& Moira Bianchi: The NEW EMMA will be a work of art

quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2019

The NEW EMMA will be a work of art

hi, there!
Last week there was the realease of the new adaptation of Emma, a movie to be on cinemas next february. Valentines, maybe?!

I loved it!

- A fun Mr. Woodhouse instead of a couch potato;
Emma spirited and perky;
- Churchil seeming to be even more of the biggest villain in Austen Nation as I think he is;
- more than anything, beautiful as it could be!

Such a work of art!
the finger pushing the carriage's door opened was sooooo good!

I immediately made connection with Netherlands' painters... 
Kinda crazy, isn't it?
Van Gogh's starry night. Lovely color scheme. Similar too...

I spent a day or two wondering how did make such a connection ...
Of course, The Miniaturist!
Much crazier than anyone could think...

I've made a post in Portuguese about the mini series when I asked Santa do bring me a Victorian Dollhouse, just like the one Queen Mary had. In the mini series based on the book, Anya Taylor-Joy was the frightened, innocent and shy country girl given in marriage to an Amsterdam sugar dealer who had an horrible secret for a 16th century man. So did his sister, weird servants and the huge house they all lived together in. The mystery starts when the girl starts to recieve small figurines and miniatures, exact replicas of the house and the family people. Quite fun. 
Anya, who has origins here close to us in Argentina, also has those big eyes that make her seem to be in fear all the time, edgy. I confess I didn't have the curiosity to watch anything other she has done and that one work defined the actress for me. Who can say they never did so?

When I learned she was to be the new Emma, I concluded it'd be a kind of Gwyneth, a version of the 1996 movie. A cutie, wishy washy, almost-but-not-quite like the original character. And... What a pleasant surprise! A vibrant Emma, cheeky, mocking looks, funny!  
I loved it!
So colorful too! Yellows, pinks, pleats, ruffles and hats!

And what about the Netherland artists?
From The Miniaturist...
Just compare:

oficial poster  x Joachim Patinir- The pennitence of Saint Geronme - 16th cent

Vermeer - Girl with the pearl earring, 17th century

Yeah, I'm that ecxited for the new Emma movie!

The smiling gentleman, Frans Hals - 17th century

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