& Moira Bianchi: Hooked up

terça-feira, 28 de março de 2017

Hooked up

There's a cool TV show here in Brazil with 4 intelligent women talking about stuff, it's really entertaining. Once, a few years back, one of them related an issue that tormented her - COT (compulsive obssessive thoughts). Have I talked about this here? Probably.

I suffer COT too. So, lately I've discovered myself with a new COT: self-imposed challenges. Here with me, it has to be daring and seemingly impossible to conquer.

When I start, I'm filled with insecurities and talk myself up argumenting that I can quit. I came up with the challenge, it's easy enough to let it go. But I never do simply because I'm hook up on them.

The last one was to write a series of 6 books -> 6 different romances and avoid repeating myself - be in characters, situations or plots. Mmm... not easy but my 'Princesas Possíveis' is actually pretty cool.

Now I'm conjuring another challenge, just as big... For that, have the sweetest research... Shelves full of old, crisp and smelly, never touched books!... This treasure is in my son's English school adorning the waiting room for moms. Oh, what we do for our kids! 


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