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A vignette for Friendship of a special kind

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It rains cats and dogs here in Rio today but it doesn´t bother me!

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One month on the market and Frienship of a special kind sold 100 copies!

friendship of a special kind 101 dalmatians cruella deville
Oh how Cruella! Mine are only books!

I can´t tell you how happy I am. In reality, I never thought it would sell at all. I suck at promoting, btw, thanks David. Been busy working, caring for my three years old tyrant and writing desperately a story that's consuming me.

hot rio chickSo, when my first book reached 100 copies sold I was beyond surprised... happy!

To celebrate, a vignette! it's what I know how to do: make these Darcy and Lizzy interact and put a smile on our faces!

A good discount is a bit long so I divided in two parts. Part one today, part two next Tuesday. Ok?

Here it goes, hope you have fun and leave me a word!


Blurb: This Vignette finds Darcy and Lizzy between chapter 40 and 41. They are back together after she had the break down and still have some ends to trim, but mostly are in love... and dealing with friends & family.
Thank you Mischa for beta'ing and being sooo sweet! 

friendship of a special kind sexy darcy

part 1
rated MA (+18)
for once in my life
feet off the ground
I don't wanna come back down

A phone ring.
‘Ah… right on the good song!’ Lizzy whined.
Darcy chuckled and reached his bedside table to take her phone from the cradle from where it had been entertaining them through the speakers. ‘And the culprit is… Charlo.’ He said reading her phone’s screen.
‘Damn dingbat!’
Darcy chuckled again and picked up her call.
“Hello.” He said on the phone.
“Liz? Oh Honey… I told to stop with the male hormones. You sound just like a hunk!” Charlo whined from the other side.
Darcy couldn’t hold in his laughter. ‘Hi, Charlo!’
“Hi, Will!”
“How are you doing? Your father?” Darcy asked turning his face to watch Lizzy stretch.
“Fine, all fine here. The old fucker is doing great.” Charlo answered.
“Good.” Darcy said smiling.
“No, really. It’s not just an expression. Since the stents placement, he is back in business. His girlfriend for the last fifteen years is beside herself. I’ve never seen her disheveled before and now, I catch her with a smoke at the back porch several times a week!”
“Good for him!” Darcy chuckled.
“And for her!” Charlo laughed. “What about you?”
“Couldn’t be better.” Darcy answered, barely keeping his smile from his voice. He was more than fine. Since the hell on Earth ended when Lizzy came back to him, he had been in a perpetual state of grace. He had learned to be more attentive to her reactions to him and most of all he had learned how to cajole her.
“Is my friend naked in your bed?” Charlo asked maliciously.
Darcy cleared his throat, surprised. “Actually, yes…”
“I see… I’m not interrupting or else you wouldn’t be chatting about my father’s boners.” Charlo said.
Darcy blushed. “Not at all, we were just… small talking.”
“Ha, small talk!” Charlo bubbled in laughter.
“Here, let me pass you to her. Nice talking to you, Charlo.” Darcy said, anxious to escape Charlo’s humor.
“No small talking my friend, Mr. Darcy!” Charlo said laughing.
Dingbat, what did you say? My boyfriend this mortified!” Lizzy asked on the phone, feeling impossible to hide her mirth on Darcy’s pained expression.
He was mortified as always with Charlo’s openness but what pained him was Lizzy’s choice of words. He had been her boyfriend before the hell on Earth. Before her genius work on Darcy Inc., before Pemberley, before. Now they were more than that. They were definite.
Lizzy laughed beside him and the delicious sound woke him up from his bitter daydream.
“We sure need to catch our breath every now and then, Charlo!” She said. “And we haven’t seen each other in a few days.”
At least this ordeal had its days counted. Secretly Darcy crossed the days off in a small paper calendar on his desk. When Lizzy gave him a souvenir from MOMA some weeks ago, she only wanted to make him laugh by entering the Brazilian tourists buying frenzy at the museum gift shop, but it had been an excellent gift. 
As he arranged the formerly discarded pillows to a comfortable sitting position on the bed, he quickly calculated in his mind one more time. Two and a half months, forty nine business days and Lizzy would be definitely moving to New York to work full schedule as Hertford & Shire Independent Auditors New York head operations director. And she would be moving into the brownstone officially as well.
