& Moira Bianchi: Bombs away!

segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2017

Bombs away!


So, here's an update of the troublesome project I've been struggling with. In case you may be interested...

People usually are very protective of the best things in their lives - even if it's shitty for others. And some people can't stand being in the wings. Well, all that together boiled up to two very unstable girls fighting to take charge. Obviously it went south and the project - as it was - is dead.

Sad little me feeling bad for the very sad celebration of Ms Austen's 200th death anniversary.

But, some bad things do come for the best. 

And it takes a push for you to notice your tank is too confined.

always loved this image... Wanted to use it for my first book...

Funny how I'm always inclined in seeing my sins mirroed in other people's silliness. Guilt, I guess. But these wayward girls were so thick, so clueless I got myself thinking if ever I was so narrow minded in my life. 

From now on, will make sure I'm not caught in their sins.

yep, that's me!

Good things come to those with a true heart!
Get it?  ;)

See ya!

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