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domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Fashionable moms

Hello everybody!

Are you all happy with Bova as Darcy? Who wouldn't, right? The man is gorgeous!

'Do you like this dress, Hunk? It was a gift...'

'Darling, you look ravishing!...'

And today in Friendship of a special kind, I introduced you to the Darcy family. 
They are very close to each other, they care and adore one another. 
Who do they remind you of?

Just as lovely... and disfunctional!

In special, Helen Fitzwilliam.

Brazilian actress Ângela Vieira is a stunning 60 years old woman,and my image for the classy Helen.

 I´d like to explain her, without justifying her. With her history, she tends to protect her family as best as she can. And at this point she cannot guess if Lizzy is a blessing or a problem for her Willy Billy. We all know that they were meant to be together, ODC as I learned this week, but Helen doesn´t.

I´m a mother of a boy, and I have to say that I´ll turn a shrewd eye to his girlfriends. Maybe I´m not that fashionable and classy, but a mother nonetheless.

We´ll be celebrating Mother's day next week - in Brazil, Mother's day is the second Sunday of May - and I thought it nice to celebrate motherhood with Helen. Later, when we meet Fran Bennett, we can talk mothers again. Ah... Fran!...

Take a look at these fashionable mothers of boys. Unfortunately enough, some of the mothers I picture as fashionable and classy as Helen couldn´t care for their boys for long but, they sure are stunning.

 Lady Di and her boys

  Sarah Jessica Parker and her eldest

 Luiza Brunet and her youngest

Jackie O and her children
Barefoot and Oh so classy! Damn! How did she do it?

 Heidi Klum and her cute babies
How gorgeous she is! Notice her bag and scarf

 Grace Kelly, her prince and royal family
A princess! Notice her scarf.

 Lizzy scored some good points with Helen due to the Hermés Carré. 
Maybe I can save this post so my baby boy can show it to his girlfriend in... 30 years or so...

Very fashionable, the scarves - Hermés carrés (squares) - are very desirable, marvelous, chic! 
Any outfit shines if added to one of those. 
I´m posting some here, just so we can admire them.


How to use it?

 How to fold it?

 See how lovely? The one that made Helen flip is a collection that was exclusive when it was first released. Imagine nowadays.

this was Helen´s gift

And Heiki Klum´s bag, the fashionable Birkin bag that has a waiting list worldwide, 
you may remember Sex and the City´s Samantha and how hard she had to plot to get one, this bag is going to be mentioned by Helen.

 This is mine, a very pink jersey knit cotton Birkin, very hype. 
Two summers ago, it was the hit of the season. 
I love it! Big and spacious. And cool!

Could you get a hint of Helen by these images? Did you smell trouble? Well... 
Let me get you this lovely cupcake to calm your nose, because Helen is gonna rock!

Happy mother´s day in advance!



As always, all images were found on Google, ap 25th and 26th, 2012. The credits are due to the original posts.

terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Raoul Bova and reunions: how sweet is that?

Hello, good morning!

Hot Rio Chick had a record number of hits due to the saucy Darcy election. Wow! Thank you all!

And the winner for the beautiful man to picture 'Friendship of a special kind' Darcy is... Raoul Bova!

Davvero! That´s fantastico, grazie! Am I going to be as famous as Firth?

He sure is Hunk, a studmuffin, an eye candy, an 'OMG, OMG' man...

Lizzy is very, very happy... Look at how her fine eyes shine...

Maybe her eyes are not shiny, they are glazed... After today´s chapters, I bet Darcy is esausto...

Hihi!... A bit more of Bova Under the Tuscan sun? Yeah, sure. Here you go.

Talk about an inspiring way to meet someone... I´ve collected some reunion 6 examples to keep our hearts warm untill Sunday. Shall we?

# 6

# 5
# 4




It´s no secret that I love the 'Before sunset', 'Before sunrise' movies. I do love them. And selecting reunions I couldn´t forget this glorious scene... Can´t you feel your heart skip a bit when Jesse sees Celine again after more than 10 years? He´s telling their story as his next book plot and when he sees her, he looses his tracks... Oh, wow...

And the b&w couples beside each link shows who reaches out to whom. 

