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Short story, part 2/3

Hi, everybody!
Am very excited, Friendship in posted! Yay!
It´s on Austen Underground since friday, 5pm. Chapter one has 350 views so far. *beam*
BTW, as it´s been posted, I renamed the story to 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennet to love again.' Kinda long title, but so appropriate.

Anyway, here goes part 2 of their young love in Trindade, RJ - Brasil.
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 How William Darcy could have met Lizzy Bennett

 part 2

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 Come let me get your name girl
Tell me where you from, what you do, what you like
Let me pick your brain girl²


The Seattle friends miraculously found an empty table at a nice pub facing the sea on the beginning of Main Street and settled for drinks and laughs, enjoying the diehard babes clad in smallish bikinis on the beach.

The Meryton friends went for a horseback tour on the beach as scheduled, sporting their brand new tattoos. Charlo had an enormous ‘Gracias Padre’ written in gothic letters on his forearm, Dennie had wings drawn on her shoulder blades and Lizzy went for a  ‘Carp diem’ with two fish located on her lower back.

‘Damn, babes on horseback by the sunset!’ Ricky, Will´s two years younger brother, said over his beer can.

‘Darce! See? What a nice thing, horseback! Almost like Pemb, but here it´s cool!’ Thorn teased, laughing all his overweighed body and long hair that touched his shoulder.

Will humpfed and took a sip of his beer, meaning to let Thorn know that he wouldn´t be invited to Pemberley ever again since he thought it so un cool, but got side tracked by the recognition of who was on the last horse, the black one that surely saw better days. The brunette beauty! The bouncing, the pony tail flipping and what was that? A tattoo on her lower back? ‘Damn!’ he muttered under his breath.

That evening, the whole village gathered at Angry beach for a big Axé night with torches from the beach bars and deafening loud music. Even not being able to sing along, everyone enjoyed the rhythm as the songs were great. Had they been able to understand the lyrics, both Darcy and Lizzy would have blushed realizing that the songs talked mostly about loving and being loved - ultimately falling in love – something that they were on the way of doing.

While they kept each other on constant surveillance, taking furtive looks whenever they thought the other wasn´t looking, Ivete Sangalo sang: ‘My greatest luck was you falling from the sky; your smile is beautiful, the way your eyes shine, you´re good as jasmine perfume; you barged into me to rule, laced me in a tight rope, you waved a lot of dust!’

Both went to bed thinking about the other. Lizzy squeezed beside Dennie in their tent, while Charlo was making friends with a hot blond guy he met on the beach. Will trying his best not to touch his brother´s body, while they shared the double bed.

The next day, the Seattle guys rented a small boat to take them to Cachadaço´s natural sea pool so they would lounge and try to wash away their hang over, while the Meryton friends took the free of charge thirty minutes trail, fighting the mosquitoes and the ivies scratching their legs. Lizzy thought that her gym pants would have been more appropriate than her black shorts.

When the Seattle guys could finally relax alone at the pool after the loud group of Brazilians left by boat, they heard a hysterical laughter coming from the woods and then complete silence. They shrugged and closed their eyes under their sunglasses and hats, enjoying the absurd good pleasure of sea water this calm and exclusive. Not five minutes later the laughter started again and there came the three Meryton friends in a run and practically out of breath.

‘Good God!’ gushed Blingley, rising from the water and shielding his eyes with his hand. ‘You ok?’ He didn´t know any Portuguese, and was not sure these people spoke English, but he had to say something.

The three friends stopped nearly bumping on each other, went silent from the surprise of not being alone as they expected and immediately started laughing again.

When Lizzy could catch a breath, she said (more to her friends than to answer Bingley): ‘I am, because I didn´t seat on an anthill!’

‘Me neither!’ Dennie cried and the girls laughed again, leaving a very annoyed, sore and humiliated Charlo to march towards the sea and alleviate his much battered butt.

Will could not help but smiling at Lizzy´s enchanting laughter and the sight she presented on shorts, sneakers and a bikini top. He noticed the tank top on her hand, maybe she had taken it off out of the heat. She was wearing a small colorful striped bikini that only made her wonderful breasts look better, and he anticipated what was beneath those cute black shorts.

