. Who can expect a greater success than this???

11th shade: I SEE, I TAKE, I SAY. '50 shades' is all written in the first person, in the present. Cool! I liked it.

                                           f.e., my FAVE SCENE OF ALL - Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy - CHAP 13
' “You’re running?” he whispers as his eyes widen with fear. 
I say nothing as I try to collect my scattered thoughts. 
“You can’t,” he pleads. 
“Christian . . . I—” I struggle to collect my thoughts. /.../
“No . . . no!” he says in desperation and puts both hands on his head. 
“Christian . . .” 
“No,” he breathes, his eyes wide with panic, and suddenly he drops to his knees in front of me, head bowed, long-fingered hands spread out on his thighs. He takes a deep breath and doesn’t move. What? 
“Christian, what are you doing?” He continues to stare down, not looking at me. “Christian! What are you doing?” My voice is high-pitched. He doesn’t move. “Christian, look at me!” I command in panic. His head sweeps up without hesitation, and he regards me passively with his cool gray gaze—he’s almost serene . . . expectant. Holy Fuck . . .'

12th shade: DOES GREY NEEDS TO BE EXCUSED? I hated that. One can be mean and twisted because he likes to be. One never heard that Snow White's Stepmother had been an abused child. Or that Cinderella's mean sisters were burnt with boiling water in their craddles. People just want things and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Dex was an arse and we love him. So did Emma. I wish Grey were just... Grey. Plain dark chocolate with rum. Yummy! Not vanilla in disguise.

13th shade: ENCOURAGE YOUR WIFE TO READ IT. This last week, I heard from three different sources this same sentence. Husbands encouraging their wives to read '50 shades' to steam up the marriage bed. Come on! Can I curse here? Go &*%$#&*%$! If a husband can´t seduce his own wife - a woman who agreed to marry him some time ago - it´s because he can't show her a propper boner. She doesn't need to be seduced by Grey or Darcy or Cullen to be hot. Right? Do your job, you lazy husband! Read the books yourself! And buy a riding crop !

All this rambling and babbling comes to this: For me, '50 shades of Grey' is disappointing. I hoped I´d be avid for dark Grey and not hot for soft Grey, I hoped for a page turner, I hoped to be thrilled like I was when I met Edward Cullen. I hoped to be - a little -  shocked like when I tried Sleeping Beauty. I hoped for more, like Anastasia. 

So, bottom line is: 

I did enjoy Mr Grey, but I'm back to Mr D.! He´s still THE man! ;)

see ya.

Disclaimer: Images from Google, all stories cited belong to their authors, rambling and Foask are mine.

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Dez, nota dez!

Bom dia!

E chegamos ao último capítulo em Português da minha estória . Essa foi uma excelente prova do ritmo que a estória tem apesar de que, com a convivência eles sossegam um pouco!

E o dez é ótimo. Dez é tudo de bom.

Esse Mr Darcy é 10!
Chamego é 10!
Viajar é 10!
Austen é 10!

E quer ver só o que mais é dez?

classificação 18 anos
algumas frases precisam ser iluminadas para serem vistas


Não sei não, assim você acaba me conquistando
Não sei não, assim eu acabo me entregando¹

