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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

The Heights

Beautiful Sunday morning here! 
Another double chapter posted and Friendship of a special kind aka 'How Darcy persuaded Lizzy' picks up steam...

This chapter, as they have a good time flirting and dating, Lizzy takes Darcy dancing!

When choosing a name for the night club they went to, and that would be mentioned a few other times during the story, I wanted something inspiring. The club itself had to be something that would thaw Darcy´s bad mood. 

Flavorwire once posted a list of the worst books for Valentine´s where Bronte´s Wuthering Heights appeared as a story about terrible people that should really all just leave each other alone. So inspiring! If I hadn´t read it already, I would have at the spot!

So, the club is inspiring, romantic and seasonal. During summer nights, it would rock!

Take a look at what I would look like. (credits to Lightworks Jakarta, I mean, wow!)

See? How could Darcy not get in the mood?
Plus, such a bewitching woman smiling by his side...

Grab your VIP card and hit play, here´s the playlist for Flashback night at THE Heights!


Dance away!

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