& Moira Bianchi: I am appalled

sábado, 25 de março de 2017

I am appalled

Man, what a Saturday...
If you by any chance got my last post, you won't be surprised to hear that said Austen project is crumbling...

In fact, I suppose it's a stratagem to kick me out, but as I don't want to seem too self-centered, I'll wait in the wings! ;)

Oh, dear... I think it's mostly due to the leader's lack of leadership... 

But in fact, it's very entertaining to see haters hate! Ha!

No worries, soon the short story will be here and in a little time, it'll be a lovely small book and e-book of about... 120 pages. Really all fluff and Austen love. :D

I'll leave with Ms. Simpson's wise words in Mr. Cullum's lovely voice.

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