& Moira Bianchi: Raoul Bova and reunions: how sweet is that?

terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Raoul Bova and reunions: how sweet is that?

Hello, good morning!

Hot Rio Chick had a record number of hits due to the saucy Darcy election. Wow! Thank you all!

And the winner for the beautiful man to picture 'Friendship of a special kind' Darcy is... Raoul Bova!

Davvero! That´s fantastico, grazie! Am I going to be as famous as Firth?

He sure is Hunk, a studmuffin, an eye candy, an 'OMG, OMG' man...

Lizzy is very, very happy... Look at how her fine eyes shine...

Maybe her eyes are not shiny, they are glazed... After today´s chapters, I bet Darcy is esausto...

Hihi!... A bit more of Bova Under the Tuscan sun? Yeah, sure. Here you go.

Talk about an inspiring way to meet someone... I´ve collected some reunion 6 examples to keep our hearts warm untill Sunday. Shall we?

# 6

# 5
# 4




It´s no secret that I love the 'Before sunset', 'Before sunrise' movies. I do love them. And selecting reunions I couldn´t forget this glorious scene... Can´t you feel your heart skip a bit when Jesse sees Celine again after more than 10 years? He´s telling their story as his next book plot and when he sees her, he looses his tracks... Oh, wow...

And the b&w couples beside each link shows who reaches out to whom. 

Not that I´m trying to justify Lizzy´s actions here... Oh, what the heck, I am! =D

The NEW Darcy agrees. He thinks Lizzy could do no wrong flying to Seattle.

With that, I say bye, bye!

Disclaimer: all images were found in Google, from Ap 23rd to 24th, 2012. The credits are not mine, they belong to the original posts.

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