Weekends they always spend together, three or four days in row since she had been dividing her time between Boston and New York offices for the last two months, but it wasn’t enough. Darcy needed the assurance that she wouldn’t flee again.
“Oh well, dear… I haven’t thought of that yet…” Lizzy said inspecting her nails and frowning.
“But you´ll need to celebrate your new life as a New Yorker. Why don’t we travel together? Let’s invite Jane. I miss her.” Charlo suggested.
“That may be a good idea… I talked to her yesterday and she asked about you. She wanted to know if you had already worn the golden jeans you bought at Dolce outlet…” Lizzy said and raised an eyebrow.
Darcy averted his eyes from his iPad while it loaded his emails to look at Lizzy with a smile on his beautiful face. Even though she was talking about her Holidays away from him, he knew the story behind the golden jeans and the only time he had ever heard of Jane being really crossed with someone. And it was all due to Charlo comparing a ridiculously pair of golden pants to fake blond hair.
“Jane is such a phony. I know he dyes her hair. It’s not just highlights…” Charlo went on again extending a bickering that everyone knew was really jealousy over who was Lizzy’s best friend.
‘Is ‘Catcher in the rye’ the school play this year?’ Darcy whispered to Lizzy. He could hear Charlo’s muffled voice.
Lizzy nodded, he nodded back and concentrated on his iPad once more.
“Easy, dingbat…” Lizzy joked.
Charlo sighed dramatically. “How about… Disneyworld?” He suggested triumphantly.
Lizzy laughed. “I doubt Will would like that!”
Since they went back together, Lizzy was loath of parting with him. It had been such a difficult time for her, she had felt lost and hollow. Blessed be Gardy who rebuilt a bridge between them.
Charlo laughed affectedly. “Well, Honey… if he chooses to stay locked in the Hakuna Matata air conditioned suite, you could take his red Amex for a drive… we do know the way to the deluxe outlets…”
Lizzy laughed. “I can take my own cards for a drive. Don´t need his for company.”
“And I can teach that gorgeous-snob-fake-blond-impossible-to-hate phony a lesson!” Charlo said, already planning a very evil come back for Jane not seeing the importance of a golden jeans to a guy. It didn’t matter that it never left his closet’s bottom shelf.
“Disney?” Lizzy repeated to weigh the idea in her mind.
Darcy grinned looking sideways at her as he tried to catch up with an important message on his mail account.
“Anyway Char… how are you hanging on? I know it cannot be easy for you…” Lizzy commiserated in a sad voice twisting a lock of her long hair in her finger.
“Oh, honey… it’s so fucking sad…” Charlo whined.
“I know, I know…” Lizzy whined back but shook her head ‘no’ and smiled when Darcy frowned down at her.
“I can’t seem to avoid this terror…” Charlo whispered.
Lizzy laughed. “I sure hope so. The only way to avoid a birthday is dying. And you are not allowed to die before me! Even though you are older!”
“Come on, Elizabeth! That definitely do not help me!” Charlo shouted angrily at her snicker. “Anyway…” He said sobering up. “I found a way to cope with this tragedy.”
“Thirty five is not a tragedy.” Lizzy answered. She pinched Darcy to get his attention and mouthed ‘a party’ to him.
“I’m throwing a party!” Charlo yelled.
darcy fanfic sexy
“Wow, how original!...” Lizzy answered sarcastically and Darcy chuckled.
He knew this conversation would go on forever, so he got up to take a shower. When he came back dressed only in the boxer briefs Lizzy had bought for him in Boston and drying his hair with his towel, she was saying her goodbyes to her friend.
‘Looks like we´ll be going to Meryton next weekend.’ He said in a smile.
‘Yes.’ Lizzy answered. She was still laying naked in bed, her legs crossed at the ankles and twirling a lock of hair in her fingers. ‘And cancel the plans I had for the Broadway marathon as a birthday gift for Charlo.’ Lizzy scrunched her pretty nose. ‘Do you mind?’
‘Not at all.’ He smiled. ‘Why would I mind not watching paper boys sing? Or a marriage in Greece? Or a runaway lion? Or whatever other tortures you had planned.’ He shrugged and walked back in the bathroom.
‘Oh, please. If you didn’t think it was a nice gift for him, why didn’t you say so? You wouldn’t need to tag along.’ Lizzy hmpfed and sat in bed.
