& Moira Bianchi: Girl´s night out!

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

Girl´s night out!


Ready for a sparkling post? Heeere we go!
Darcy´s glass is half full and Lizzy's half empty... Or is it the other way around?

Frienship of a special kind is palying with jealousy... Yes, Mr Darcy is plain jealous of Lizzy's and Jane's night out! And he only knew Dennie was in as well after they partied the night away!

'What exactly are you planning for this Lady´s night, Darling?'
'Can´t you take a guess, Will?'

You know why he was so crabby? That´s what he thought they had planned:


And this is what really was like:

The lovely look on their eyes... *sigh*
And the Princesses themselves (as I see them)
Lizzy is Ana Paula Arósio, Dennie is Julia Petit and Jane is Mariana Ximenes.

Men are so silly to what it concerns several of us together... My hubs is terrified of Girl's night out. I love it. Both his worry and said nights!

What's not to like? I found a great text where Maria from My female forum puts it very wisely: "When you don't think you can hear the call of "Mommy" echoing through the house for another minute; when your spouse is unable to locate his sock, shoe, tie, or shirt despite these articles of clothing being stored in the same dresser for the past upteen years... A night out with just the girls is usually just what every woman needs.  It is the proverbial shot in the arm that we all require especially when those little life events decide not to stay so little." That´s exactly how it is! 

Once so anxious to hear 'Mommy?', nowadays I find myself answering 'She´s out!'

A girl´s night out sounds so very appealing when I´m in this state. Luckily I have some wonderful friends who either don´t have babies yet or have them all grown up, and they take me out. Yay!

Let´s get in the mood, Ladies?

How about these outfits?



And - of course - a playlist!

Oh well, you know me... I love a playlist! =D

Plus, drinks to fit each song. You don´t have to drink them all... Just pick one!... Or try them all, what the heck! Let´s party!
Isn´t Drinkify an amazing site? Thanks Stumble upon!
I found a commom ground on Drinkify suggestions for powerful women songs: Vodka! 
We love Absolut here in Rio! Mmmm, who doesn´t?

And you know what´s great with vodka? I ´ll tell you: Lemmon, sugar, crushed ice and a Brazilian flag: CAIPIRINHA!
That´s how we, ladies, like it here in Rio: sieved! The flag is complimentary.

Actually, caipiroska since caipirinha takes cachaça instead of vodka. But I have to tell you, it´s absolutely perfect either way!

The classic

Ice cream version... Yummy!

The perfect drink for a perfect Girl´s night out. Try it today!

Caipirinha National Pride... No Prejudice there... =)

Mauro Rasi, a famous writer used to say: "If life gives you a lemmon, mix yourself a caipirinha!"

That said, let´s party!

No need for caption!

Disclaimer: Yada, yada, yada, the credits for the pics are not mine.

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