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domingo, 26 de maio de 2013

We all need somebody to love

hot Rio Chick Pride and Prejudice
Your eyes, I say your eyes may look like his
But in your head baby I'm afraid you don't know where it is

Don't you want somebody to love
Don't you need somebody to love
Wouldn't you love somebody to love
You better find somebody to love

...Habemus Darcy. 

hot rio chick jane austen audrey hepburn
*skeptical Moira glance*

Good evening. Today was the day I discovered we have a new Darcy. There was much talk about the lucky guy who would get the part of our beloved Mr D in the BBC production of PD James' fanfic, Death Comes to Pemberley .

 It was said (through the grapevines) that Dan Stevens left Downton Abbey because of this Mr D. Also I heard that Hugh Dancy (with a N not a R) was the name of the hour and then... 
Mathew Rhys.

hot rio chick pride and prejudice fanfic
here he is: MATHEW RHYS, from this day on, aka Mr DARCY.

Dan has already played an Austen man. He was Mr Ferrars in the BBC's 2008 production of Sense and Sensibility. Hugh was the sweet Crigg from The Jane Austen Book Club. So... they are both kind of ours, I mean, they belong to Jane Austen's fandom.

I love Matt (is he ours yet? Can I use a pet name already?) since he was the sweet Kevin from Brothers and sisters , a TV show that I loved (because I love Calista since Ally McBeal and The Practice).
Kevin was the gay friend everybody wants to have and who my gay friends were jeaulous of. Maybe they were more jeaulous of Scotty, or both. Anyway, my gay friends used to respond to my saying that Kevin was an ideal friend by saying he was an ideal boyfriend first.

The way I see Matt Rhys,he is a 'fofo'. Here in Rio, when we say someone is 'um fofo', especially if we fill our mouths with air and say 'fofo' with our cheecks rounded, we mean that said guy is really sweet. Rather, it was the way I saw him until yesterday evening.

That's absolutely NOT the way I see Mr D.

But, in spite of me, he is Mr D.

I wonder if he knows what that will bring him... Mr D. has a fandom of his own, he is as famous as the novel he belongs to as  well as Ms Austen herself. The last one we got - Daniel Vincent Gordh from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was a little surprised by our enthusiasm with him. He even freaked out a little bit in some texts he published. The fandom response is huge. 

Like The Sunday Times said: 'May the Firth be with Rhys'.

Mmmm... Really?
hot rio chick pride and prejudice fanfic

Well, prove me wrong BBC. I believe in you.

I do need somebody to love Mr D.

don't I?

notes: images from Google, news from The Sunday Times, texts and skepticism are mine.

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