‘Because I want to be with you. And if you want to expose me to torture…’ He shouted from the bathroom.
‘Poor you!...’ Lizzy snickered.
‘How about another gift for Charlo?’ Darcy asked when she passed him by on the way to the shower.
‘Hmmm?’ Lizzy asked turning on the hot water.
‘Thorn.’ He suggested leaning on the vanity, arms crossed high on his chest, to watch her bathe.
‘Do you think he would like to come? Last time we saw him in Seattle he said he was so busy in Houston with that new client of his.’ She answered while shampooing her hair.
Darcy shrugged. ‘I guess. Thorn always says he’s swamped in work but I suspect it’s all his procrastination. He always leaves everything for the last minute.’
‘Love, that was when you were in school together… Twenty five years ago? Thirty?’ Lizzy pursed her lips to him as she combed the knots from her hair under the shower.
Almost thirty. But we were also in college together, remember?’ He said ruffling his hair. ‘Anyway, I know he procrastinates.’ Darcy said reaching for her towel and holding it opened for her to step in.
‘Thank you!’ Lizzy smiled and rose on tip toes to give him a wet peck.
He smiled. ‘I think he would like to come to Charlo’s party. Should I call him? Would Charlo like to see him?’
‘Yes, I guess he would.’ Lizzy answered, making a show of drying herself for his benefit.
‘I’ll give him a call, then. What are my beautiful Lizzy’s plans for this Saturday afternoon?’ He asked in a sexy smile that he knew would melt her and change any plans she might have to be away from him.
‘Manipedi. And don’t give me that look, Will. It’s very hard to schedule an appointment with these Brazilian girls. They are the best.’ Lizzy said sternly, and side stepped him on the way to the closet.
‘I see.’ He said displeased. Darcy didn’t like that his woman was developing an uncanny resistance to his charms. ‘Red.’ He ordered going after her.
Lizzy stopped by her underwear drawer and turned to him. ‘I’ll stick to my café au lait.’
He shook his head. ‘No.’
‘I like it; it’s classy and up to date.’ Lizzy defied him and chose a skin colored bra and panties set.
‘Please?’ He tried. He hated the brown nail polish she used these days. It was like she didn’t have nails at all. And he adored how sexy she looked with her nails painted bright red.
‘Don’t you think it’s a bit unmanly for you to care about nail polish?’ She raised an eyebrow at him, curbing her smile. ‘Men are supposed to be dominant, harsh, inconsiderate.’
lizzie dress fanfic pride and prejudice‘Is that what you are learning from that grey book you have been carrying back and forth for these months pretending to be reading?’ Darcy asked crossing his arms high on his chest once more, smiling with closed lips.
‘I don’t pretend. Dennie wants to talk about it, so I try to read it.’ Lizzy explained herself while choosing a dress. ‘And I’m not learning anything from it. In fact, concerning that book, nail polish is a forbidden subject.’ She shuddered.
‘Is Neanderthal what you want? I can be that.’ He groaned and she giggled.
‘No, you are perfect.’ She kissed his shoulder from behind as she went for some shoes.
‘Didn’t you learn any new tricks? No naughty toys to seduce me?’ He wiggled his brows at her.
Lizzy stomped fisting her hands. ‘You should learn new tricks to seduce me! How absurd!’ She slapped his butt as punishment.
‘Ouch, woman! No violence.’ Darcy complained flinching away from her. ‘Red.’
She shook her head while strapping her sandals.
‘Let’s compromise?’ He offered quoting himself from years before.
She looked up at him and smiled sweetly. Such fond memories. ‘Black.’ Lizzy offered.
‘I’ll take that.’ Darcy smiled back.
Next Friday Lizzy arrived early at Logan to wait for Darcy. She surprisingly had had an easy afternoon and had gone home to pack a small tote to take to Meryton. Charlo’s party was going to be an informal dinner for thirty or so friends, and to stay at home with her family she wouldn’t need much glamour. This early September was still warm and aside from the maxi navy and red dress Lizzy would wear at the party, she would need just some shorts and tank tops.
After a quick call to check what Darcy would need from his Boston closet, she left for the airport just as he boarded at JFK. Lizzy managed the traffic and even with the small jam she faced, his flight was only announced some twenty minutes after she arrived at the airport.
