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Short story, last part (3/3)

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How William Darcy could have met Lizzy Bennet - last part.


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And it's our God-forsaken right to be loved 
loved loved loved loved ³

Later that night, they found each other as soon as they arrived at the rave. The two groups had made plans to enjoy the rave together and they found a slightly calmer corner of the beach to lounge. Will offered her drinks but she refused, only accepting a coke and he laughed at that. He was not an excellent dancer but Lizzy liked his effort to follow her lead when she wanted to dance. It was chaste foreplay in public, the way they flirted and laughed to each other.

As the dj changed to a slower music, Will suggested a more silent spot at the beach so they could cool down and she accepted. He was way too gorgeous to be denied much of anything, she was tired and hot, it was a very warm night – Lizzy reasoned to herself. 

From walking side by side, they moved to hold hands, and when he kissed her palm, she took action.

Lizzy turned and hugged his neck, locked eyes with him and under the small light provided by the full moon above then; she found the answer she needed. They kissed, first shyly and then hungrily, the chemistry between them was perfect. The kissing progressed and escalated, in a few minutes the rave was forgotten and they had found a secluded spot by the tall rocks where Will leaned and Lizzy settled between his legs.

His t-shirt had been long discarded because of the hot weather, now Lizzy could take advantage of that. He caressed her back as much as her sequined halter top allowed; then moved to her waist as the top was loose, he felt her goose bumps when his hands touched her skin, close to her shorts´ waistline. To help his caresses and the blood boiling in her veins, she allowed him to untie the strips holding the top to her neck and Will had to stop and take a deep breath when he saw her breasts. They were the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen, heavy, filled his big hand completely, dark wine nipples saluting the sky, perfect.

'Perfect.' He whispered on her mouth. 'You are perfect.'

'And you are gorgeous.' She said in his ear, twisting her tongue inside.

Will had to concentrate not to lose yet another drop, he was close to exploding. Lizzy was in no better shape, but she didn´t let him take off her shorts. One thing was to make out with this gorgeous guy at the beach, but having sex was another thing completely. He could not say that he was happy with her choice, but there wasn´t anything he could do about it, so he enjoyed what he could.

They kissed, and licked, and bit. They also laughed and whispered compliments to the other, not making any promises but enjoying immensely being together.

Unfortunately the late hour took the best of Lizzy who had slept very badly due to her hangover from the night before, so he escorted her to the camping shortly after two in the morning. By the camping doorway, he regretted saying goodbye, but not as much as he did a few moments earlier when she rearranged her halter top and covered herself.

'Tomorrow we meet at ten for breakfast and boat ride to the islands, right?' he asked on her lips as they said goodnight. 'Like you girls planned with Jane.'

'Eleven…' she begged.

'Ten thirty. I´ll meet you at the bakery. Should I order you an espresso?' he said nuzzling her nose, hugging her close to him.

She nodded, smiling. 'And a grilled cheese with a small cup of orange juice.'

'That´s why your stomach treats you meanly!' he chuckled.

'What?' she frowned, leaning back to look at him.

'In the morning, I have only coffee, a bagel at best.'

'No bagel in Brazil…' she said, giggling on his neck.

'Here I discovered cheese bread!' he enthused.

The next day, she arrived at the bakery before he did. She was finishing her coffee when he came from the b&b in fast strides, looking worried and utterly cute.

'I´m sorry, Lizzy. I overslept.' She smiled at her, charmingly. 'Good morning.' He said to Charlo and Dennie.

The rest of the Seattle group came trailing behind him, they greeted each other and headed for the beach were the small boats would take them to the schooner for the stunning ride to visit the islands.

The schooner was enormous, hosting eighty people from different groups, which offered as much opportunity to mingle and meet new people as Lizzy wanted. Only now she was busy for a long while. She and Will kept close as much as possible, exchanging small pecks here and there, nothing big or passionate like the night before, but warm enough to keep them both enchanted with each other.

At the stops, they would dive directly from the schooner's deck, meeting at the sea surface for a kiss, just like a tooth paste TV commercial. When she pointed that to Will as they stepped on the beach for drinks at the third stop, he laughed loud and said that he could keep buying this brand. She laughed and reached his forehead to arrange a lock of hair off his eyes.

