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so, today the last episode of Pride and Passion, the Brazilian Austen mix soap opera.
There was a rainbow colored rain...
pic from instagram
We're all a bit mellow, it was very poetic. I'll make sure to post it in the next days. But now I'd like to share the last DIARY.
Maybe because of the power the fanfics have in Austen Nation, this show had many traits - such as each characters' POV in turn. The last one, the only character who had never spoken before was Lizzy - Elisabeta here. 
the Williamson family crest

Here she is, all lovely in red as she wore the whole 6 months, talking poetically about all the major couples and life lessons.

Watch it in Portuguese, then read it. Or read it and watch the cute actress speak. Just dive in our little pool of Austen madness.

Here we go. 

Not long ago, a young woman from the (ficticious) city of Coffee Valley dreamed about discovering the great big world.
That was the former Elisabeta Benedito.
I scarcely knew that, before I broke into the world, an even more important journey should be accomplished: my self-discovery.
And who could have imagined that the people around me would provide passage for such an important first trip? I learned from them that:
- Sometimes we get caught up in life because we cannot see that our vocation is much closer than we think, one only have to pay attention and don’t give up pursuing our most honest desires. If persistence is greater than fear, love will always win! JANE AND CAMILO (BINGLEY)
- Appearances often deceive and deception is one of the most vicious poisons. It may lead us to the pits of hell, but it shall always appear a new road to be traveled, even if it is necessary to transform oneself. The pleasant reward for courage is the surprising new beginning. (MARIANNE AND BRANDON)
- It is impossible to erase the past, but it is an immeasurable waste to deprive yourself of the future. Rediscovery is possible at any stage of life and when we think it's too late, that's maybe the best time. Happiness can present itself even in what seems unlikely. JULIETA AND AURÉLIO (BINGLEY’S MOM AND EMMA’S DAD)
- Imagination is a gift, it makes magic seem real and the fairy tale may really exist, why not? It turns out that reality can always surpass fantasy, it all depends on our choices. And since love may show up in the most unlikely places, it is only by learning to receive that it can multiply. CECÍLIA AND RÔMULO (CATHERINE MORLAND AND MR TILNEY)
- People may even judge the way to life of others, but each one knows what can truly bring happiness to themselves. One has to listen to one's own heart and if sometimes it’s necessary to take society’s voice with a grain of salt and thus learn to grow with one's mistakes. LYDIA AND A SOLDIER, RANDOLFO
- Friendship is a conquered treasure that deserves much care. It's like a flower that needs to be lovingly watered so that it blooms year-round. And it is not easy to flourish, sometimes you have to lose everything to gain what really matters. Friendship and love are our true treasures, for all else fades in dust. EMMA AND ERNESTO, NEW CHARACTER
- Ah! And the family! No matter where you are or what has happened, it’ll always be by your side. It is comfort for when you are paralyzed, love that warms the heart, and celebrates your victories as if it were theirs. It’s the past and the future walking side to side, somewhere you can always return. THE BENEDITOS (BENNETS)
Above all, I have learned that we are writers of our own history and true love is capable of overcoming pride, prejudice and any obstacle that may arise.
Darcy and I fought together and won them all.
I discovered my world outside my city and inside me. And so I found my place in the world, a place where I can be the woman I want to be, where I can work in whatever I want, have my family around and live my true love story.
And I will always carry along with me a little piece of each one that passed through my Coffee Valley, my Enchanted Valley.

Today I am another person, another woman. Nice to meet you, I’m Elisabeta Benedito Williansom.

mini Darcy, the son

Lovely, right?
And we even got to see Pemberley!...

Will post more ASAP.

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