It took him twenty more minutes to show up at the arrivals and when he did, as always, he took her breath away. He was impossibly sexy, manly, tall, a delicious five o’clock shadow, dressed in his casual Friday’s khakis, white button down and navy blazer. Hers, all hers.
Even frowning with his phone glued to his ear he was still the most beautiful man Lizzy had ever seen in person. The broad smile he gave her when he noticed her was not even necessary to stun the women close by. “Holy smokes, he is really a Greek God.” She smiled back at him.
‘Hi, my love. Work.’ Darcy mouthed as he bent forward to peck her.
‘Hi.’ Lizzy answered frowning and pouting. But took his hand and they headed for the lifts.
  hot rio chickAs she kept frowning unhappily, stealing glances at him every other step Darcy halted and tugged at her hand with a questioning look. Lizzy twisted her lips to the side and shrugged. He smiled.
‘Excuse me for a minute, Mr. Wotton.’ He said on the phone, pressed mute and dropped it into his blazer’s pocket. ‘Hello my love.’ He said lovingly and bent to give her a big fat open mouthed kiss.
Lizzy hugged his waist and leaned on him to enjoy what she had been hungry for the last four days since she had left him in New York, and he enclosed her in a bear hug that made it difficult for her to breath. Maybe it was just the big kiss that was diminishing her oxygen inhaling.
‘Wow, that was so much better, Mr. Darcy.’ Lizzy whispered on his lips and stole a peck on each side of his mouth.
He grinned, fished his phone from his pocket and resumed his business call.
As his call proved to be endless, Lizzy took the wheel and they headed Meryton way. Managing the city traffic was not a problem for her nerves and she made an effort to fight her uneasiness on driving on highways for Darcy’s benefit. He had made her acknowledge that it was just irrational of her to be upset about the two car crashes her family had been involved on when she was a little girl, and that she could not let her first husband’s death still affect her so much.
It had been a long conversation over wine glasses one afternoon at Pemberley a few weeks ago. They discussed each other’s fears and insecurities, still reestablishing their intimacy broken by the time they were apart.
Darcy had told her for the first time all about his Holidays alone in his Pemberley office and Lizzy couldn´t hold in her tears of guilt. In hind sight it felt a bit awkward and blown out of proportion but all that had led her to end their relationship last December still hurt. Fortunately it had been sorted out.
Assuming their relationship as a done deal had been one of the terms of agreement Darcy had proposed when they got back together. No more hiding one’s feelings and insecurities, no more fighting over their future together. Lizzy would be moving to New York to live with him as a couple; she would take Maddy Lambton’s offer and work at the H&S NY office; she would close the Boston flat and just use it if and when they wanted to spend a weekend together at the city. The flat service H&S arranged for her at the Village, the ‘hotel’ as she called it and used to hide in from time to time would have to go as well.
His business call finally finished, Darcy could pay attention to Lizzy. She was concentrated on the road, her shoulders high and frowning.
‘Relax, Liz. It’s light traffic. We´ll be there in no time.’ He said kneading her shoulder.
Lizzy smiled. ‘Tough client?’
‘The worst.’ He ran his hands over his face. ‘I’ve worked on this deal the whole day, didn’t even have time for lunch. I’m famished.’
‘Will!’ She scalded him. ‘You should have said something at the airport!’ And reached behind the passenger seat.
‘As soon as I turned on the phone on the finger his call entered. I wanted to text you that I had already landed but couldn’t.’ He said and plugged his phone on the car charger.
‘Here. I thought you might want a snack.’ She handed him an ‘I’m green!’ reusable tote with a container inside.
He smiled at her, delighted. There he found a delicious roast beef and pickles sandwich, his favorite. ‘The Younges?’ Darcy asked expectantly.
She nodded smiling without averting her eyes from the road.
‘Thank you!’ He said and opened the container to let the fragrance reach his nostrils. ‘What would I do without you?’
‘Suffer!’ Lizzy said and laughed.
He leaned and bit her shoulder.
‘Ouch! I may kill us!’ She shrieked and he chuckled taking a bite of the sandwich.
In ten seconds the snack was gone and Darcy sighed contentedly. ‘I’ll miss that deli… Is there anything more?’ He rummaged unnecessarily in the empty tote and twisted to look behind his seat.