After the sex marathon, Darcy and Lizzy really did sleep, each on a side of the bed, barely touching at all. Depois da maratona sexual, Darcy e Lizzy estavam realmente com sono. Dormiram pesado, cada um em um lado da cama, mal se tocando. They weren't familiar with the joys of sharing a bed, too tired and with too many mixed feelings to realize that. Eles não estavam familiarizados com as alegrias de compartilhar uma cama, muito cansados e com muitos sentimentos contraditórios para perceber isso. In the morning, Will woke up first.
De manhã, Darcy acordou primeiro. He was used to the house owner routine of feeding the dog, disabling alarms for the gardener and the house keeper, some exercise and arriving early at the office. Ele estava acostumado com a rotina da sua casa de alimentar o cachorro, desativar os alarmes para o jardineiro e a governanta, algum exercício e chegar cedo ao escritório.
With none of that to do, Darcy took his time analyzing her place and the circumstances that brought him there, watching her tits rise and fall under the covers, nipples pointy. Com nada disso para fazer, Darcy aproveitou seu tempo analisando a casa dela e as circunstâncias que o trouxeram ali, observando os peitos dela subirem e descerem sob as cobertas, mamilos pontudos. When his morning hardness took over, he went to the bathroom quietly and came back to kiss her awake. Quando seu pau duro matinal o incomodou, ele levantou com cuidado para ir ao banheiro, voltou para abraçá-la de conchinha e acordá-la com beijinhos.
It took him some kisses to wake up Lizzy. Ele precisou de alguns beijos para acordar Lizzy. He suspected that she woke up with the first four or five and simply enjoyed the rest. Darcy desconfiou que ela tinha acordado com os primeiros quatro ou cinco e simplesmente aproveitou o resto. He found that endearing. Ele achou isso cativante.
'Mmmmm, morning.' ‘Mmmmm, bom dia.’ Lizzy mumbled. Lizzy murmurou.
'Morning Sleeping Beauty.' ‘Bom dia, Bela Adormecida.’ Darcy whispered. Darcy sussurrou.
'Is it morning yet?' ‘Já é de manhã?’ She asked, eyes closed. Ela perguntou, de olhos fechados.
'Yes.' ‘Sim’. He chuckled. Ele riu.
'Is it time for breakfast yet?' ‘Já está na hora do café?’ She asked with her back to his chest. Ela perguntou com costas no peito dele.
'I guess so.' ‘Eu acho que sim.’ He answered, nuzzling her neck. Ele respondeu chamegando seu pescoço.
'Mmmm, good.' ‘Mmmm, que bom.’ She escaped him, rolling to her side. Ela escapou dele, rolando para fora da cama.
'Hey?' ‘Ei?’ He protested. Ele protestou.
She looked over her shoulder in all her naked glory, and bit her lips when her eyes focused on the pantheon under the Greek god's sheet. Ela olhou por cima do ombro em toda sua nudez gloriosa, e mordeu os lábios quando seus olhos acharam o panteão do deus grego sob o lençol.
Darcy liked her horny stare. Darcy gostou do olhar de tesão. While she closed the bathroom door, he rearranged the pillows to recline on them and put his hands behind his head. "Calm down, pal. We'll catch her!" Enquanto ela fechou a porta do banheiro, ele reorganizou os travesseiros para se reclinar e colocou as mãos atrás da cabeça. “Calma, amigo. Nós vamos pegá-la!”
When Lizzy sashayed from the bathroom to bed, he smiled like a Cheshire² cat and opened his arms for her. Quando Lizzy desfilou do banheiro para a cama, ele sorriu como o gato de Alice e abriu os braços para ela. Mas para sua decepção, Lizzy sacudiu a cabeça negativamente ao pé da cama. But to his disappointment, Lizzy shook her head 'no' by the foot of the bed.
'You promised...' ‘Você prometeu ...’ Lizzy slurred. Lizzy disse arrastando as palavras.
'I could say the same.' ‘Eu poderia dizer o mesmo.’ He grumbled, feeling his loins hurt.Ele resmungou, sentindo sua virilha doer.
Only when she pulled the sheet off him and kneeled on the bed, he understood and lost his breath. "I'm breakfast! Good Heaven, yes!" Só quando ela puxou o lençol de cima dele e se ajoelhou na cama, ele entendeu e perdeu a respiração. “Eu sou o café da manhã! Cacete!”
The thrill of anticipation wasn't long, she dove right to it with a warm mouth and expecting eyes that only left his when he couldn't keep them opened. A emoção da expectativa não foi longa, ela mergulhou direito com a boca quente e os olhos colados nos dele que só quebraram o contato quando ele não pode mais mantê-los abertos.
'Lizzy... ‘Lizzy ... É ... No biting... Não morde ... Oh yes!' Ah, sim!’
Many moans from both sides. Muitos gemidos de ambos os lados.
'Oh darling... ‘Ah Querida... Oh yeah... Isso... Please?...' Por favor?...’
When she decided to caress his balls, he was beyond hope. Quando ela decidiu acariciar suas bolas, ele foi à lua. Ele estava tão atordoado que levou uma fração de segundo para registrar que sua boca havia deixado o seu pau para alcançar sua própria boca, enquanto suas mãos ainda faziam miséria lá em baixo. He was so dazed that it took him a split second to register that her mouth had left his cock to reach his own mouth, while her hands still played havoc on him.
'Good enough?' ‘Bom o suficiente?’ Lizzy whispered. Lizzy sussurrou.
'Damn, yes!' ‘Porra, sim!’ He devoured her mouth. Ele devorou-lhe ​​a boca.
'I'm playing from memory, like you showed me how…' She said sexily and he shook his head, dazed. ‘Eu estou fazendo tudo de memória, como você me mostrou...’ Ela disse sensualmente e ele balançou a cabeça, atordoado. 'The shower…' ‘No chuveiro...’
'You're doing fine.' ‘Você está indo bem.’ He kissed her almost violently. Ele a beijou quase com violência.
'I can always do better, you know...' ‘Eu sempre posso fazer melhor, sabe...’ Lizzy said and averted her eyes to his dick. Lizzy disse e desviou os olhos para o seu pau.
He nodded and guided her head and free hand back to his crotch, ushering her in silence, afraid that the speaking skill would be too much for his brain to process. Ele balançou a cabeça. Guiou a cabeça e a mão livre dela de volta para sua virilha, conduzindo-a em silêncio, com medo de que a habilidade de falar seria demais para seu cérebro processar. He showed her which caresses he liked best, until Lizzy nodded and added her warm mouth. Ele mostrou-lhe quais carícias ele mais gostava, até que Lizzy balançou a cabeça e acrescentou a sua boca quente.
By the time she started to taste too much tart, she produced a condom that she brought from her bathroom trip and strategically hid under her knee, put it on and settled on top of him. No momento em que ela começou a sentir um sabor amargo, ela produziu um preservativo que tinha trazido de sua ida ao banheiro e estrategicamente escondido debaixo de seu joelho, colocou e sentou nele. Darcy was so surprised that he came on the spot. Darcy ficou tão surpreso que ele gozou na hora. And again a few minutes later again when she came, still on top of him. E novamente alguns minutos depois quando ela gozou, ainda em cima dele.
'Woman...' ‘Mulher...’ That was all he could manage.Foi tudo o que ele conseguiu falar. Her weight on top of his chest wasn't helping either.O peso dela em cima do peito dele também não estava ajudando.
With his eyes half closed, he felt more than he saw her mouth on his mumbling: 'Exquisite sweet tart vanilla.' Com os olhos meio fechados, ele sentiu mais do que viu que ela murmurou em sua boca: ‘Baunilha doce e azedinha.’ Darcy responded to a mind blowing cock flavored kiss, and dozed off. Darcy respondeu ao beijo com sabor de pau e cochilou.
xxx ---
Lizzy was walking on cloud nine. Lizzy estava andando nas nuvens. Wake up sex, Hunk seemed to have really enjoyed himself as he was still asleep two hours after, her morning paper and walnut scented coffee in hand, feet up. Sexo matinal, Bonitão parecia que realmente tinha gostado porque ele ainda estava dormindo duas horas depois, o seu jornal de domingo e café com aroma de amêndoas nas mãos, pés para cima.
