& Moira Bianchi: Before Midnight, after sunrise and sunset

quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Before Midnight, after sunrise and sunset


Happy Valentines!

For us here in Brazil it won´t be for another four months, but it's Valentine's at your little corner of the world, enjoy!

I do love an excuse to dress up, dine out and enjoy some sweet lovin'!

Just the other day I read a review of a sequel of one of my favorite movies ever that was screened at the Sundance Festival: Before midnight.

That's the ultimate Valentine's material: Celine and Jesse's love story told in a heart warming/heart breaking twelve hours long day in Vienna is absolutely delicious . They meet accidentaly and he asks her to spend his last European hours strolling the Austrian streets talking and falling in love. We part from them hoping upon hope that they manage to meet again the next year at that same trains station. Then we are left dreaming and 'shipping' for ten years until they meet again in Paris, now older, scarred by life and still in love with each other. Their arranged meeting planned for that following year a decade ago didn't happen: He has a broken marriage and a child, she has past relationships and a blasé air that keeps us on our toes until the very last moment... I remember thinking: 'Come on Celine! Tell him to come closer!' Then we are left wondering what happened while Nina Simone sang... Now, another ten years and... We'll get to see Celine and Jesse again!

I daydreamed a lot these last twenty years watching and re-watching this love story thinking how magical it would be to meet a stranger in a train and fall in love, how romantic to spend a night with him and not exchanging more than first names, how tragical to part not knowing if you're gonna meet again. 

When this teenage Romeo and Juliet crave subsides here they come again, older and wiser, the cokiness dissolved in knowing smiles and long yarning stares... The romance is tangible but kept at arms length. It's a Persuasion aura that pierces the soul.

Ten more years and here they are... older, with kids of their own (OMG!), wiser? In love still? 

These characters are about my age, and I've followed their love story thinking that it could have happened to me. Now they are older and married... I wonder if they went through the things we all do in real life marriage... 

Well, for now, all that's left is more daydreaming and shipping and waiting... While at that, you know what's really nice?

Celebrating Valentine's!

Mr D is always a good company... either in my book, Austen's masterpiece or Youtube...


Disclaimer: Google pics, Youtube video, babble mine.
See ya!

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