& Moira Bianchi: What if Mr Darcy was really Spider Man?

sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

What if Mr Darcy was really Spider Man?

Yes, I may have lost it. 

But I have a good reason...

Today I´ve started to post the last stage of my story on AHA and AU... another two weeks and it will be done. Believe it or not, I'm starting to miss my weekly posts and lovely comments... So, I started to post it on FFnet this week answering the requests I was getting.
Also today my baby boy turns 3! Yay! We´re gonna have a party, his friends from school, cake, brigadeiro, hotdogs! Yay!
And here he is, my very own Spider man!

So, you see, my life is surrounded by Spider man these days. We have cupcake wrappers, candles, party favors, clothes, costumes, toys, you name it! One thing leads to another and... What if Mr Darcy´s secret identity was... Spider Man?

In case you are wondering: 
1- Yes, I do have something better to do.
2- No, I am still a little bit sane.
3- Yes, I did burn dinner again, this time producing this - hmhm - comic story.

Without any delay, I present you:

Pride, Prejudice and cobwebs.


I know, I´m hilarious!

And a finishing touch:
Thank you, Steven Sanchez.

See ya! bj

Disclaimer: ALL Google, I'm jsut the stupid mind putting this together. 

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