" Ahhh, good morning strange person formerly known as Elizabeth Bennett!" she thought. “Ahhh, bom dia pessoa estranha anteriormente conhecida como Elizabeth Bennett!” ela pensou.
It was so sexy to be doing this, a strange man, her bed, sore all over, almost more orgasms in this weekend than on her previous sixteen years of active sex life... Era tão sexy estar fazendo isso, um homem estranho, sua cama, toda dolorida, quase mais orgasmos neste fim de semana do que em seus dezesseis anos anteriores de vida sexual ativaShe was a grown up woman, queen of her domain and her emotions.... Ela era uma mulher adulta, rainha de seu castelo e dona de suas emoções.
When Darcy woke up, she was almost done with the Sunday paper and thinking about opening her iPad to check her emails. Quando Darcy acordou, ela estava quase acabando com o jornal e pensando em abrir seu iPad para verificar seus e-mails. She heard his feet on the floor on the way to the bathroom, then hurrying to the living room, so she turned her face and smiled on his direction. Ela ouviu os pés no chão a caminho do banheiro, depois correndo para a sala de estar, então ela virou o rosto e sorriu em sua direção. He halted like on a cartoon and took a deep breath. Ele parou como em um desenho animado e respirou fundo.
'I dozed off!' ‘Eu cochilei!’ He said urgently. Ele disse urgentemente.
'Yes!' ‘Sim!’ She giggled. Ela deu uma risadinha.
'You should have woken me up!' ‘Você deveria ter me acordado!’ Darcy said, alarmed. Darcy disse alarmado.
'Why?' ‘Porquê?’ She frowned. Ela franziu a testa.
'It's embarrassing.' ‘É embaraçoso.’ He groaned. Ele gemeu.
'Felt more like a compliment.' ‘Parece mais um elogio.’ She grinned. Ela sorriu.
He reciprocated the grin. Ele retribuiu o sorriso.
Naked. Nu. On her living room. Em sua sala de estar. Gorgeous. Lindo. Sleepy. Cara de sono. Sated. Satisfeito. Her doing. "Wow! Way to go strange person formerly known as Elizabeth Bennett!" Lizzy congratulated herself. Culpa dela. “Uau! Parabéns pessoa estranha anteriormente conhecida como Elizabeth Bennett!” Lizzy congratulou-se.
'What do I do now?' ‘O que eu faço agora?’ Darcy asked, confused all over. Darcy perguntou, todo confuso.
" Awww, how adorable!" Lizzy thought. “Awww, que fofo!” Lizzy pensou.
She shrugged. Ela deu de ombros. 'Back to sleep?' ‘Voltar a dormir?’ She suggested; he shook his head affronted. Ela sugeriu, ele balançou a cabeça ofendido.
'Coffee?' ‘Café?’ She suggested, he considered. Ela sugeriu, ele considerou.
'Shower?' ‘Banho?’ Her next suggestion, he nodded. Sua sugestão seguinte, ele balançou a cabeça.
'Sunday paper?' ‘Jornal de domingo?’ Lizzy offered. Lizzy ofereceu.
'Seattle?' ‘Seattle?’ Darcy asked. Darcy perguntou.
'Sorry, local.' ‘Desculpe, local.’ She made a face. Ela fez uma careta.
He nodded. Ele balançou a cabeça.
'Shower, then coffee and local paper. ‘Chuveiro, café e o jornal local. Then I'll apologize to you.' Depois eu vou te pedir desculpas.’ Darcy decided. Darcy decidiu.
'Eye for an eye?' ‘Olho por olho?’ She wiggled her brows. Ela sacudiu as sobrancelhas.
He laughed turning to head for the shower. Ele riu se virando para ir tomar uma ducha.
'Clean towels on the cabinet!' ‘Toalhas limpas no armário!’ She shouted after him. Ela gritou atrás dele.
Twenty minutes later Darcy was on the opposite couch from her, with his manly long legs over the same ottoman as hers, frowning at her walnut coffee, sweet bagel and local paper; while Lizzy scowled at her iPad. Vinte minutos depois, Darcy estava no sofá em frente a ela, com suas viris longas pernas sobre o mesmo pufe que as dela, franzindo a testa para o café aromatizado, bagel doce e jornal local, enquanto Lizzy fazia uma careta para seu iPad.
He felt a little antsy but failed to register that this homely scene was the cause of it. Ele se sentiu um pouco desconfortável, mas não conseguiu perceber que esta cena caseira era a causa. He was still very embarrassed about having dozed off after her blow-job. Ele ainda estava muito envergonhado por ter cochilado depois do boquete. Then it came to him as a lightning bolt! Então ele teve uma ideia de repente! Brilliant! Brilhante!
'Lunch!' ‘Almoço!’ Darcy said out loud. Darcy disse em voz alta.
'Uh? ‘Uh? Hungry? Com fome? It's barely noon!' É quase meio-dia.’ She said, without taking her eyes off the small screen. Ela disse, sem tirar os olhos da telinha.
'I'm going to cook you lunch!' ‘Eu vou cozinhar o almoço para você!’He said happily. Ele disse alegremente.
'What?' ‘O quê?’ She finally looked up, twisting on the sofa, inadvertently showing him a nipple and some pink dotted panties. Ela finalmente olhou para cima se torcendo no sofá e inadvertidamente mostrando-lhe um mamilo e calcinhas rosa com bolinhas.
He smiled. "Dessert's on the house!" Out loud, he said . 'To apologize for my ungentlemanly behavior, I'll cook you lunch!' Ele sorriu. “Sobremesa é por conta da casa!” Em voz alta, disse ele. ‘Para me desculpar por meu comportamento mal educado eu vou cozinhar o almoço!’
'You don't have to.' ‘Você não precisa.’ Lizzy turned defensive. Lizzy ficou na defensiva.
'I want to.' ‘Eu quero.’ Darcy insisted. Darcy insistiu.
'I won't do the dishes. ‘Eu não vou lavar a louça. I hate doing the dishes.' Eu odeio lavar louça.’ She forewarned. Ela preveniu.
'Didn't ask you to do it. ‘Não vou lhe pedir para fazer isso. Full package.' Pacote completo.’ He grinned. Ele sorriu.
She nodded. Ela assentiu com a cabeça.
'We could go out. ‘Nós poderíamos sair. Or you could go back to your hotel.' Ou você poderia voltar para o hotel.’ Lizzy said after a few seconds. Lizzy disse após alguns segundos. Darcy mentally recoiled like a spring. Darcy mentalmente ser encolheu como uma mola. 'I'm not holding you prisoner as my sex slave.' ‘Eu não estou te mantendo prisioneiro como meu escravo sexual.’ She added. Ela acrescentou.
Darcy was on alert, all alarms going off in his head. Darcy ficou preocupado, todos os alarmes soando em sua cabeça. 'Do you want me to?' ‘Você quer que eu vá?’ He asked flately. Ele perguntou sem rodeios.
'What? ‘O quê? Go or cook?' Ir ou cozinhar?’ Lizzy asked, frowning and on defensive. Lizzy perguntou de volta, franzindo a testa e na defensiva.
'Go.' ‘Ir.’ He said. Ele disse.
She flinched. "Old Lizzy's back, folks." Ela se encolheu. “Olha a Lizzy de sempre aí, minha gente!”
'No... ‘Não... That's not what I said.' Não foi isso que eu disse.’ Lizzy sighed. Lizzy suspirou.
'Really?' ‘Sério?’ Darcy was skeptical, and hurt. Darcy estava cético e magoado.
'We could order in.' ‘Nós poderíamos mandar trazer comida.’ Lizzy offered. Lizzy ofereceu.
'If you wish.' ‘Se você preferir.’ He deadpanned. Ele respondeu.
Panic took over her, and before Lizzy could rationalize that the fear of him leaving before tomorrow morning was a very bad sign, she was already straddling him. Pânico tomou conta dela, e antes de Lizzy pudesse racionalizar que o medo dele ir antes de segunda pela manhã era um mau sinal, ela já estava montada no colo dele.
'Look, I didn't send you away. ‘Olha, eu não te mandei embora. I... Eu... I...' Eu...’She struggled for words that evaded her. Ela fez força para achar palavras que fugiam dela. 'I don't want you to feel like you owe me anything. ‘Eu não quero que você sinta como se me devesse nada. Or that I cling to you. Ou que eu estou grudando em você. It's not like we're keeping scores. Não estamos marcando pontos para ver quem ganha. Don't turn all aloof or anything.' Não fica todo caladão e indiferente ou nada.’
He was serious, still not touching her. Ele ficou sério, sem tocá-la. Just looking at her eyes trying to read them. Apenas olhando bem nos olhos dela tentando lê-los.