Jane, a very compassionate person, couldn´t stop herself from helping anyone that needed help. Seeing Charlo at such a hitched situation, she attempted some conversation. ‘I´m sorry… Are you feeling ill?’

‘Mostly my pride is hurt.’ Charlo answered, twisting his face in a grimace as he seated in the pool, keeping his distance from her. The fresh sea water was both a balm and a nuisance to his bitten butt. ‘Actually, it hurts a bit…’ he added in a whine to a sympathetic Jane.

‘Didn´t you notice the anthill?’ Jane asked in a very concerned voice, trying to figure what she could do to help this stranger that somehow seemed familiar, since they were both native English speakers in a foreign land.

‘No, there were lots of leaves and I decided to rest on a rock…’ before Charlo could explain more, Lizzy came by giggling and waving her tank top to her face, in a feeble attempt to ease the scorching heat.

‘He was too busy making fun of us for walking too slow!’ She said in a giggle, finding a seat close to Charlo on the rocks by the pool.

‘They were stalling!’ Charlo cried, acting like a child complaining to the teacher about his class friends.

Jane could not help but giggle too; these three friends were very funny. They must have been friends for a long time, she thought. Lizzy was pleased to notice that this beautiful blond girl was making an effort to befriend them; and during this trip, Lizzy was all for making new friends and meeting as many people as possible.

‘I'm Lizzy, that one taking off her sneakers is Dennie, and this darling fool with a big ass is Charlo. We're American.’

‘I'm actually British, American by heart.’ Charlo added in a smile.

‘Oh, how nice! We are American as well! Where are you guys from?’ Jane was delighted to confirm that they were closer than all the other strangers in this exotic paradise.

‘Meryton, Massachusetts. Have you ever heard of it?’

‘Sorry, no. But I have been to Boston. And New York.’ Jane added apologetically.

‘East Coast, that's us!’ Lizzy said, in an attempt to be congenial, curbing her frown. This girl screamed preppy to her, the entire group did. The guys didn´t get closer nor tried to talk to them, only the cute blond one close to the girl was making an effort to smile.

‘I'm Jane, and this beautiful man here is my boyfriend, Charles.’ She said half turning and caressing Bingley´s cheek.

‘Hi there, Celtics!’ Charles said, referring to the basketball team, in his trade mark smile that was impossible not to reciprocate, just as Dennie was climbing into the pool to find a spot close to Charlo. Lizzy settled for the rock and took off her sneaker and socks.

Red sox, please!’ Dennie said in a frown, as if Charles had cursed her by mixing football with baseball.

They laughed and Jane introduced the rest of the Seattle guys. ‘The dark haired, tall big one back there is Will; the white ghost beside him is his brother Ricky…’

Mariners, here!’ Ricky cried, tipping his baseball cap and Will nodded without smiling or taking off his sunglasses. He was not sure if he should come closer and apologize or be a coward and stay put, hoping the beautiful brunette didn´t recognize him. He recognized her instantly.

‘We had fun last September, didn´t we?’ Dennie smiled, teasing Ricky about the game won by her team, and he sputtered.

‘Don't brag, girl! Pay back is sweet!’ Ricky admonished and Dennie laughed. At that, Will decided to stay put, no apologizing was coming out of his mouth anytime soon.

‘Any who…’ Jane said, shaking her head at the silly baseball banter, ‘the fatty ones here are Thorn – in a t-shirt…’ she shook her head again at silliness of Thorn´s not wanting to show his white belly in public, ‘and Chris. Out there, the skinny one trying his best to fish like a bear is Julius.’

‘Hello ladies!’ Chris greeted in his very polite way. ‘And gentleman.’ He said tipping his cap like old gentlemen would tip their hats.

Julius waved from his spot on the fish aquarium by the right side of the pool. ‘Guys, you should come over, we can really see the fish, even without goggles!’

But the only one that came closer was Thorn and soon enough a very spirited conversation between him and Charlo started, leaving Lizzy and Dennie to Jane. They discovered that they had some common on line friends and found out about Trindade the same way. Charles was happy to soak with his eyes closed; caressing Jane´s back while she happily made friends with these East Coast girls. Life was good for him; he could stay like this with his dear Jane forever.