‘No. It was a big sandwich with everything I had at home. Was it the way you like it?’ She asked and cursed the biker who passed by her left like a thunder from hell.
‘I could have used more meet, but it was great. I’m still famished though.’ He patted his belly.
‘You shouldn´t skip lunch so often, love. And I’ll increase my regular order again.’ She stole a glance at him and smiled.
‘You´ll cease your order, Liz. We can pass by the deli whenever we visit Boston.’ Darcy said in a stern voice reminding her yet again that her time away from him was about to end. “Forty four business days.” He recited to himself. Out loud he said: ‘Will your mother cook any dinner? We could ask them to meet us in town. Dennie said our Texmex is opened again.’
Lizzy smiled at our restaurant. He was mentioning the place where they had first met. ‘She said something about roasted chicken and garlic potatoes…’
‘God bless that woman’s urge to get rid of you! She always cooks my favorites!’ He celebrated.
Lizzy laughed. ‘Your profuse compliments to her cooking help more than her fear of you changing you mind!’
‘Fran knows I’ll never be able to return you to them. But you could learn her shrimp on cheese…’ Darcy suggested, twisting on his seat to lean his back on the passenger door and look at his love while she drove so well on the highway. She could use some distraction.
‘Oh!... Did you suggest that to her?’ Lizzy asked horrified, stealing a glance at him through the dusk light.
‘I may have mentioned it…’ Darcy said and squinted.
‘That was not fair, Will. You know she wouldn’t give me peace. She calls me every other day to explain how to choose the best shrimp to buy!’ Lizzy whined.
Darcy laughed.
‘Last time I was in a conference call!’ Lizzy said.
He was still laughing. ‘Why did you take her call?’
Lizzy reached out and slapped his arm. ‘You know she doesn’t stop until we pick up the call! She did that to you the other day when we were at the movies.’
‘Yes. A nagger as good as a cook.’ He shuddered. ‘So, dinner at the Bennetts in…’ He calculated the time watching the road and locating them. ‘Two hours. I’m too hungry for that.’
Lizzy raised her brows at him and he looked dejectedly out the windshield.
‘How about some Arabic food?’ She suggested and he perked up, interested. ‘White Rocks’ entrance is just a few minutes away.’
As he frowned she explained.
‘The small city that hosts the Arabic food festival.’ Lizzy said.
Darcy shook his head. ‘Never heard of.’
‘Come on! Didn’t you guys eat there when you spent that summer in Netherfield?’ Lizzy asked arranging a lock of her hair behind her ear so she could see him with her peripheral vision without taking her eyes off the road.
hot rio chick‘I was busy falling for you then.’ Darcy smiled.
Lizzy shook her head and sighed. ‘Let´s have ourselves some kebbehs then.’
Her few minutes turned out to be almost an hour and by then Darcy’s stomach and mood were out of control. Lizzy found a spot near the city’s oldest diner in town and parked, glad to step out of the car. Her hands were stiff from the way she was holding the wheel. The traditional diner was busy with the evening shift but they managed to find a nice table and ordered the house’s famous kebbehs. Actually they were a nice appetizer for Fran’s roast chicken.
Lizzy had two with lemon zest and Darcy had four. They ordered some kebbehs for the family back in Meryton, paid their bill and soon they were climbing into the car to continue the ride.
‘I’ll drive now, Lizzy.’ Darcy said and reached for the car keys.
‘Be my guest.’ She shrugged.
‘You drive very well on the road, but awfully slow. And we don’t want to mess with Fran’s nerves.’ He said opening the car’s door for her.
‘Slow! I was on the limit!’ Lizzy sputtered.
He just smiled and kissed her forehead.
Fran’s dinner was fantastic as always. Amazingly Darcy had three helpings in spite of the sandwich and the kebbehs. Lizzy shook her head at his appetite and he shrugged.
‘Why are you picking at your food, Elizabeth?’ Fran asked after observing the couple’s exchange.
‘I’m not that hungry, Momla. I had two kebbehs.’ Lizzy said. ‘Besides, I need to watch out. My jeans are a bit too tight on the waist.’ She twisted her nose and mouthed a small piece of potato.
Darcy shook his head at her silliness. To him she was gorgeous.
‘Maybe you are pregnant.’ Fran said squinting at Lizzy.
Darcy felt his heart take a jolt.