She put her hands on his shoulders. Ela colocou as mãos nos ombros dele. 'Did I spoil everything? ‘Eu estraguei tudo? Sorry, really sorry.' Desculpe, realmente sinto muito.’ Lizzy looked down, already kicking herself, blaming her fast tongue and protective shields. Lizzy olhou para baixo, já se chutando, culpando sua língua grande e escudos de proteção. She sighed and was ready to get off him, feeling defeated. Ela suspirou e estava pronta para sair de cima dele, sentindo-se derrotada quandoDarcy raised her chin. Darcy levantou-lhe o queixo.
'Where are you going?' ‘Onde você vai? ‘ Darcy asked very menacingly. Darcy perguntou muito ameaçador.
She looked up, hoping against hope that no wayward tear would escape. Ela olhou para cima, na esperança de que nenhuma lágrima rebelde escapasse.
'To... ‘Indo... get the deli number, so you can order whatever it is that you want to cook me a delicious lunch?' pegar o número da deli, assim você pode encomendar o que quiser para me fazer um delicioso almoço?’ She tried, looking at him with a half-smile. Ela tentou, olhando para ele com um meio sorriso. He was so handsome... Ele era tão bonito...
'Good girl!' ‘Boa menina!’ He said, slapping her butt and kissing her neck. Ele disse, dando um tapinha na sua bunda e beijando seu pescoço.
Lizzy felt a thrill that went straight to her panties but rose from his lap anyway. Lizzy sentiu um arrepio que foi direto para a calcinha, mas levantou-se de qualquer maneira. She needed to catch some wind on her face immediately. Ela precisava de um pouco de ar no rosto imediatamente.
Darcy's heart was doing a samba . O coração de Darcy estava dançando um samba. For a second he thought that she was fed up with him. Por um segundo ele pensou que ela estava de saco cheio com ele. William Darcy had never been evicted from a woman's place before; William Darcy had never slept at a woman's place before anyway. William Darcy nunca tinha sido despejado da casa de uma mulher antes, William Darcy nunca tinha dormido na casa de uma mulher antes de qualquer forma. Especially a woman that he wanted, that hurt his pride like hell. Especialmente com uma mulher que ele queria, ter o seu orgulho ferido doía como o inferno. Nothing else, just bruised pride. Não era nada mais que isso, apenas orgulho ferido. Then she came to his lap, her robe opened and apologized hastily, couldn´t find words. De repente, ela veio para o seu colo, o roupão entreaberto e pediu desculpas às pressas, não conseguia encontrar palavras. His dick answered before his pride relaxed. Seu pau respondeu antes de seu orgulho relaxasse. If she didn't get up and ran to the kitchen, he would have... "What Superboring?" He could hear Thorny and Ricky asking. "What would you have done?" He sighed. "I don't know." Se ela não se levantasse e corresse para a cozinha, ele teria ... “Feito o que Superchato?” Ele podia ouvir o espirituoso Ricky perguntando. “O que você teria feito?” Ele suspirou. “Eu não sei.”
xxx ---
The 'moment' passed. O “momento” passou. They asked for lunch ingredients just as the deli was closing, and by the time the boy brought it, Lizzy was trying to explain herself again. Eles encomendaram os ingredientes do almoço pouco antes da deli fechar, e na hora que o menino trouxe, Lizzy estava tentando explicar-se novamente.
After the interruption, she gathered her courage by watching his shoulders' muscles move while he worked on his pasta, facing the counter. Após a interrupção, ela reuniu sua coragem assistindo os movimentos dos músculos de seus ombros enquanto ele trabalhava em sua massa de frente para a pia. She sat on the kitchen table and ran one foot from his knee to his waist; he looked at her over his shoulder. Ela se sentou na mesa da cozinha e correu um pé do joelho dele até a cintura, ele olhou para ela por cima do ombro.
'Trying to seduce me, woman?' ‘Tentando me seduzir, mulher?’ He asked. Ele perguntou.
'Ouch! ‘Êta! From Darling to Woman ... De querida para mulher ... Sorry for the blunder again. Desculpe o fora de novo. No need to keep retaliating.' Não tem necessidade de continuar a retaliação.’ And ran her foot up and down his leg, again and again. E correu o pé para cima e para baixo da perna dele outra vez.
He kept busy for a while, until he finally turned and grabbed her foot in one swift motion. Ele se manteve ocupado por um tempo, até que finalmente virou-se e agarrou o pé dela em um movimento rápido.
'Do you need to be punished?' ‘Você precisa ser punida?’ Darcy asked seriously. Darcy perguntou sério.
She laughed so heartedly that he had to go along. Ela explodiu numa risada tão genuína que ele teve que rir junto.
'Am I a bad girl ?' ‘Eu sou uma menina má?’ She asked, still laughing. Ela perguntou, ainda rindo.
'It depends if you'll like to be punished!' ‘Depende se você gosta de ser punida!’ He answered. Ele respondeu.
'Define punishment.' ‘Defina punição.’ Lizzy demanded. Lizzy exigiu.
'Define bad girl.' ‘Defina menina má.’ Darcy demanded back. Darcy pediu de volta.
'A bad girl would reach a hand under your briefs.' ‘A menina má enfiaria a mão dentro da sua cueca.’ E ela fez exatamente isso. And she did just that.
'A punishment would be not reaching under your panties, only the elastic band.' ‘A punição seria pegar na sua calcinha mas só no elástico.’He did it. Ele o fez.
'A bad girl would suck your earlobe.' ‘A menina má iria chupar sua orelha.’ She whispered on his ear and sucked it. Ela sussurrou em seu ouvido e chupou.
'A punishment would be to breathe on your mouth but not kiss.' ‘A punição seria respirar em sua boca, mas não beijar.’He did it too. Ele fez isso também.
'A bad girl would open her robe and guide your hand to her boob. ‘A menina má iria abrir o roupão e colocar sua mão no meu peito. Ouch, cold!' Ai, que mão fria! ‘ Lizzy complained and he chuckled. Lizzy reclamou e ele riu.
'Punishment would be twisting your nipple.' ‘Punição seria torcer seu bico.’ Darcy did such a loving caress that in no way could be described as punishment. Darcy fez um carinho tão amoroso que de modo algum poderia ser descrito como punição.
'A bad girl would take this same hand to show you how wet her panties are.' ‘A menina má levaria essa mesma mão para lhe mostrar como a calcinha está molhada.’ She guided his hand down her belly. Ela guiou sua mão para baixo de sua barriga.
'Fuck punishment.' ‘Foda-se punição.’ Darcy groaned. Darcy grunhiu.
And just as he caressed her with three fingers over her panties while devouring her mouth, the water boiled. E assim que ele acariciou-a com três dedos sobre a calcinha enquanto devorava sua boca, a água ferveu. It was time to cook. Era hora de cozinhar.
The disappointment on her face mirrored his. A decepção no rosto dele espelhava a dela. He considered finishing cooking later but thought that it would be good to postpone their pleasure. Ele considerou parar de cozinhar, mas depois pensou que seria bom adiar a seu prazer.
'Patience is a virtue.' ‘Paciência é uma virtude.’ He mumbled to himself, washing his hand. Ele murmurou para si mesmo, lavando a mão.
'Blah, blah, blah.' ‘Blá, blá, blá. Conversa mole.’ Lizzy said, opening the wine and sharing her glass with him. Lizzy resmungou, abrindo o vinho e compartilhando o copo com ele.
xxx ---
His pasta was great. Sua massa era deliciosa. They stayed at the kitchen table talking movies and music for a long time afterwards. Eles ficaram na mesa da cozinha falando de filmes e música por um tempão depois do almoço. Darcy had to endure her Best of Bon Jovi collection but enjoyed Joss Stone 's R&B after. Darcy teve de suportar o seu ‘melhor de Bon Jovi’, mas gostou do R&B de Joss Stone depois. He vowed to himself that one day he would pay back with his Dire Straits mp3 compilation. Ele prometeu a si mesmo que um dia ela iria pagar ouvindo sua coletânea do Dire Straits.
After promising a good reward, he convinced her to help out with the dishes. Depois de prometer uma boa recompensa, ele a convenceu a ajudar com os pratos. Lizzy only complied because he promised to restart exactly where they had stopped when the boiling water interrupted then. Lizzy apenas cumpriu porque ele prometeu reiniciar exatamente onde havia parado quando a água ferveu.
