& Moira Bianchi: Seeds of love

sábado, 23 de setembro de 2017

Seeds of love

Hello there,
It's been a while since I've posted in English because of the Book fair and all. But now, today, I'm here watching Rock in Rio on my Tv, first time ever I'm not there, and tonight it's Tears for fears.
Man, what a ride down memory lane!
Not only because they are old - you know how I bother with getting old - but I'm experiencing something so new...
When they were a hit and I were a teen learning English, I struggled with their lyrics loving their rhythm. I remember having trouble with 'pale shelter'... huh... *fond smirk* 😏 
You don't give me love,
You give me pale shelter...
It didn't add up to my twelve, thirteen year old girlish being. Now... 
Now it gives me a whole story behind it.
Isn't it funny?
Am I old or wise or verbose or nostalgic or what?

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