‘Maybe I’m just eating too much.’ Lizzy answered mirroring her mother’s vehemence.
Darcy swallowed his food and took a breath to say something but felt a sharp pain in his shin. He turned around and Tom shook his head ‘no’ with a stern look.
‘William, tomorrow you´ll might have a chance to meet my delightful family once again.’ Tom said and raised his brows at Darcy meaningfully.
Darcy’s head was still swimming with ‘You may be pregnant.’ and stared stupidly at Tom.
Kitty sighed and rolled her eyes. ‘What do you mean, dad?’
‘Your cousins want to discuss Gran’s house and since Lizzy is never here Pipa thought it would be a nice occasion to join everybody.’ Tom said eying his fierce women as they kept having a silent eye fight.
fanfic pride and prejudiceIt was like he had said magical words. Not only Fran and Lizzy quit their recurrent fight over ‘it’s time you man up and give me grandchildren since I’m the only one who doesn’t have any’ but Kitty had a horror expression as well.
What?’ The three Bennett women asked at same time with the same terror in their eyes.
The cacophony that followed was already familiar to Darcy and he busied himself counting days and dates in his head trying to figure out if his love could really be pregnant with their baby. He concluded that no, it was just Fran messing with Lizzy’s patience as usual. And her waist did not seem any different for him; he had just hugged her in the library before dinner.
Aunt Philippa, Pipa for short, was Tom’s only sister and her three children, Lizzie and Kitty were the late Granny Bennett’s heirs. Gran’s meager jewels and savings account had been already distributed between the five of them, but the house was still a matter of discussion.
After her death, Granny’s old and spacious house had been leant to Ryan – the oldest of the cousins - and his family since he had just had another child. Now, almost two yeras after, both Fran and Pipa thought their children needed to sort that out. They had been provoking each other over the matter whenever they met.
It was arranged that the cousins would meet the next day after lunch to discuss the house situation and solve it once and for all. That gave Fran enough ammunition for the rest of the evening and Lizzy was let off the hook for the time being.
‘Love, why is Fran so enraged with your aunt Pipa?’ Darcy asked from their bed in Lizzy’s former teenage room now redecorated with a flashy floral wallpaper to match the new dark drapes more fit for a couple’s occasional stay.
Lizzy shrugged from the dresser where she was storing her toiletries and makeup. ‘Old sour grapes from back when they were young. Something to do with a Christmas when Aunt Pipa forgot to buy my mom a gift and gave her some drugstore perfume. My dad says it wasn’t so bad, but my mom was furious and humiliated.’
‘I see. Will this meeting be as bad as you think?’ He asked as she got into the bathroom to brush her teeth.
‘I guess. For me at least… I hate to discuss money issues. Especially being Granny’s house. We were always there as kids.’ Lizzy came back to the bathroom door and leaned on the frame with her toothbrush in her hand. ‘All the cousins used to play in her garden after school until our parents came from work to pick us up. Kit may not remember playing with the cousins, but I have fond memories.’ She shoved the toothbrush in her mouth and used it.
‘Would you like me to call someone to handle this? I could ask my legal department to deal with the partition.’ He offered.
‘Ah, Will… You´ll see. It’s not that simple.’ Lizzy said and came to bed. ‘Cousin Ava always accuses Ryan of taking advantage of everything and everyone and then Cousin Benjamin fights to get the exact same share as me since we are the same age, only apart for a few weeks. Then Kitty says she doesn’t want her share because she doesn’t want to break apart Granny’s things and then my mom gets in to protect her youngest’s share.’ Lizzy sighed. ‘In another words, a mess. No need for you to get involved in it.’
hot rio chick darcyHe nodded and didn’t argue. ‘Good night, my love.’ Darcy said in a peck.
‘Night my guppy!’ Lizzy said patting Darcy’s stomach that was as distended as the cute aquarium fish’s.
Early morning Lizzy stretched up in bed and slowly opened her eyes letting consciousness creep into her. She poised her arms over her head and looked at the ceiling thinking of the errands Charlo had imposed on her for the party. Some minutes later Darcy stirred beside her.