Will was mesmerized by Lizzy, he couldn´t take his eyes off her. The way she dangled her enticing legs to dip her feet in the water, the way she played with her long hair in a braid, the colorful bikini and the shorts that she didn´t take off. Only the small Lennon glasses irked him, he wanted to study her eyes as he did her mouth as she talked and laughed. She laughed a lot.

‘Distracted, general?’ Ricky asked him, with the old nickname used to describe how Will bossed him around while they were kids.

‘Yeah… remember I told you I talked too much and a hot babe overheard me?’

Potheads!’ Ricky said in a laugh, rippling water around him.

‘That's her. And lower your voice.’ Will said in an undertone, busy watching her lean forward to whisper something on Charlo's ear that made him shout with laughter.

‘The delightful blond thing or the juicy brunette?’ Ricky asked, wiggling his brows.

‘The goddess in a striped bikini.’

The intonation of the speech as much as the words themselves made Ricky whip his head to look directly at Will. ‘Goddess?’ Ricky asked, raising his brows. ‘Maybe you´ll need a sacrifice to win her apologies, then!’ he chuckled.

Soon the boat sailor came to pick up the Seattle group and Will was sad to leave the beautiful curves inside the mouth watering small striped bikini behind. Much to his annoyance, she only took off the black shorts as they were piling into the small boat, so all he could get was a distant glimpse of the strings that tied the panties to her hips.

Later that day, the Meryton friends headed for a pleasant afternoon and late dinner at Paraty with their new friends, the Indian couple who had heard of an Indian food restaurant at Paraty´s historical center and invited them to try it. It was a marvelous tour, the ancient streets and buildings, the curricle ride, beautiful sun tanned people, good music played on the street, good booze. They were introduced to caipifruta – a mix of vodka, condensed milk, ice and fruit, sold by street vendors. First Dennie had kiwi, Charlo pineapple and Lizzy strawberry, for the second round they tried green grapes, goiaba and passion fruit; while the Indians stick to lemmon. They wanted the third round of drinks, but decided not to, as the sweetened vodka was quickly getting the best of them.

The Seattle group settled for the same pub from the night before, just lounging and enjoying the warm breeze coming from the sea. As Will kept sulking, Jane decided to poke.

‘You're brooding more than usual, friend.’ She said him in her sweet way.

‘Am I, friend?’ Will smiled at her, speaking in a very friendly tone. They were good friends for a long time, she was sweet and most of all, very loyal.

‘Mhum… May this can be for my new bestie Lizzy, the Yalie?’ she asked in a lovely smile.

‘Yale, really?’ Will said raising his brows, surprised (and glad) to know that she went to such a good school. ‘You surely talked a lot to her.’

‘She is very congenial; you should try to talk to her, instead of just ogle.’ Jane teased, sipping her beer delicately.

‘Am I that obvious? Do you think she noticed?’ Darcy fidgeted on his chair, worried now.

‘A girl notices a man's stare, specially one as tall and good looking as you. And… She was curious about you…’ Jane smiled.

‘Don't try to be sly, Jayjay. You can´t pull that off. Speak.’

Jane giggled. ‘She asked if you were unhappy to be here, because you seem to be always frowning and in a bad mood.’ Jane shrugged. ‘I just don't know why she thought you were in a bad mood…’

Will frowned, actually unhappy now. He thought she hadn't recognized him, but she did and remembered him well.

‘Anyway, they are not here tonight.’ Jane continued. ‘Lizzy, Dennie and Charlo. They went to Paraty, to dine at the historical center.’

Will humpfed, but Thorn overheard them. ‘Let's go, then!’ he clapped his hands, commanding.

‘Go, where  Fatman?’ Will asked in an annoyed tone, using the old nickname to tease Thorn.

‘Paraty! Let's meet them there. They are our new friends, after all…’ he said slyly.

Thornton could hardly hide his excitement on meeting Charlo again, and Will thought it convenient as he was not sure about how he felt about Lizzy. Maybe he was this interested in her because of his faux pas, or maybe because she was hot. Therefore, hiding behind someone else´s enthusiasm; he urged the group to drive to Paraty for the night. Barely twenty km, a short ride in spite of the winding road, they could be there in twenty minutes – plenty of time to enjoy the night at the historical center.

