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domingo, 21 de março de 2021

The rake - a historical nano tale


Here you have it: the third NANOTALE!

I've discovered that nanotales are quite fun and now my mind immediately starts ploting for every nice painting I see!

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The rake
the fence - Vaclav Brozic - 19th cent

'Lady Anne.' He whispered in a low voice. 'Tomorrow I am going to war, at this hour I will be on the battlefields on the continent.'

'My heart bleeds for you, Lord Mortimer.' Anne gasped, eyes wide.

To his delight, her chest rose and fell quickly, almost exploding from her decoletage. 'As companion, I will only have the memory of you sweetness. I shall cherish it, for only you will keep me warm when death hovers around. Grant me tonight, my dear, every hour and all of your intimacy. ' He asked knowing that at dawn he would embark for the continent, yes, but to enjoy a long season on the sunny beaches of the Iberian Peninsula.

'Yes, my lord, I will give you one night before your departure!' 

* the end *

I so loved these ballet pics from Royal Opera House, they are so romantic, so inspiring.
I composed 3 nanotales based by ballet scenes. Here are the others:

The 19th century had famous ballerinas, I have researched them when composing a lovely historical short novella about one ballerina and her brothers

I'm revising and sharpening edges to publish it.
Ballerina in a tutu - 19th century illustration

Leah E Moss designs

See ya!
Again, stay safe and sane! ;)

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