She turned her eyes to him and once more was caught up at how sexy he was, his eyelashes poised on his cheeks. His beard by now was a lot darker than the carefully arranged five o’clock shadow he allowed himself to carry on Fridays to reinforce the casual atmosphere in his office.
He groaned and stirred again before his eyes fluttered open. They locked eyes for a while and she smiled timidly. He smiled back with his lips closed. She winked at him and he grinned.
Darcy stretched and reached her mouth for a full morning kiss, his left hand roaming her waist to bring her closer to him. Lizzy let him drag her down the bed and with her arms still over her head hugged his.
‘I believe I owe you a proper reunion, Bennett.’ Darcy whispered on her neck.
‘Mmmm… I’ll take it now before you stuff your face at breakfast.’ Lizzy answered, her panties warming up.
He chuckled and unburied his head from her neck to look her in the eye. ‘Did I eat that much yesterday?’
She nodded giggling and his smiling eyes were distracted from her fine ones by a delicious naked hard nipple. When he dragged her down to meet his mouth, her right shoulder and breast had gotten free from her V-neck sleep shirt that also had bundled around her waist.
‘Isn´t this night dress too big for you?’ He asked running his hand over her panties, caressing her butt.
‘Yes… I chose two sizes bigger so you could have better access…’ She answered searching his mouth one more time.
hot rio chick fanfic sexy darcy
‘Thank you, woman. You always think of ways to please me.’ He said on her lips while his hands dove inside her panties to have more butt to knead. ‘What can I do to reward you?’
Lizzy leaned back and with her right index finger pressed her right aureole just beside her nipple. ‘You could kiss me here…’ She blinked flirtatiously at him.
‘My pleasure.’ And he dove for her breast hungrily. ‘Maybe some of this too?’ Darcy offered and his left hand travelled inside her panties from her bottom, over her hip, to reach her pussy.
‘Is the waxing what you asked for?’ Lizzy said.
‘It is. First thing I noticed when you changed last night.’ Darcy said.
His fingers reached soft hairless skin and she moaned lying fully on her back to spread her legs a bit wider. He groaned and attacked her other nipple over her thin sleep shirt.
‘I really like this shirt. You should buy others. All white and thin like this so I can see your tits through it.’ He said and nibbled her left nipple.
‘Oh… I can say that these boxer briefs you’re wearing are my favorite.’ Lizzy said and took a deep breath as his middle finger found its way to her point of ignition. When she could think again she freed his erection from the front of his briefs. He released her nipple and rose on his right elbow to look at her hand caressing him.
And that was how Fran found them when she opened the door calling out for Lizzy. His erection high and proud out of his briefs with Lizzy’s hand holding its base, Darcy’s hand inside the front of her panties and a finger snuggly caressing her inner walls.
Momla!’ Lizzy shrieked and releasing him threw herself on top of Darcy to shield him from her mother´s eyes since he was facing the door. His hand was caught in an awkward twist and he struggled to take it off her panties without hurting her. ‘Get out!’
‘Oh, I’m sorry… I knocked and…’ Fran stared shamelessly at them but had the decency to blush.
hot rio chick pride and prejudice fanfic sexy
‘Get out, Mom!’ Lizzy shouted twisting her eyes from Darcy’s wide-eyed expression and looked at Fran. ‘Close the door. Get out! And knock next time!’
‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ Fran said, took a step back and closed the door.
Lizzy jumped and turned the lock after her mother. ‘Why didn’t you lock the door when we went to bed last night?’ She bent on her waist and leaned her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. Her heart was in a crazy pace, erratically beating.
Darcy blushed, laid on his back and covered his eyes with his right arm while protecting his deflating cock with his left hand. ‘I thought you had done it.’ He mumbled.
“Oh, the horror, the horror. My mother-in-law catches me with a finger inside her daughter’s pussy and my hard-on out in the open. Fuck!” William Darcy had never been so ashamed in his whole life.
But he would be even more. Not thirty minutes later he had to seat at the breakfast table with the whole family.

song: John Tyree - All I ever wanted 


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to be continued... ;)