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quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014

Leaving Mr Grey


Good morning.
Every morning I have this little routine: I wake up before my hubs and son, visit our condo's gym (errr... I usually do), watch the morning news alone in silence - the house is still quiet, write a bit, think about my day.

Today, after the news, I didn't change channels to Seinfeld reruns as  part of my routine. I got distracted and our excuse for a Martha Stewart/Oprah hybrid started. Whenever I forget to change channels, I stay hypnotized by the easy silly banter of the morning show.

But today, it was especially hypnotizing: there were Grey news... the trailer worldwide preview.

Man, I couldn't resist waiting for it.

hot rio chick movie trailer

If you have visited this blog before, you know I didn't like the books (at all!), I love Edward Cullen too much to like Mr. Lame Grey and I still think Mr. DARCY RULES!

So why couldn't I let Mr. Grey alone? Morbid curiosity?

I guess I am curious of how the erotic scenes will be shown - as if I haven't watched such scenes a hundred times before. 9 ½ weeks had great scenes (now dated...), Fatal attraction, Brazilian 70 & 80's movie productions... I've seen soft porn, vanilla porn, whatever girl porn before.

If I didn't care for the books, why am I still interested in the movie?

I hope against hope the film will be a nice thing, it does look nice, doesn't it? 
A mild spoiler: The idiotic story about cigarette burn marks seems to have disappeared..

And I still hope Edward Cullen will be better impersonated. Do I have the right? If the author liked the Twilight movies, do I as a fan have the right to expect more of her character?

Ms Austen allows me to fantasize (to the point of obsession) with her beloved Darcy, so I guess I do have the right to have big expectations for the sparkly vamp...

Anyway, still wishful thinking Grey I liked this trailer too... very sexy.

Yeah, I researched the thing waiting the hour our Matha-Oprah show made me....

I remember a Whoopy movie that had the best trailer ever, but the movie was spent on it. All the funny jokes were used in the trailer what made the movie even more lame in my POV.

I hope these people (the girly-chinned guy and the girl) clean up the books. Maybe turn 3 books into a novella?...

hot rio chick fanfiction

See ya.

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