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sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013

100 posts = 100 100% nice stuff

Hi there...
Actually, I've already greeted 100 times... Some in English, some in Portuguese, some in both languages...  Anyway,
This is my 100th post.

Man, who could have seen that coming? Me, a blogger!

100 is such an important number, it closes a circle and starts a new set. ONE HUNDRED is a whole.

100% frequency, 100% good fellow, 100% neat.

Let's check out a list of 100 stuff that I consider

100% nice, shall we?

  1. Watch 'House of flying daggers' for the 1st time;
  2. Watch 'The sound of music', 'Philadelphia', 'Vale tudo', 'Mary Poppins', 'Sex and the city', 'Bewitched', 'The hangover' every chance I've got;
  3. Read 'Pride and Prejudice' again, from Netherfield 'till Hunsford;
  4. ‘In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings
    will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how
    ardently I admire and love you.’
  5. Imagine a witty comeback for 'She is tolerable, but
    not handsome enough to tempt me; I am in no humour
    at present to give consequence to young ladies who are
    slighted by other men.'
  6. Watch Colin Firth come out of the lake;
  7. Watch Mathew McFadyen pout in the rain;
  8. Swoon over George Clooney's flirtatious looks;
  9. Swoon over Raoul Bova;
  10. Street parties during Carnival in Rio;
  11. A sunny January day at the beach in Rio;
  12. Kill time at the beach;
  13. Coconut water straight from the coconut;
  14. Morro de São Paulo;
  15. Crab meat in the crab shell;
  16. Salmon sushi;
  17. Rice+beans+steak+french fries. And a side dish of fried sliced bananas;
  18. Baby giggle;
  19. Pregnant belly;
  20. Feel the baby move inside the belly;
  21. Hear 'mommye' (or any incompreensible variation of it);
  22. Make my son happy with another toy he does not need;
  23. Gift someone you love;
  24. Have a beer with friends;    
  25. Laugh with friends;
  26. Travel with friends;
  27. Meet again friends that I miss;
  28. Befriend people on line;
  29. Darcy friends;
  30. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries;
  31. Stamp my passport;   
  32. Try out raw salame or any mean variation of the tradicional food of the place you are visiting just  to 'see how it goes';
  33. Experience the wonder that's a 60cm heigh tulip;
  34. Hear Italian spoken all around you because you are in Italy;
  35. See Times Square for the 1st time;
  36. Realize how true the verses 'If I can make it there You know, I'm gonna make it just about anywhere' are;
  37. Have a really cold Stella Artois;
  38. Cream cheese and pepperone pizza;
  39. Run at the beach lane;
  40. Hear 'Fairground';
  41. Hear 'Balada do amor inabalável';
  42. Hear 'O último romântico';
  43. Hear 'Wonderwall';
  44. Hear 'Good ridance';
  45. Hear 'Fico assim sem você';
  46. Marry under the Catholic tradicional;
  47. Eat marriage cake;
  48. Eat your own marriage's cake;
  49. Puppy;
  50. New heigh heeled sandals;
  51. Brand new shampoo;
  52. Manicure;
  53. Change hair color and cut;
  54. Brigadeiro;
  55. Sell my book;
  56. Write a book;
  57. Architecture design;
  58. Architecture design built;
  59. Let Human engineering talk to you;
  60. Concert;
  61. Rock in Rio wherever it takes place: at Maracanã stadium, at Jacarepaguá, in Portugal, etc;
  62. Watch a championship final match at the Maracanã;
  63. Madonna's concert;
  64. Lulu Santos' concert;
  65. Simply Red's concert;
  66. George Michael's concert;
  67. Mickey Mouse;
  68. Asterix;
  69. Cinderela;
  70. How good a new book smells;  
  71. How good a new notebook smells;
  72. Infusion d'iris by Prada;
  73. Be delicious by DKNY;
  74. Designer's bag;
  75. New bag;
  76. Sneakers that doesn't cause blisters;
  77. Red wine when petience runs thin;
  78. Kit kat;
  79. Sonho de valsa;
  80. Twix;
  81. French kiss;
  82. Flirt;
  83. Amsterdam;
  84. Paris;
  85. Buenos Aires;
  86. Photo book;
  87. Baby's clothes;
  88. Country flowers;
  89. Top cat;
  90. Sunrise;
  91. Sunset;
  92. Caipirinha;
  93. Alfajor Havanna;
  94. Jewels;
  95. Maskara;
  96. One day by David Nichols;
  97. The hours by Michael Cunningham;
  98. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen;
  99. Drive yourself outside the box;
  100. Start all over again.      

Did I forget anything?
 lots of other stuff are 100%, right?

Disclaimer just like the previous 100: unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's  or in other words: all images I found on Google, the delightful list of nice things is 100% mine. This list was also posted in Portuguese. 

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