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Pride&Passion had a very eventful ball

Hello, there!
Last week I told you about Jane Austen Brazilian soap opera produced by Globo network and as promissed, now I'm back with a great chapter aired last saturday (June, 23rd).
It all revolved around a big occasion, an engagement ball for Darcy and Elisabeta (Lizzy) and Emma and Edmundo Tibúrcio (Edmund Tilney from the Northanger Abbey+Mansfield Park plot). Such an important date got all characters worked up.

proudly showing their engagement rings
pic from twitter
First, Darcy and Elisabeta: bursting with love, they travel from the big city São Paulo where they are currently living back to the small town of Coffee Valley to let her parents know they are finally engaged. Mrs. Benedito (Bennet) is so thrilled she faints, the sisters celebrate, poor Camilo (Bingley) is happy for his friend and congratulates Elisabeta on conquering the ultimate bachelor (who seemed very pleased to give in to her).

At the ball, they are deliriously happy, exchanging love vows in front of the whole society, dancing the waltz and making us sigh...
as the happy couple enter the ball, Jane (in blue), Camilo (Bingley, bearded), Jorge (Knightley, white bow tie) and his wife (beside him) applaud
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how about this Dizzy?
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a kiss...
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The other couple, however, is anything but happy. Ema loves Ernesto (possibly Wentworth) and is confused over her feelings about Jorge (Knightley, married to a sickly lady). Her fiance, Edmundo, loves the housekeeper Fani (PRICElly from the Northanger+Mansfield plot) because of whom he was sent to Europe. At the ball, all cast dressed up and happy, Edmundo has a break down and drunk, tells the whole crowd the engagement is a farce, pointing out their different love interests among the guests. 
Resultado de imagem para edmundo orgulho e paixão
Ema and Edmundo as he tells everyone their engagement is a scam
pic from uol tv
Doesn't he look like Heath Ledger in 10 things I hate about you?

Fani isn't fooled by the scene even though Edmundo goes to her saying she's his only love and seeing her at his engagement ball prompted his outburst. But, as she believes the whole Tibúrcio (Tilney) family is responsible for the suffering, she is cruel to him. She wants blood!
Fani, the revenge thirsty vilain
When Fani leaves the ball, Alm Tibúrcio (Tilney) blames her for the havoc, but Cecília (Catherine Morland married to the other Tilney son, Rômulo) helps to save her by threatening to call the police and say the old man tried to kill her as he killed his late wife. Earlier in the week, father-in-law and son's wife went for a very odd foggy boat ride and she fell off. He dispaired, couldn't help, she swam to the shore. Weird sequence.

Very embarassed and thoroughly shocked, Ema runs away; Elisabeta sends Ernesto after her in a very prince charming chase: horseback under torch light. When he finds her, she is destroyed, crying, bereft. He pledges to keep her safe, she asks to stay away from everybody and he offers:
'Let's just ride away together, my petit baroness.'
Ernesto: I only want to get you out of here, ok?
Ema: Don't take me home. I don't want to see anyone, please!
Ernesto: I won't take you anywhere. Let's just keep riding away 
until you calm down, ok?
Let everything else wait.
*She hides her nose in his neck*

pics from twitter

Also socked and embarassed, Jorge's (Knightley) wife, the sickly Amélia, faints. Dr. Rômulo Tibúrcio, MD (Mr. Tilney) aids her with a new character, japanese immigrant Mariko - also MD with oriental arts knowledgement. As Rômulo is confused, Amelia's health seem ok but she's still out and Mariko sends both men away. Once alone with the sick lady, she makes Amelia confess she faked the faint spell just to run from her problems. Her illness is still a mystery, though.
Meanwhile, on the S&S plot, Mariana Benedito (Marianne Dashwood) is dressed as Mario, the bike rider, to gain Cel Brandão's (Brandon) trust and convince him of her love. Because they are bros now, she can't let him down and 'Mario agrees' to accompany him to the ball. On the way, they meet Uirapuru (Wickham+Willoughby+Churchill). 
*A moment to tell you that Uirapuru has been Charlote Williamson (Georgiana Darcy, his first victim) captive for a few days, not sure why. She says she wants to keep him from ruining other girls, Lady Tibúrcio (Tilney, who was supposed to be dead) accuses her of still loving him. The bodyguard keeping him locked in a São Paulo hotel gets distracted and he flees to the small town of Coffee Valley...*
So, on their way to the ball, Mario (Mariana) and Brandão (Brandon) meet Uirapuru and he asks for a ride. He suspects something is amiss, even says the boy's (Mario) face remind him of someone, but is in deep need to arrive at the ball in order to teach  a certain girl a lesson. Incensed, Mario punches Uirapuru's face!

'Hey, you could have broken my spine, boy!' Uirapuru cries.
That was awesome! 
Who never thought of doing so to Wickham, Willoughby or Churchill? Or to a fuck boy of our own? It was great.
Colonel Brandão, afraid Uirapuru might be wanting to pray on 'his Mariana' again, runs home to dress as the 'red rider' and chases the vilain all the way to the city border! LOL
Brandão as the red rider chasing Uirapuru away, his pants six inches deep in mud
When Mario/Mariana finally arrives at the ball, she tells Elisabeta (Lizzy) the whole story. They laugh and celebrate the courageous revenge.
Mariana with Mario's moustaches

sisters cracking up on Wickham's expense
Upset Camilo (Bingley) still refuses to accept his mother's apologies for casting him off because of Jane, Julieta, coffee queen (Lady Catherine, Bingley's mother) tries once again to talk to him. Quite a tough conversation, hard words, he accuses her of being responsible for his current way of life: sparring for pugilists in underground fights. He raises his shirt to show the bruises and say: 'Each scar on my body is a blow I took from your grudge.'

She cries quietly until consoled by Ema's father, Aurélio (Mr Woodhouse, quite young). These two are slowly but surely falling in love.
pic from twitter

And, as hell breakes loose, Darcy and Elisabeta, madly in love, run up to his room to do the nasty-nasty! LOL

They say:
'I think we are going crazy!'
'Ah, this is madness? I give up on sanity, then!'

  Check out the way he aqueezes her thigh!...

But sadly they are interupted by the vilain Susana (Lady Susan) who saw them flee the party and wanted to simply be an annoyance. Hate her!
pic from twitter
When everybody leave, they return to the bedroom in a very married couple intimacy to finally nasty-nasty as they want. But weren't they just celebrating their engagement? Yep. and what about her parents who went home without her? Dunno.
Happily married, huh?

Closing this great episode, there was Lady JosephineTibúrcio coming from the dead! LOL. She sneaked in her ex-husband's bed, covered up in his sheets by his side and waited. When he woke up, she scared the shit out of the abusive husband she ran from decades before.
Resultado de imagem para josephine tiburcio
oh,oh... who's there?
pic from gshow

Imagem relacionada
pic from globoplay
How about his plot for the possible skeleton in the attic?

So, this was the great Saturday episode.

You can watch this episodes thru Globoplay, sadly without subtitles.

Thoughts and ideas?

If you'd like more Brazilian JAFF, 

See ya,


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