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Death comes to Pemberley

hot Thrusday here in Rio... And summer hasn't even started!
hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice
Already dishevelled, lady's maid Lizzy? Summer is still to start (officially anyway)...

And Austenworld is in uproar with the release of the first trailer of BBC's production Death comes to Pemberley. I posted it yesterday, have you checked it out?

As I said months ago when Matthew Rhys was chosen as (my beloved) Mr. D., I trust BBC. It has given us Colin's Darcy, JJ's Tilney, and so many more but... a ginger expressionless Lizzy and a shorter Darcy.... Oh myyy...

hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice
No... I'm not crazy yet. This is Lydia - NOT LIZZY. Did that fool you? Me too.....

Anyway, there are several pics aside from the trailer... 

hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice

hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice

hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice
How come wasn't she cast as Lizzy? Hair fits, height fits, face expression fits... What were they thinking???

Looking good?...
I won't answer that.

And, last but not least, PD James' great work...

hot rio chick

Death Comes to Pemberley

PD James

Book 2
The body in the woodland

page 40

" Darcy said, ‘Who are you? Do I know you?’

‘I’m George Pratt, sir, from the Green Man.’

‘Of course. You are Mr Piggott’s coachman. Tell me what happened in the woodland. Make it clear and concise, but I want to know the whole story, and quickly.’

Pratt was obviously anxious to tell it and immediately broke into rapid speech. ‘Mr Wickham and his lady and Captain Denny came to the inn this afternoon but I wasn’t there when they arrived. Come eight o’clock or thereabouts this evening Mr Piggott told me I was to drive Mr and Mrs Wickham and the captain to Pemberley when the lady was ready, using the back road through the woodland. I was to leave Mrs Wickham at the house to go to the ball, or so she was saying earlier to Mrs Piggott. After that my orders was to take the two gentlemen to the King’s Arms at Lambton and then return with the chaise to the inn. I heard Mrs
Wickham saying to Mrs Piggott that the gentlemen would be travelling on to London the next day and that Mr Wickham was hopeful of getting employment.’

‘Where are Mr Wickham and Captain Denny?’

‘I don’t rightly know, sir. When we was about halfway into the woodland Captain Denny knocked to stop the chaise and got out. He shouted something like, “I’m finished with it and with you. I’ll have no part in it,” and ran off into the woodland. Then Mr Wickham went after him, shouting to him to come back and not be a fool, and Mrs Wickham started screaming for him not to leave her and made to follow, but after she got down from the coach, she thought better of it and got back in. She was hollering something
dreadful and making the horses nervous so that I could hardly hold them, and then we heard the shots.’

‘How many?’

‘I couldn’t rightly say, sir, things being all awry with the captain making off and Mr Wickham running after him and the lady yelling, but I heard one shot for certain, sir, and maybe one or two more.’"


How exciting!... The crime itself...

hot rio chick jane austen pride and prejudice
Let's wait and see what comes out of it... 

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