& Moira Bianchi: The end... again

segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

The end... again

...And, after following the 41 chapters of my story 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again' aka Friendship of a special kind, you´ve reached the end...


Darcy and Lizzy are going to be happy all the time. Or they'll die trying!
So much has happened... lots of good times together, phone hacking, surprise visits, fights, loving come backs, hawt moments, work situations... 

Wow! A joyride for sure!

Just like these Darcy & Lizzy, I started writing this story very unassumingly and suddenly it was over 190k words. It took me some time to grow back bones to post it, but after the first reviews I got confident enough to keep posting. Fanfiction.net was a major accomplishment for me as I used to rank it for new stories very often.

The small number of comments is a bit frustrating...
                                                                      ...but the ones I got were delightful. It's great to keep up with the emotions the story is creating... Some are very unexpected to me, but all delightful. I did find the whole experience delightful!

Writing, re reading, (editing I hated), betaying, selecting songs, posting, comments&reviews... Lovely!

Guess what? Am ready for more! What can I say?... Writing for me is a 'cachaça', addictive

I have a short story on beta process by my dearest and Micha that I'll hopefully be able to post by late September when I'll be a guest at Darcyholic Diversions (pretty cool, huh?). It's a cute short one about Young Lizzy and Darcy, probably 5 parts.

That's Darcy and Lizzy the caption talks about...
And I have this other big one, but the characters are still refusing to talk to me... You know, the vamp thing.

Anyways, .... Thank you for following How Lizzy fell deeply in love with Darcy. To celebrate its last chapter posted - for the third and last time - I'll be hosting a give away. Yes, ladys and gents, Hot Rio Chick is about to send some Brasilidade to you. Yay!

To let me know you want it, 'like' Hot Rio Chick's fan page on Facebook. I'll list all the names and make an on line raffle. Visit Facebook and cross your fingers! Your keys can be on their way to a happy jingle on a Havaianas green&yellow keychain!

LIKE to win!

If you don't use Facebook, leave a note here saying you want it and I'll inlcude you on the list, ok?

So... Good luck to you all, and see you soon. Now am on my way to some deserved vacations.


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