Not that I´m trying to justify Lizzy´s actions here... Oh, what the heck, I am! =D

The NEW Darcy agrees. He thinks Lizzy could do no wrong flying to Seattle.

With that, I say bye, bye!

Disclaimer: all images were found in Google, from Ap 23rd to 24th, 2012. The credits are not mine, they belong to the original posts.

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Voting on the Hottest Mr. Darcy

If you were Lizzy Bennett and had all the power over Darcy, which one would you choose?

Hi! I´m so happy about how this blog is going! 

Thank you all for visiting! I´ve added a greeting and a Facebook link in several languages to let you know I enjoy your visit! If I haven´t added yours, I apologize. Let me know and I´ll do it ASAP.

Also very happy with ‘How Darcy persuaded Lizzy’! Thank you all for the lovely comments and for taking Lizzy’s (or Darcy´s) side. 

Today´s post was short but intense, right? Were you disappointed at Lizzy? Are you rooting for her still? Or incredulous with her motivations?

During the week, I´ve gotten several yummy yummy suggestions to put a face on this Hunkish Darcy. I have a Darcy in my head that is a mix of several actors: he is tall, brawny, lean, athletic, dark hair kinda straight, 6’3” to 6’5”, tanned. Well, I´m Brazilian, so tan is not a problem here…

Lizzy for me is 5’5” to 5’7”, lean and a little thin (they talk about why she lost weight and since then she has been striving not to gain it back),curvaceous,  athletic, long wavy chair – originally dark brown but she highlights in honey color), dark full manicured eyebrows, long lashes, light skin.

After a heartfelt discussion with my hubs, we arrived at Ana Paula Arósio for Lizzy. She is just perfect, even her voice.  Only as she is a model, she is really thin and Lizzy has more curves.

Ana Paula Arósio as Elizabeth Bennet

That said, THIS Lizzy needs a Darcy. I have a Brazilian cast but was suggested these Hunks, so I need your help to choose one.

If you were Lizzy Bennett and had all the power over Darcy, which one would you choose?

Thiago Lacerda as Mr. Darcy # 1
Jamie Bamber as Mr. Darcy # 2
Raoul Bova as Mr. Darcy # 3
Dylan McDermott as Mr. Darcy # 4

Sakis Rouvas as Mr. Darcy #5

So, what´s your choice?     

Who would be the hunkiest Mr. Darcy?

Votar Ver resultado


Results next Wednesday in another double chapter post!

Thank you for visiting and voting.    

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quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012


Another post from sunny and hot Rio. Now we’re not melting under 40º degrees but just as stuffy.

Stuffy too is Darcy´s head… No matter how much we retell his lovely story, he always does the wrong thing… He doesn´t seem to avoid Hunsford.

In canon, he tries to propose and Lizzy tells him to shove his good intentions up ***. Here in Friendship of a special kind or ‘How Darcy persuaded Lizzy’, he merely invites her for a hot week. But oh, so daftly…

Keeping Hunsford in mind and waiting for Sunday’s post – worth waiting, I guarantee – I listed several Hunsfords. Maybe studying it we can help Mr Darcy overcome its disaster!

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Austenonly tells us all about BBC 1995 Hunsford.

How about a stay in Hunsford, I mean, really! Hunsford suite at 'Come right Inn' B&B. All rooms are named after Austen sites!

Depending on how much you enjoy it, you can even buy a house at Hunsford St., corner with Pemberley Drive (!!!), or maybe in Cincinnati.

Look at this adorable proposal, his heart on a platter! How could she say no? Well, we all know why she did... You can have adorable itens or just brouse the lovely map.
The Sims version =D

Playmobil version for 1995 Hunsford and 2005 rainy gazebo. =D
not even a Playmobil Darcy can resist taking a picture with late poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade´s statue at Copacabana beach! haha

1940 Hunsford, conspicously like Scarlett O'hara... I wonder what inspired what.

1980 Hunsford, where Lizzy is too... girly?

1995 Hunsford, Firth.... *sigh*

2005 Hunsford, wet! 

And last but definetly not least, McFadyen READS Hunsford! Oh, Lord! Jane must be so proud of her writings!...

Add your fave Hunsford too! Comment.
Bj, see you.