Darcy was nothing if not a man of his word, so as soon as he was done with his share, he fondled her upturned ass as she stashed the dish washer. Darcy não era nada se não um homem de palavra, tão logo que ele acabou com a sua parte, ele acariciou a bunda dela virada para cima enquanto ela enchia a máquina de lavar louça. Ele guiou-a para a mesa da cozinha onde a carícia passou de um trabalho interno de dois dedos, a uma série de lambidas de gato, para uma exploração de pau profundo e tudo com a incrível maravilha de manter a calcinha de bolinha no lugar. He guided her to the kitchen table where the caress turned from a two fingers inside job, to a series of cat licks, to a dick thorough exploration; all with the amazing wonder of keeping her poka dots panties in place.
Before they knew, it was eight pm and they headed for bed to watch an old movie and fondle a bit more. Antes que eles vissem, eram oito horas da noite e eles se dirigiram para a cama para assistir um filme antigo e chamegar um pouco mais. Cuddle and shag as well. Transar também.
xxx ---
Monday morning dawned and woke them up early. Segunda-feira chegou e os acordou cedo. A quickie in the shower, some clothes thrown into her small overnight bag and they were out of Lizzy´s flat. Uma rapidinha no chuveiro, algumas roupas jogadas em sua pequena bolsa de viagem e eles estavam fora do apartamento de Lizzy. They agreed on having breakfast at his hotel before Darcy checked out. Eles concordaram em tomar café da manhã no hotel antes de Darcy fazer check-out.
At the hotel, while Lizzy had one more excellent cappuccino in the elegant dining room, Darcy went up to his room, in order to grab his stuff and pay his bill. No hotel, enquanto Lizzy tomava o segundo excelente cappuccino no elegante restaurante, Darcy subiu para seu quarto, a fim de pegar as coisas dele e pagar a conta.
When he returned, he took a moment to walk slowly to her, to save her half sunlit face in his memory. Quando ele retornou, ele aproveitou para caminhar lentamente até ela, para guardar seu rosto meio iluminado em sua memória. Lizzy was gazing out the window to nowhere, as it seemed. Lizzy estava olhando pela janela para lugar nenhum ao que parecia.
'Are you done, Darling?' ‘Está pronta, Querida?’ Darcy asked quietly when he got to her. Darcy perguntou calmamente quando ele chegou perto dela.
She raised her cup to him and he took a few sips. Ela levantou a xícara para ele e ele tomou alguns goles.
'Yes.' ‘Sim’. Lizzy nodded. Lizzy assentiu. 'You?' ‘Você?’
'Yes. ‘Sim. Let's go?' Vamos?’ Darcy said. Darcy disse.
Funny how it seemed that they were talking about something else entirely. Engraçado como parecia que eles estavam falando sobre algo completamente diferente.
Maybe because of the sad undertone on their voices. Talvez por causa do tom triste em suas vozes.
xxx ---
At the airport, they shared a long deep kiss, some small pecks, a few 'thank yous' and 'safe trips' . No aeroporto, eles compartilharam um último beijo longo e profundo, alguns selinhos, desejos de ‘boa viagem’ e alguns ‘obrigados’. He made her promise to text him as soon as she got to Meryton and, although she reasoned that he would be out of reach by then, she still agreed. Ele a fez prometer que enviaria um torpedo logo que ela chegasse a Meryton e embora ela dissesse que ele ainda estaria fora do ar, ele insistiu e ela acordou. And he was gone, without looking back. E ele foi embora, sem olhar para trás.
Lizzy waited until Darcy had gone inside the double sliding doors to driving away, despite of the inpatient honking behind her. Lizzy esperou até Darcy entrar pelas portas duplas para ir embora, apesar do buzinaço atrás dela.
She sighed as she drove away. Ela suspirou quando ele foi embora. Her weekend of boldness was over. Seu fim de semana de ousadia tinha acabado. From now on, she was back at being the same old Lizzy. A partir de agora, ela estava de volta a ser a mesma velha Lizzy.
When Darcy came running back out, after realizing at the check in counter that his laptop case was forgotten on her backseat, she had already left for a good fifteen minutes. Quando Darcy voltou correndo depois de perceber no check-in que sua pasta do laptop tinha ficado no banco de trás do carro dela, Lizzy já tinha saído por uns bons quinze minutos.
He texted, but Lizzy only saw the message when she was entering Meryton, three hours later, as she reached for her phone to text him. Ele mandou uma mensagem, mas Lizzy só viu três horas depois quando ela estava entrando Meryton, ao alcançar o seu telefone para mandar um torpedo para dele. She must have been on a bad signal zone, or on the moon. Ela deve ter passado em uma grande área sem sinal, ou estava na lua. She immediately stopped at a courier shop and shipped it. Ela imediatamente parou em uma loja de courrier e enviou a pasta. As Darcy instructed on his text, she perused the case´s front pocket and found his business cards. Como Darcy havia instruído no torpedo, ela procurou no bolso da frente da pasta e encontrou seus cartões de visita. Not being able to resist, Lizzy saved one personal and one professional card. "Just to remind me of this incredible weekend." Or so she told herself. Sem conseguir resistir, Lizzy guardou um cartão pessoal e um profissional. “Apenas para me lembrar deste fim de semana incrível.”  Foi o que ela disse a si mesma.
xxx ---
The laptop arrived at Seattle shortly after Darcy did. O laptop chegou a Seattle logo depois de Darcy. He was disappointed when he didn't find any surprises inside the box. Ele ficou desapontado quando ele não encontrou nenhuma surpresa dentro da caixa.
xxx ---
'Liz, you have such a lovely funny gait these days...!' ‘Liz, você está com um andar tão engraçadinho hoje...!” Charlo whispered sardonically. Charlo sussurrou sarcasticamente.
'Shhhh...' “Shhhh ...” Señorita Austena shushed him. Señorita Austena, a professora de Espanhol, pediu silêncio.
A few minutes passed by while Charlo tried unsuccessfully to pay attention to the movie's Spanish dialogues or a very young Banderas' hairdo³. Poucos minutos passados ​​e Charlo tentou sem sucesso prestar atenção aos diálogos em espanhol do filme ou o cabelo de um Banderas muito jovem.
'It is so cute... ‘É tão fofo... Is it a trot?' É um trote?’ Charlo started again. Charlo começou novamente.
Silence. Silêncio.
'Did you hurt your feet?' ‘Machucou seus pés?’ He whispered and Dennie snickered. Ele sussurrou e Dennie riu.
'Did you hurt your knees?' ‘Machucou os joelhos?’ He asked again. Ele perguntou novamente.
'Shut up, dingbat .' ‘Cale a boca, malinha.’ Lizzy murmured, barely hiding her smile. Lizzy murmurou, mal escondendo o sorriso.
'Is it your hips that hurt?' ‘São seus quadris que doem?’ Charlo tried again. Charlo tentou novamente.
' Hunk, hunk .' ‘Bonitão, bonitão.’Dennie coughed. Dennie tossiu.
Charlo couldn't help but let free the bubbly laughter he had been holding in since he stopped worrying about her funny way of walking, when he realized what it really was. Charlo não podia se segurar e deixou escapar o riso borbulhante ele estava segurando assim que parou de se preocupar com jeito engraçado que a Lizzy estava andando, quando ele percebeu o que realmente era.
They were in the middle of their Spanish class, around a big dining table at the teacher´s back porch transformed into a makeshift classroom to fit fifteen students. Eles estavam no meio de sua aula de espanhol, em torno de uma grande mesa de jantar na varanda transformada em uma sala de aula improvisada para atender quinze alunos na casa da professora.
' ¡Atención, alumnos! ‘¡Atención, Alumnos! Esta película es una obra maestra!' ³ Señorita Austena called to them again without taking her eyes off the big screen TV. Esta película es una obra maestra!’ Señorita Austena chamou-os novamente sem tirar os olhos da TV de tela grande. She herself was mesmerized by the Almodóvar atmosphere . Ela mesma estava hipnotizado pela atmosfera de Almodóvar.
