& Moira Bianchi: A musical post

quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

A musical post

hello, hello!

After last weeks' posts, in case anyone is curious, work did win. What can I say? Like everyone else I have bills and all that annoying stuff BUT there is another Dizzy coming!

Yeah, Dizzie is in da house!

In this case, my head.

After 'Image and Likeness', I decided to try things differently so '45 days with Mr Darcy in Europe' will be lovely and fluffy and step by step faithful to Pride and Prejudice.

So far I have 'Hunsford' (that's my favorite part of canon...), first chapter and half of the sencond and forth. All over the place, I know. It's all sketched up in my head and as soon as I can get a reprieve I'll put it to paper.

To keep myself in the mood while work takes the best of my awaken hours, I look out to music. 
Of course.
pure glam!

Aside from sharing with you Lizzy's blog - wanderlust lizzard - and the first draft of the cover - it may seem sudden but I do have a system in my mayhem - I'm sharing here the songs that keep me in the '45 days' mood.

Like it or like it?
See ya!

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