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sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

Bite my belly


so, after a long time away from my blog, I'm commiting myself to post at least once a day for a month. There's this VEDA thing, so I'll try a PEDA. Ha!

Let me not start on that, I'll have plenty of posts to mumble. 
Now I'd like to talk about Beauty and the Beast and its brouhaha.

First, I feel a bit awkward about posting my view on the Disney revamp because coincidentally I just released a book in Portuguese inspired by the old tale. It's a big project for me, kinda of a challenge I gave myself to write 6 romances frugally inspired by fairy tales - Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Little mermaid, Little red riding hood, Snow white and Sleeping beauty. Although Cinderella was written before the others, Beauty and the beast start the series. I talked about the release dates with several literature friends and was convinced it was not 'ugly' to let my book out near the very famous movie. Still I feel awkward.

Anyway, I watched the movie this week and thought it a bit frustrating... It's a revamp! I read about it, why did it frustrate me to watch the same scenes from the cartoon? Can't say... Guess I expected a lot more, dazzling CGI, enchantment as in Cinderella, a compelling story line as in the 2014 movie, don't know.

But oh, how beautiful it is! The Beast's castle is breathtaking. I loved it! Gaton's tavern (I know it's not his, but it his big scene) is as cool as the one at DisneyWorld.

And we arrived at the belly bite... Oh, how much brouhaha about LeFou... Kudos to Disney for at least acknowledging there are gay people in the world but was it necessary to make a show out of it? Interviews, discussions, etc, etc... And he was the silly one enfatuated by someone who dispises him - I understood they had a romantic liaison like Gaston was the ultimate fuck boy. Couldn't LeFou be gay and have a healthy relationship?
Fuck boy bit his belly... Huh! :/

My friends said that if I told anyone what I really thought about the movie, they'd do horrible things to me (can't exactly remember what I was threatened with) but, in short, I liked Cinderella best.

See ya.

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