' Más tarde.' ³ Whispered back Lizzy, with a thin sideways smile.Más Tarde.’ Lizzy sussurrou de volta, com um leve sorriso de lado.
xxx ---
An hour later they were seated inside a cute diner on Meryton's Main Street facing the square, waiting for the drinks they had ordered. Uma hora depois eles estavam sentados em um restaurante simpático na Main Street de Meryton de frente para a praça, esperando as bebidas que tinham encomendado. Lizzy went for the first of her two Heinekens as usual; Dennie went for a Cosmopolitan, still thinking that it was as classy as suggested on the TV show⁴ and Charlo for a sparkly Bellini. Lizzy pediu a primeira de suas duas Heinekens como de costume; Dennie pediu um Cosmopolitan ainda pensando que era tão elegante como sugerido no programa de TV e Charlo um Bellini borbulhante. Lizzy rolled her eyes at his choice but didn't comment. Lizzy revirou os olhos criticando a sua escolha, mas não comentou.
'Sooooo…' Lizzy said in a smile. ‘Então...’ Lizzy disse em um sorriso.
'Do tell!' ‘Conta!’ Dennie cheered. Dennie bateu palminhas.
'Observing your face under this lovely lightning, I see traces of allergies, Liz. ‘Observando seu rosto sob esta luminária vejo traços de alergias, Liz. Poor you, again down with that horrible nervous rash…. WAIT !' Pobrezinha, novamente sofrendo com a horrível erupção nervosa... PERA!’ Charlo shouted, highfiving the air. Charlo gritou, palmas no ar. 'Is that a beard rash?' ‘É alergia à barba?’
'Yes!' ‘Sim!’ Lizzy said and squeaked. Lizzy disse e deu um gritinho feliz.
And the three of them burst into a raucous laughter at the absurdity of demure Lizzy having a dick friend . E os três explodiram em uma gargalhada estridente, rindo do absurdo da recatada Lizzy ter um pinto amigo.
'So…' Lizzy started. ‘Então...’ Lizzy começou. 'He called me twice in less than twenty four hours after my plane landed, and I texted back. ‘Ele me ligou duas vezes em menos de vinte e quatro horas depois que meu avião pousou, e eu mandei um torpedo de volta. He came over and spent the weekend in Boston "just for me", and that was a quote!' Ele veio passar o fim de semana em Boston “só para mim” e estou repetindo o que ele disse!’ She laughed, delighted. Ela riu encantada.
Dennie and Charlo were slack jawed. Dennie e Charlo ficaram de queixo caído.
'What do you mean "just for you" ?' ‘O que quer dizer “só para você”?’ Dennie asked, bug-eyed. Dennie perguntou, de olhos esbugalhados.
Lizzy smiled broadly and took a sip of her beer. Lizzy abriu um largo sorriso e tomou um gole de sua cerveja. 'That's what I asked. ‘Isso é o que eu perguntei. He said he flew over to spend the weekend with me , and as long as I wanted him , he was… game !' Ele disse que voou para passar o fim de semana comigo, e enquanto eu o quisesse, ele era... meu!Another laughter from her, Dennie blinked and Charlo fanned his face with a napkin. Outra risada dela, Dennie piscou e Charlo abanou o rosto com um guardanapo.
'Oh my, I need a tissue. ‘Oh meu Deus, eu preciso de um lencinho. I'm ruining my makeup. Eu estou arruinando a minha maquiagem. Look Dear, how our little girl is all grown up! Olha querida, como a nossa menina está crescida! So successful in life!' Tão bem sucedida na vida!’ He jested, holding Dennie by the arm. Charlo brincou, segurando Dennie pelo braço.
'Yes Charlotte , dear. ‘Sim Charlotte, querida. Our little demure-married-to-a-bore-at-the-age-of-twenty is growing… Who would say that her arts and allurements⁵ would win such a big fish?' Nossa recatada-casada-com-um-chato-na-flor-da-idade está crescendo... Quem diria que as suas artimanhas e seduções atrairiam um peixe tão grande?’ Dennie said, jumping immediately to their old act where Charlo was the tramp mother, she was the blind father and Lizzy, the dumb daughter. Dennie disse, saltando imediatamente para o seu teatro onde Charlo era a mãe vagabunda, ela era o pai cego e Lizzy, a filha burra.
Lizzy always hated this act, and that was why they had been doing it for so long. Lizzy sempre odiou esse teatro e era por isso que eles ainda faziam, para chateá-la.
'Well, if you two must know, let me tell you about big fish. ‘Bem, se vocês querem saber, tenho que falar sobre o peixe grande. I mean: big sword fish !' Quero dizer: peixe espada enorme!’Lizzy bragged. Lizzy se gabou.
'Shut up!' ‘Cale a boca!’ Dennie cried. Dennie resmungou.
She nodded grinning. Ela balançou a cabeça sorrindo.
'Lucky cunt.' ‘Puta de sorte!’ Charlo mumbled on his drink glass. Charlo murmurou em seu copo bebida.
'Watch your language, dingbat . ‘Cuidado com a língua, mala.Public restaurant.' Restaurante público. ‘
'Sorry, D.' ‘Desculpe, D.’ He apologized. Ele se desculpou.
Dennie was silently loving this 'D' thing. Dennie estava silenciosamente amando este apelido ‘D’. Finally, finally she was conquering an intimate pet name. Finalmente, finalmente ela estava conquistando um apelido íntimo.
'Tell, Liz. ‘Conta, Liz. All of it. Tudo. And be generous, you know how long I've been out of business.' E seja generosa, você sabe quanto tempo eu estou na seca.’ Dennie asked impatiently. Dennie pediu impaciente.
'I thought that you trapped Ricky at that barbecue, Dennie.' ‘Eu pensei que você tinha pego Ricky naquele churrasco, Dennie.’ Lizzy said, sipping her beer. Lizzy disse bebericando sua cerveja.
At that, Charlo perked up. Com isso, Charlo se interessou. 'You did?' ‘Você pegou?’
Dennie shrugged. Dennie deu de ombros. 'We wanted info on the Hunk , and the Nugget was deliciously available, as well as drunk.' ‘Nós queríamos informações sobre o Bonitão e o Nugget estava deliciosamente disponível, bem como bêbado.’
Lizzy choked on her beer. Lizzy se engasgou com a cerveja. ' Nugget ?' ‘Nugget?
'That's how we've been calling him. Hunk is the big brother, tall, dark and handsome. Nugget is the little brother, tall but not as tall, fair not dark and handsome but not as handsome.' ‘É assim que estamos chamando ele. Bonitão é o irmão mais velho, alto, moreno e bonito. Nugget é o irmão mais novo: alto, mas não tão alto; louro não moreno e bonito, mas não tão bonito.” She gave Lizzy a Mona Lisa smile. Ela deu a Lizzy um sorriso de Mona Lisa.
'I didn't know you nailed him. ‘Eu não sabia que se pegaram. You didn't tell me.'Você não me contou.’ Charlo complained. Charlo reclamou.
'Not actually nailing . ‘Não é realmente pegar. Just… enjoying. Apenas... desfrutar. He is quite enjoyable.' Ele é uma graça.’ Dennie said dreamily, sipping her cocktail and shrugged. Dennie disse sonhadora, bebericando o seu cocktail e deu de ombros.
Lizzy always thought that there was sexual tension between Dennie and Charlo since they met. Lizzy sempre achou que havia uma tensão sexual entre Dennie e Charlo desde que se conheceram. And Dennie fessed up to her, on a dark drunken night during the hell year that she always loved Charlo and of course that ruined her love life. E Dennie lhe confessou em uma noite negra durante o ano infernal quando ambas estavam bêbadas que ela sempre amou Charlo e, claro, isso arruinou sua vida amorosa. Dennie was sure he would never be able to give her what she needed and wanted from him, but couldn't stop loving and shamefully daydreaming of him being a man, her man. Dennie tinha certeza que ele nunca seria capaz de dar a ela o que ela precisava e queria dele, mas não podia deixar de amar e vergonhosamente sonhar que ele era um homem, seu homem.