To their friends, both the Meryton and the Seattle group, witnessing this exchange between the two of them - Lizzy talking to Will in a smile, his laughter and her answer - looked as much like love as it could be. It was no surprise to any of them, Lizzy and Darcy were eyeing each other since they met, and everybody knew Will was enchanted with her, so they treated the new couple as a fait accompli. Thorn was hooking up with Charlo as well, so Dennie proposed a truce between the Sox and the Mariners to Ricky and they talked animatedly the rest of ride.

When the girls went sunbathing on the bow´s net at the schooner´s nose, Will joined Bingley at one of the seats by the steering wheel in order to admire Lizzy´s figure and smallish striped bikini that was driving him wild. Blingley amused himself watching his friend falling for a cute girl that he didn´t know the family or the origins, that was fun and had good humor, who walked barefoot and drank beer. He was sure Lizzy was good for his friend Darce.

That afternoon and early evening, neither Will nor Lizzy spent it with their friends. They were together at Middle beach, enjoying the sea for as long as they could, talking and getting acquainted with the other´s lives and bodies.

'I have to tell you that I love this bikini, gata.' Will said, after admiring Lizzy emerge from the water, when she came back to seat close to him on her beach towel. They took the Portuguese substitute to 'Babe' when they heard a very annoying couple cooing over each other the whole day during the waterfall ride. The good thing was that it could be used for both; gata for her; gato for him. Cats. Cute.

'Thanks!' she giggled. 'It´s Brazilian! I bought it here, after our first day at the beach. My old one looked so outdated…' she twisted her nose.

'This one is perfect for you, you look ravishing in it.' He told her, hardly disguising his wolf cartoon expression.

'I'd love to see you in a Brazilian trunks…' she told him in a sexy smile.

He shook his head. 'Those smallish things? No. Especially if I'm beside your bikini. Loose shorts are perfect for me.' He shook his head, and she blushed. He also blushed, but there was no need to apologize. She felt and caressed his bunchage more than once already, much to his delight and despair. 'You can look at me anyway you want, but it would be just for your eyes.'

Lizzy blushed and smiled, but he couldn´t see her blush due to her sun tan.

'Tomorrow is New Year´s…' she said as she combed her wet hair, seated beside him. He nodded and caressed her back, running his hand close to her tattoo. 'What are your plans, I mean… What did you guys plan to do?' Lizzy was embarrassed to ask, she wanted to spend it with him but she knew that the lame beach party to watch the fireworks was not what Darcy and his rich friends would want.

'What are yours? I´d like to spend it with you.' He answered distractedly, studying her tattoo.

'Beach, to watch the fireworks. There´s gonna be a barbecue at the camping as well…'

'Gata, lay down on your stomach, please.'

She did, smiling and he leaned over her, running his hands on her back. 'Lizzy, let´s go to the parlor to complain about your tattoo. It´s fading.'

She laughed. 'It should. It´s henna!'


'Yes, it´s temporary. It´ll probably be completely faded by the time I get home, so my mother won´t have any cause to flip.' She pouted, but was really enjoying his caresses to her lower back. 'Disappointed?' she asked flirtatiously.

'No…' Will frowned. 'But I like your tattoo, it´s funny… And witty, just like you.' He leaned more and kissed it, giving her goose bumps, and he had to smile at that.

After some moments of silence, during which he stared at the sea and she closed her eyes for a while, still on her stomach she asked again about New Year's. Lizzy was starting to fear that he was about to dump her when he spoke.

'There´s going to be a party at the resort we were booked, the one I told you about.' He laid down to level his face with hers and crossed his arms under his head. She nodded; she heard the resort story from Jane. 'I want you to go with me. Will you?'

'I´d like that, but I came here to be with my friends so…' she said despondently and looked down. Damn, this hot guy was about to slip through her fingers and she couldn´t help it. Not that she wanted a boyfriend, after the third breakup with Bill, she was done with boyfriends for a while… and Will was about to move to England anyway.

'Charlo and Dennie are invited as well, Lizzy. I really want to spend New Year´s with you.' As she was skeptical, he continued. 'I was discussing this with the guys this morning. We can bring a guest each to this party and I wanted to invite you, Thorn and Ricky volunteered to invite Charlo and Dennie. I don´t think it will be an effort for them!' Darcy gave her his devastating smile.

Lizzy chuckled and then silenced. 'I´ll talk to them. I would like to spend it with you too, very much.' Will leaned forward and kissed her, a few pecks that grew to long lustful kisses and soon she was on top of him, under the inspiring twilight at this nearly deserted beach. It was all she could do to stop his hands from diving inside her panties, but her knee on his bunchage and his hands on her boobs were necessary, indispensable, essential.

