& Moira Bianchi: Journaling with Jane Austen & other remarkable company

quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2021

Journaling with Jane Austen & other remarkable company


it's been a while since I blogged, I apologize.

Today I have great news:

a collection of journals and notebooks

I am putting together a series of journals based on what I learned about Jane Austen, reading in general and, most importantly, based on my needs as a reader.

There are several options, many I plan to make available, am currently studying guided journals to help readers read more!

So far, I have a JANE AUSTEN COLLECTION and a CHERISHING MOMENTS COLLECTION. Each one has decorated pages, several different options of pages - lined, dotted, grid. Let me show you:

journal with blank calendars so you can start your journaling anytime during the year, Jane Austen letter's quotes, fashion plates carefully chosen.


 lined pages with quotes from Jane Austen's letters

decorated pages, very cute


decorated pages specially designed to host your notes and plotting for Austen characters


lined a sweetly decorated pages




For the really sweet ones who need to mind their blood sugar levels!


simple journal with lined pages

Valentine's day with Mr. Knightley, how about that? 

start your own Jane Austen book club with this guided journal, each one of her works is listed and you even got pages to organize your favorites!

A bookclub journal with special pages for dates, favorites & doodles!
Enjoy the most of your Jane Austen experience!
You have 3 colors to choose.

Mother's day with the most extraordinaire scheming master:
Mrs. Bennet! 
journal with coupons for mum's treats


and how about a hot declaration from a hunk of a Duke?

or Dr. MLK wise words

let me show you the interiors I've been creating!

I'm very excited about this project.
Hope you like them too! ;)


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