Charlo and Dennie ruined each other, really. Charlo e Dennie arruinaram um ao outro, na verdade. They went to the same community college when they didn't get accepted on the same Ivy league, they never moved out of Meryton as one of them couldn't leave for the family's sake. Eles foram para a faculdade da região mesmo quando eles não foram aceitos na mesma faculdade longe, eles nunca saíram de Meryton já que um deles não podia sair por causa da família. They worked together as he was a drama teacher and she was a counselor on the county´s junior highs. Eles trabalhavam juntos: ele era professor de artes cênicas e ela era conselheira vocacional estudantil. They kept track of the other conquests. Eles acompanhavam as conquistas um dos outro. But Lizzy never liked this side of their relationship, they wouldn't let the other free, keeping themselves locked and frozen. Mas Lizzy nunca gostou deste lado do relacionamento deles, eles não deixavam o outro livre, mantendo-se presos e congelados.
'Anyway, back to me!' ‘Enfim, de volta para mim!’ Lizzy said cheerfully, 'and my hunkish weekend!' Lizzy disse, alegremente, ‘e meu fim de semana quente!’
'Go on.' ‘Vá em frente.’ Urged Dennie. Incentivou Dennie.
'He is so gorgeous, and tasty and loving and the hands on that man….' ‘Ele é tão lindo e gostoso e amoroso e as mãos que o homem tem....’ Lizzy enthused. Lizzy entusiasmou-se. 'Can you believe he cooked for me?' ‘Vocês acreditam que ele cozinhou para mim?’ And she went on and on, telling them about Darcy and his prodigies, editing out a lot, not wanting to share very precious and hot details. E ela continuou e continuou, contando-lhes sobre Darcy e seus prodígios, editando bastante, não querendo compartilhar detalhes muito preciosos e quentes. The moments that she thought they were more intimate or emotional she kept for herself as a token. Os momentos que ela julgava mais íntimos ou emotivos ela manteve em segredo como uma relíquia. And after all, she didn't want to sound like a moony school girl in love with the quarterback. E de mais a mais, ela não queria soar como uma menina da escola sonhando com o galãzinho da turma.
This token, these moments, she had already packed neatly in a lovely tiny box and stashed it very deep, over all the sad Bill memories as if they could, even locked and hidden, spread a shield over her bad times. "Better store them away, before I grow a silly crush for this rich man that flew across the nation for a meager sex date." Lizzy thought to herself. Estas relíquias, esses momentos, ela já tinha embalado direitinho em uma caixinha e escondido muito bem guardado, em baixo de todas as memórias tristes de Bill como se pudessem, mesmo bloqueadas e ocultas, espalhar um escudo sobre seus maus momentos. “Melhor guardá-las longe, antes que eu me apaixone por este homem rico que cruzou o país para uma amizade colorida insignificante.” Lizzy pensou consigo mesma.
What Lizzy couldn't fathom is that this hope was, in itself, nurturing of a love that was destined to take over. O que Lizzy não conseguia entender é que essa esperança estava, em si mesma, alimentando um amor que estava destinado a florescer. If not by fate , by sheer need of them both. Se não pelo destino, pela pura necessidade de ambos.
'Let me organize this in my little head.' ‘Deixe-me organizar isso na minha cabecinha.’ Charlo said, sipping his drink delicately, after Lizzy ended her passionate tale. Charlo disse, bebericando sua bebida delicadamente, depois de Lizzy acabou seu conto apaixonado.
'Go on Doctor Freud-a-fag .' ‘Fala Doctor Freud-a-bicha.’ Lizzy said, shaking her head. "Here we go…" She thought and sighed. Lizzy disse, balançando a cabeça. “Aqui vamos nós...” Ela pensou e suspirou.
'You hooked up with him on that fateful barbecue…' Charlo said. ‘Você ficou com o cara no fatídico churrasco...’ Charlo disse.
'As you hoped I would.' ‘Como você esperava que eu fizesse.’ Lizzy deadpanned. Lizzy acusou.
'And you did it only to please me? ‘E você fez isso só para me agradar? You´re so sweet…' Charlo sardonically battled his lashes, teasing her. Você é tão doce...’ Charlo sardonicamente bateu cílios, brincando com ela.
'Shut up, dingbat.' ‘Cale a boca, chato.’ Lizzy groaned. Lizzy resmungou.
Charlo chuckled and continued. Charlo riu e continuou. 'And he texted and phoned and e-mailed you since.' ‘E ele mandou um torpedo e telefonou e mandou e-mail para você desde então.’
Lizzy nodded and raised a finger. Lizzy balançou a cabeça e levantou um dedo.
'He hacked my phone and stalked me.' ‘Ele hackeou meu telefone e me perseguiu.’ She added wryly. Ela acrescentou ironicamente.
Charlo took one more sip of his Bellini and Dennie looked intently at Lizzy, already guessing where Charlo was heading, after years of following his twisted - yet lucid - view of reality. Charlo tomou mais um gole do Bellini e Dennie olhou fixamente para Lizzy, já adivinhando onde Charlo estava chegando, após anos convivendo com sua torcida - ainda que lúcida - visão da realidade.
'And he flew from coast to coast to shag you all weekend , not just one day .' ‘E ele voou de costa a costa para trepar com você o fim de semana todo, não apenas um dia.’ Charlo started again, after nodding to Lizzy´s hacker comment. Charlo começou de novo, depois balançar a cabeça para o comentário de Lizzy sobre o hacker.
'Yes.' ‘Sim’. Lizzy nodded again, smiling dreamily. Lizzy balançou a cabeça novamente, sorrindo sonhadoramente.
'And stayed at your place, and you stayed at his hotel…' Charlo kept going. ‘E ficou na sua casa, e você ficou em seu hotel...’ Charlo continuou.
'Not "stayed at my place". His stuff was at his hotel, he just spent a nice time at my flat.' Não ‘ficou na minha casa.’ Suas coisas ficaram no hotel, ele simplesmente foi se divertir no meu apartamento.’ Lizzy clarified. Lizzy esclareceu.
'Still, he slept over…' Charlo pursed his lip. ‘Ainda assim, ele dormiu com você...’ Charlo franziu os lábios.
'Three times…' Dennie offered. ‘Três vezes ...’ Dennie oferecido.
'No, you guys. ‘Não, gente! Twice, come on!' Duas vezes, qual é!’ Lizzy whined, she wasn´t liking where Carlo was taking this. Lizzy gemeu, ela não estava gostando de onde Charlo estava indo com isso.
'Twice at your place, once at his hotel. ‘Duas vezes na sua casa, uma vez no hotel dele. That's thrice.' São três vezes.’ Dennie counted on her fingers. Dennie contou nos dedos.
Groan. Gemido.
'And he made sure you enjoyed yourself before he did. ‘E ele fez questão que você gozasse antes dele. Sometimes even together, like to-ge-ther romantic novel like…' Charlo exaggerated the word. Às vezes juntos, jun-ti-nhos que nem em estorinhas românticos...’ Charlo exagerou na entonação.
Lizzy was defeated. Lizzy estava derrotada. She took a long gulp of beer and signaled to the waiter, ordering a new one. Ela tomou um longo gole de cerveja e fez um sinal para o garçom, pedindo mais uma. 'Looks like I'm gonna need a third today.' ‘Parece que eu vou precisar da terceira um hoje.’ She muttered. Ela resmungou.
Without giving importance to her displeasure, Charlo continued. Sem dar importância ao seu descontentamento, Charlo continuou. 'And he left only when you decided to dump him at the airport.' ‘E ele só foi embora quando você decidiu despejá-lo no aeroporto.’ He waved a hand at Lizzy as she meant to protest again. Ele acenou com a mão para segurar Lizzy quando ela quis protestar novamente. 'Blah, blah, blah. ‘Blá, blá, blá. So you did. Então você fez. My view is… rolling the drums…' Minha opinião é ... que rufem os tambores...’
Groan. Gemido.
'Mmmm, not liking this…' Dennie said gloomily. ‘Mmmm, não gosto disso...’ Dennie disse melancolicamente. 'Sweetie, bring me another Cosmo? ‘Queridinho, me traga outro Cosmo? Thanks.' Obrigado.’ Dennie said as the waiter came closer, and ended up ordering instead of finishing her thought. Dennie disse ao garçom que se aproximou e acabou ordenando em vez de falar o que estava pensando.
They ordered another round for the three of them. Eles pediram mais uma rodada para os três.
' Sweetie is so cheap Dennie. ‘Queridinho é o ó, Dennie.’ ' Lizzy bickered.Lizzy implicou.
'Hey, you are the one under the spot here, Liz!' ‘Ei, você é a única no banco dos réus aqui, Liz!’ Dennie accused and Lizzy blew her a raspberry. Dennie se defendeu.