Will and Julius drove as they were the sober ones, and they got there soon enough. Even though they were at the same street, attending the same Brazilian Pop music concert, they could not find the Meryton friends. The square in front of the big Parish Church was crowded, so was the side street where the show took place. There weren´t any tables available at the pubs and the Seattle group rarely drank anything other than beer. Maybe if they did, they would have met the Meryton friends at the caipifruta stands.

Only the next day, during the waterfalls tour, did Will and Lizzy meet again. The six hour off road jeep tour visited four waterfalls and a cachaça distillery, through trails into the woods that were not helping the Meryton friends’ stomachs or hangovers. Their heads hurt, their stomachs lurched, and the road kept the jeep bumping and bumping. When they finally arrived at the first stop, the beautiful Swallows well with its cold water and calming waterfall noise, Lizzy was about to be really sick.

She was sweating and nauseous, barely registered the other two jeeps at the same spot, and the hand that steadied her over the rocks to reach the water only caught her attention because it didn´t let go immediately after she stepped out of it.

‘Are you ok? You seem a little unsteady.’ A deep voice asked close to her ear.

‘I guess… my head spins a bit.’ Just then she looked up and saw the Ass's face, up close and personal.  “Will, his name is Will; and he is gorgeous, with such a sexy voice.”  Lizzy thought. ‘I had a little too much to drink last night.’ She said, swallowing the bad taste in her mouth with disgust.

Darcy chuckled. ‘Can you walk on your own?’

‘Yes, thanks. Will, right?’

He nodded. ‘Lizzy.’ 

It was her time to nod.

It took Lizzy several minutes to tame her stomach enough to undress her workout pants, tank top, sneaker and socks; and finally get under the cascade. The ferocious cold water spray slowly helped clean her mind and ease her hangover. There was a healing sun ray shining where she settled in the pool of cold water beside Jane to chat, while they watched the tourists from the three jeeps happily enjoy the waterfall.

Only by the second stop, almost an hour later, Lizzy was herself again. Just then she could observe Will and how relaxed he was today. He helped her again, this time twice: first when she climbed off the jeep and then by the waterfall. As the Tarzan was very tricky, with a rope bridge to cross the river, he took his time helping her and she liked the attention. They laughed when the rope wavered and they almost fell, more even when Lizzy hummed Indiana Jones´ theme as they continued on more carefully.

‘You are in a very good mood today, Will.’ She told him flirtatiously as they stripped by the water. Lizzy was starting to fear the security of her string bikini; this waterfall was even more violent than the previous one.

‘I'm always in a good mood…’ he answered, giving her the full power of his devastating smile.

‘Doesn't seem like it. Oh, maybe it was because of the marijuana smoke cloud…’ she said raising one eyebrow, glad to see him blush.

‘Lizzy, look… I apologize for that. I know you heard me and I didn't mean to be rude. I was tired from the trip and when we arrived I was a little surprised with the surroundings and…’

‘Enough.’ Lizzy said, raising a hand to touch his upper arm, secretly marveling at his brawns. ‘We weren't the ones smoking… We were simply waiting our turn for the tattoo session.’ She smiled brightly. ‘And I could have forgiven your rude words sooner, if it weren't this funny to see these beautiful eyes troubled.’ She flirted in a laugh.

Will blushed again, but was saved from the banter by a yell coming from the rope bridge.

After the visit to the cachaça distillery where they had some lunch, they visited the third and forth waterfalls. At the Flume's, the last one, the group could enjoy exciting slides and Will found himself close to Lizzy more than once. He made sure to be, either waiting for her to slide down or helping her start the slide at the top.

‘I'll have to stop thanking you, Will! Or I'd do it all day!’ she laughed.

‘I won't stop helping you, though.’ He answered in another devastating smile that made her stomach lurch again.

Lizzy bit her lips trying to think fast and decided on a whim. ‘Tonight there's going to be a beach rave… Have you heard of it? Are you coming?’

Will thought she looked lovely biting her luscious lips like this. ‘I am, if you are.’

‘You are, then!’ She was embarrassed, he was too gorgeous, and he was flirting… Damn, she could swoon if not for the cold water. ‘See you there, tonight.’ She smiled and Will basked in it.

...  to be continued in one last part.
Read part 1

²- Summer love - Justin Timberlake

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