The last day of the year, Will and Lizzy spent together at the natural pool with some of their friends. Neither could wake up very early after their late night on the pubs and the heavy petting, so they arrived at the pool just as it was starting to vacate. Most of the rides were suspended this day, as everyone wanted to get ready for the New Year´s parties.

At ten pm they arrived at the resort´s major party with a famous Axé music group from Bahia. Lizzy rode shotgun with Will driving, and he marveled at how delightful it was when her hand rested on his thigh every time she leaned back to talk to Jane, Charles, Ricky and Dennie squeezed in the back seat.

The party was awesome, plenty of good food and drinks, amazing contagious music. The whole atmosphere of beautiful people, good drinks, loud drums that thundered on ones´ heart, the amazing guy holding her waist from behind while she danced, all this made Lizzy hyper excited. By midnight, when the fireworks began, she was laughing and hugging everyone she knew, wishing them a very happy and successful New Year.

'A little tipsy, gata?' Will asked, amused, when she came to him after hugging her friends, right on midnight.

'Yes!' she laughed and kissed him with all her might, as if the success of this kiss would decide the fate of her entire year. 'Want to complain, gato? Happy New Year!'

'You won´t see me complaining about a kiss like this, ever!' he said laughing, for the first time enjoying a date in the fullest. These last days with her had been sexy and fun, like all dates were supposed to be, he thought bitterly before shooing the thought away and leaning to kiss her again.

'Let´s watch the fireworks from the beach?' she asked, he nodded.

The deafening noise of ten minutes straight of fireworks got her even more agitated, her heart beating at her throat; this was the most exciting New Year´s party she had even been to. Will was such a gorgeous guy, so romantic and sexy, even in his few words he knew exactly what to say to her. There was only one thought in her mind, one thing missing on this perfect night. When he invited her for a beach stroll under the moonlight, Lizzy was sure he felt the same.

Will was managing his excitement well; he had years of practicing that. He was loath of letting anyone see his true emotions, he thought it was a weakness since his mother died and every relative he had came to pet him without his consent. But Lizzy was so happy, enthusing over the party, gyrating her hips in front of his as she danced, laughing and kissing him. She was just perfect, just one thing was missing but there wasn´t much he could do. If she still said no, he would have to be happy petting her delicious curves, under the short enticing tie neck dress. She must have known what it would do to him, he thought.

When they could find a secluded sun bed station at the resort´s beach, somewhere almost as good as their spot at their beach, she came closer to him and hugged his waist. Although he never liked this, he thought waists were for men to hug, he let her do it and when she rose on tip toes to kiss his jaw, he decided it was great to have his waist hugged by her.

The jaw kissing passed to the sides of his mouth, his cheeks, and his eyes and as his hands roamed her back to rest on her tushy, she kissed him full in the mouth. From there it was like they had rehearsed it, the love making. Hands caressed, mouths kissed and bit, they were ready and desperate for each other. Darcy laid Lizzy down on the sun bed and watched her take off her dress over her head in one single motion to show him her sexy set of burgundy lingerie. His mouth went dry, and his hands shook - she was so lovely.

'May I?' he asked after cleaning his throat. She nodded, not sure what he was asking for but allowing him anyway.

He reached for her panties and brought them down her legs, mesmerized by her designed waxing. She took off her strapless bra next, and suddenly he had in front of his eyes the vision he had been anticipating since he first saw her.

'Now you, gato.' She whispered.

He stripped in a second, tossing his shirt aside and kicking his shorts away. Then he dove to kiss her knees, her thighs, her hips, her belly, and lingered on her boobs. She had allowed him to kiss them before, and he had done it, but now he could devour them. Her moans that had driven him to wildness before, were making him berserk now. She was going wild as well, so she poked his hair, brought his mouth to hers and opened one leg for him to settle between. He passed just one leg, afraid that if he poised himself fully between her legs, he would let go.

'Please tell me you have condoms…' she begged.

'I do, gata.'

'Get it?' she whispered on his lips and he nodded.

His hand shook as he adjusted the condom; the sight of her, flushed under the moonlight and ready for him, was exactly what he dreamed of these last days. When he dove in, slowly to enjoy it, she moaned and he roared.

'Damn hot woman!' he whispered and she laughed.

