& Moira Bianchi: Dating Mr Darcy at the workplace

sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

Dating Mr Darcy at the workplace

And the workplace is Darcy Inc., a good place for office romance!

I did that, and ended up marrying my Mr Darcy!
You in my office, Darling. Finally!...

I wonder if you'll be able upt to it...

Friendship of a special kind just had two eventful chapters today. A spy, a sexy hotel overnight, a wedding and Mr Darcy and Lizzy ended up on the verge of working together. How would that be like? Lizzy is a person very prone to freaking out, but not at her work. There she is a shark! Darcy doesn't know that. Yet. 

Mmmm, there are so many ways this could go astray. Don´t you think?

As I've been there, so I'll offer some advice. If it turns out to be of some help to anyone other than Lizzy and Darcy, let me know. 

Love post it to make sure Mr Darcy remembers the thrill of flirt...

Hot Rio Chick's practical guide to office romance.

 1- Don´t get caught.
 It´s a darn mood breaker. The thrill raises the fun. You know, what's prohibited is saucier!
Roberto Carlos says that any good thing is either ilegal, imoral or fattening. 
Fattening is awful, aside from that, a bit of the other two is welcomed.

2- Sneak to a quiet place to make out

We - hubs and me, back when we were intern and junior archictect - used the office library. Well, I was in charge of arranging it and... one thing lead to another. 
I always loved books!...

3- When in the office, play cool

Leaning on desks is fine; chatting, bickering, lunch together too. But you know, keeping the distance makes the library moments much more fun!
A friend dated a boss once and there was petting - mild but still petting: not nice! At all!

4- When out with the office crowd, use the popcorn seat

Popcorn seat is a space between. Remembering the first rule, you don´t want to get caught red handed. So, keep a safe distance - like arms' length: You cans till touch (and occasionally pinch) but it won´t be blunt.

5- Send fake notes with real messages - or is it real notes and fake messages?

'I love the new coffee machine' can mean: I like you hot and intense OR I like the use we found for the kitchnete.
If the other doesn´t understand exactly what you meant, he'll understand sometihng.
Use your imagination, and send notes!

6- Have a good time

Yeah, that´s the main issue here. Go for it!

7 - Lie if you have to.

It's your party, lie if you want to. Or have to. 
Sometimes, a white lie is very useful. Don't rule out that option.
A friend says that 'one should not eat meat where one earns his bread.' It makes sense in Portuguese. Anyway,  you got the message, right?

8- Last but not least: try not to break up.

The thing is, there are only so many times one can mix salt on a sugar bowl so the coworker ruin his coffee. Or hide an egg in his desk drawer and wait for it to rotten.
Break ups are messy and if you'd still have to see the jackass - hot jackass - face everyday... That's not nice.


If you'd like some real advice, check All women stalk or AskMen. I´m just fooling around and advising you to have fun!
I do! It's fun!

Oh, crap. Can't those two just be cool?
See you soon, bj.

Disclaimer: pics are not mine, just the babbling.

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