 ‘Banco dos réus? Que babaquice.’ Lizzy reclamou.
'Attention! ‘Atenção! My view is that it's not over !' Minha opinião é que ainda não acabou!Charlo said triumphantly. Charlo disse triunfante. 'If he's gone as addicted as you have, this is going far….' ‘Se ele está tão viciado em você quanto você nele, isso vai longe...’ And Charlo use his hand to make a plane take off gesture, battling his lashes. E Charlo usou a mão para fazer um avião decolando.
'Please. ‘Ai, credo!Just a dick friend .' Apenas um pinto amigo.’ Lizzy snickered. Lizzy riu sem graça.
'Elizabeth Bennett does not have dick friends . ‘Elizabeth Bennett não tem um pinto amigo. Besides, he's all too hunky to be wasted.' Além disso, ele é muito Bonitão para ser desperdiçado.’
The waiter arrived with their order and much to Lizzy´s chagrin, overheard their banter. O garçom chegou com o pedido e para grande desgosto do Lizzy, ouviu as brincadeiras.
'Please excuse my friends, sir. ‘Por favor, desculpe meus amigos, senhor. They don't even need too much booze anymore to go wacko .' Não precisam nem de bebida para falar maluquices.’ Lizzy said, smiling apologetically to the cute waiter. Lizzy disse, sorrindo e pedindo desculpas ao garçom bonito.
'Will do, if I can convince you to quit the 'sir' over a drink later today.' ‘Desculpo se eu puder convencê-la a esquecer o “senhor” com uma bebida hoje mais tarde.’ The waiter smiled charmingly. O garçom sorriu encantadoramente.
Lizzy tried to cover her surprise with a cute smile, but Dennie's 'Awwww…' didn't help much. Lizzy tentou cobrir sua surpresa com um sorriso bonito, mas Dennie fazendo ‘Ohhhh...’ não ajudou muito.
'Well…' Lizzy stammered, feeling her face burn from embarrassment. ‘Bem...’ Lizzy balbuciou, sentindo o rosto queimar de vergonha.
Dennie jumped in. 'If you behave and bring us some chips, I can try to convince her…' Dennie resolveu ajudar ‘Se você se comportar e nos trouxer alguns amendoins, eu posso tentar convencê-la...’
He winked and sauntered back to the bar. Ele piscou e voltou para o bar.
'Well, well, well… If Miss married prude isn't turning to a man eater!...' ‘Ora, ora, ora... Se a senhorita puritana casada não está se transformando numa devoradora de homens!...’ Charlo jested. Charlo brincou.
'Oh shut up, Char.' ‘Ah cala a boca, Char.’ Lizzy glowered at him. Lizzy olhou com raiva para ele.
'Now Liz, seriously…' Charlo said, chuckling. ‘Agora, Liz, sério...’ Charlo disse, rindo.
'Can you talk seriously ?' ‘Você sabe falar sério?Lizzy mocked him. Lizzy zombou dele.
The waiter came back then chips with cheddar and a note with his cell phone. O garçom trouxe batatinha chips com cheddar e um bilhete com seu telefone celular. After the laughter subsided and Lizzy's cheeks were returning to pink from the pepper red they had rocketed to, Charlo continued in a serious tone. Após os risos e quando as bochechas da Lizzy estavam retornando do pimenta vermelha a que tinha subido, Charlo continuou em um tom sério.
'There's more to this, Liz. ‘Tem mais coisa nisso, Liz. One does not burn nine hundred bucks on a plane ticket just for three days of good fucking. Ninguém queima novecentos dólares em um bilhete de avião só para três dias de boas fodas. He may burn even more, but that'd be for a model cunt, superior class whore.' Ele pode queimar ainda mais, mas isso seria para uma puta tipo modelo, prostituta de primeira classe.’
Both women groaned. Ambas as mulheres gemeram. Lizzy felt a pang just thinking of Darcy having sex with someone else. Lizzy sentiu uma pontada de ciúmes só de pensar em Darcy fazendo sexo com outra pessoa.
' Dingbat , think more of seventeen hundred bucks.' ‘Bobinho, acho que mais de mil e setecentos dólares.’ Dennie snickered to Charlo. Dennie riu para Charlo. 'I bet your Hunk flies first class.' ‘Eu aposto que o seu Bonitão voa de primeira classe.’ Dennie said, eying Lizzy sideways. Dennie disse, olhando de lado para Lizzy.
They all nodded. Todos eles concordaram.
'The question is, do you want more, Honey?' ‘A questão é: você quer mais, meu bem?’ Charlo asked, lovingly. Charlo perguntou amorosamente.
'More sex? ‘Mais sexo? Who doesn't?' Quem não quer?’ But her friends could see through Lizzy´s half joke that she was going into thinking mode, serious and tense. Mas seus amigos podiam ver através da piada que Lizzy estava entrando no modo pensativa: séria e tensa.
" Oh, oh" Charlo and Dennie both thought and exchanged 'the look' . “Oh, oh” Charlo e Dennie pensaram e trocaram “o olhar”.
'Honey, more William Darcy. ‘Meu bem, mais William Darcy. You could have sex now with this greasy looker of a waiter, or any other man since you got free, but you didn't.' Você poderia fazer sexo agora com este pedaço de mau caminho de garçom, ou qualquer outro homem desde que você ficou livre, mas você não o fez.’ Charlo said bleakly. Charlo disse friamente.
'What he's trying to say Liz, is that this guy really likes you or he wouldn't be making this effort. ‘O que ele está tentando dizer, Liz, é que esse cara realmente gosta de você ou ele não estaria fazendo esse esforço. He flew across de country to spend the entire weekend at your disposal. Ele cruzou o país para passar o fim de semana inteiro à sua disposição. As much as we are good looking women…' Dennie smiled. Mesmo sendo uma mulher gostosa...’ Dennie sorriu. 'He must have several there in… Seattle?' ‘Ele deve ter várias outras lá em... Seattle?’
Lizzy nodded. Lizzy assentiu.
'Damn rainy place. ‘Diabo de lugar chuvoso. How do you like this guy?' Você gosta deste cara?’ Dennie asked. Dennie perguntou.
Lizzy hemmed and hawed. Lizzy hesitou. She knew they wouldn´t let her off the hook. Ela sabia que eles não iriam deixá-la em paz. 'He's gorgeous. ‘Ele é lindo. And hot. E gostoso. And doesn't want any more than what we shared, guys. E não quer mais do que aquilo que nós compartilhamos, pessoal. For several moments I could tell he was skittish about letting me in.' Por vários momentos eu poderia dizer que ele estava arisco em dividir sua intimidade comigo. ‘ She shook her head. Ela balançou a cabeça. 'No… we are fuck friends , that's all. ‘Não, nós somos parceiros de cama... nós transamos, isso é tudo. We were fuck friends. Were .' Éramos parceiros de cama. Passado.’
Charlo and Dennie were silent for a bit, thinking this through, until Lizzy continued. Charlo e Dennie ficaram em silêncio por um minuto, pensando sobre isso, até que Lizzy continuou.
'I got all I wanted from this date. ‘Eu consegui tudo o que eu queria desse encontro. A hot date that I had never had before. Uma amizade colorida quentíssima que eu nunca tinha tido antes. That's it, no romantic dreams of true love or, God forbids , another husband.' É isso aí, sem sonhos românticos de amor verdadeiro, ou, Deus me livre, outro marido.’ She shuddered.' Ela estremeceu. The thought of a boyfriend ordering me around, having opinions on my life….’Só de pensar em um namorado querendo dar ordens, tendo opiniões sobre a minha vida .... No, thank you. Não, obrigado. A very hot sex date with a very hot gorgeous man is all I can chew these days. Uma transa muito boa com um homem muito tesudo e lindo é tudo que eu posso lidar por agora. Mouth full already.' Já estou satisfeita.’ Lizzy finished imperatively and took a sip of her beer. Lizzy terminou imperativa e tomou um gole de sua cerveja.
'We'll see.' ‘Vamos ver’.
'Shut up, dingbat .' ‘Cale a boca, bichinha.’ Lizzy blew Charlo a raspberry. Lizzy botou a língua para Chalo.
Charlo sighed. "Here goes my Honey, head first on another love rollercoaster…" Charlo suspirou. “Aqui vai o meu amore, mergulhando de cabeça em outro relacionamento montanha russa...”
Dennie had her thoughts on the same line. Dennie pensou a mesma coisa.
xxx ---
¹ - Open arms by Gary Go

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