She laughed other times, and he laughed with her. Sometimes he shut her with his mouth, others she shut him, until the two condoms he had were used. When the sun rose from the sea, they were cuddling and whispering sweet nothings, like all lovers do when they don´t want to part. Then Lizzy had an idea.

'Have you ever watched a movie called 'Before Sunrise '?' she asked, nuzzling his chest.

'No.' Darcy shook his head with his eyes closed, smiling.

'A chick flick, very romantic, I love it.'

'I want to hear about it;  somehow it is related to this haven of ours.' He said in a hoarse voice, kissing her eyes.

'An American guy meets a French girl on the train near Vienna and they spend the day together – his last day in Europe. The night as well…'

'I see the connection…' he said chuckling and caressing her boob.

'Wait, there´s more!' she giggled. 'They decide not to exchange phone numbers or last names, but agree to meet again in Vienna a year later. Kinda like 'An Affair To Remember. Very romantic.'

One of his late mother´s favorite, the mention of this teary romantic movie made him get pensive, and he stared at the rising sun for a while.

'We could try something like it…' she broke the silence some minutes after. As he kept silent, she mistook his regret on knowing that she didn´t want to meet him again as a sign that he didn´t want a reunion at all. 'I mean, if you´d like…' Lizzy bit her lips. 'We could arrange a meeting in New York or something when you come home from England… or we could find each other on Facebook and set a date…'

After some more silent minutes, finally Darcy said something. 'Sure, if you´d like. Very romantic, the Empire State?'

She giggled, he sighed.

'Are you game for a swim?' he asked, raising on his forearm and kissing her boob. She smiled and nodded.

At the sea, warm and calm, totally isolated, they made love again even though they were a little tender. The condoms were gone, Lizzy had to make an effort to calculate how long had it been since her last period and concluded it was safe, Will believed her. He wanted her too much not to, it probably would be the last time he had her in his arms, so he loved her half submerged, with her laced around him, moving languidly. The last condom they used was in a frantic sex; they were intoxicated with each other and climaxed all too soon. Now they enjoyed their time, taking advantage of his athletic legs supporting them both against the water´s delicate movements.

They arrived back at the main house embraced and walking very slowly by the shore as the sun rose high and bright. The others from their group – now a bigger group of Americans – were lounging on a big garden table under an umbrella at the main restaurant, waiting for them and sipping coffee. Darcy and Lizzy were loath to part ways. This was it; January first was their last day in Brazil, so they only had the one hour ride back to Trindade together.

Lizzy and Darcy joined their friends and had breakfast, piled into the cars and drove back. Will held her hand all the way, and didn´t let go until they said their final goodbyes by the camping doorway.

Not two hours later he came back, shouting her name and looking under all tents he found on the way. She heard him and came forward, worried.

'Liz, I don't want none of this romantic movie shit. That's crap! I want to see you at home, as soon as we land. I want to see you before I move to England and I want you to visit me there.'

'Will…' Lizzy smiled brightly.

'What do you say?' Darcy asked anxiously, although a little hopeful from her smile.

'Yes!' she laughed. 'I thought you had a girlfriend and didn't want to meet me again.'

'No, I don't. And as for now, you don't either. Unless it's me.' He said and kissed her mouth. 'You don't, do you?' he asked, afraid of her answer.

'No, I broke up with him two months ago…'

'Good, now give me your addresses, and phone numbers, and e-mails. I want it all.'

They exchanged addresses, phone numbers, even zip codes. From her Yale dorm room, her parents´ house, her grandmother´s home, his father´s, his Cambridge flat, even Pemberley - his farm. They kissed again, long and hard, and then pecks – lots of them. 

Finally his friends honked and he had to go. The Seattle group drove to the resort and flew to Rio de Janeiro to catch their flight home, the Meryton friends piled into a bus that drove them to Rio and then flew home. But, aside from the different ways they traveled, both Lizzy and Darcy took a lot more home than they arrived with.

This is what could have happened, but it didn´t. John Dashwood never visited Rio, although he always dreamed about it. A boyfriend took him to the Phi Phi Islands at the Southeast Asia and he was mesmerized by its beauty.

Without his trip, the web of connections was never established, the friends of the friends never talked about Trindade, Gerard never met Diego and the Trinity Babel never existed.

And Darcy only met Lizzy more than ten years later, at a texmex restaurant, a week before 4th of July, in Meryton. But that´s a whole different story.

.the end.
¹-  I´m yours - Jason Mraz

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