& Moira Bianchi: 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - Epilogue 2, the end!

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9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - Epilogue 2, the end!

hello, hello.
I thought so much about posting this epilogue with the other last week and didn't because Lottie and her granny needed their time. But then, work got me and suddenly it's friday...
Anyway, here it is, the final chapter, the happy ending all romances should have. right?

Let me take the time to thank you for your company along this ride with me, even though it took me so long to close this story. Hope you had a good time, laughed a little, smiled a bit, dreamt about Austen's P&P too. 

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Maybe someday this story will find its way into a neat brochure version, revised and extended... Who knows?
See ya!

Nine ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously
COMPLETE, modern (mostly), adult (you know me...), fun, fluff, heart healing stuff.
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Advice for the young at heart 

‘And what is this dirt in your wedding album, daddy?’

wedding scrapbook
Williams smiled, lowered the tablet, pointed. ‘Love potion.’ He said sipping his morning coffee.

‘Be serious.’ Elizabeth, Lizzy, twisted her pretty nose. ‘Between wedding pictures, no one keeps a bag of dirt.’ The eight-year-old insisted. ‘I'll ask mommy.’ She twisted to dangle her little legs and jump from the kitchen counter’s tall stool. 

‘Let her sleep, Lizzy. When we return from the beach, we can wake them her up for lunch. Fitz kept her awake the whole night and she has important meetings at her office later today.’

‘Today is Saturday.’

‘She is her own boss, as I have my own clinic. We can choose our schedules.’

‘The baby whines too much.’

‘Because he is a baby, babies only know how to cry. You, the big sister, will have to teach him to speak, to ask these many questions…’

‘When will he grow enough to my school?’

‘Only when he turns 4. That’s the age accepted at Islamorata Kindergaten.’

‘I told everyone about him.’

‘Good!’ Williams smiled. ‘Now eat your french toast.’

She did for a while. ‘No one understood what is that mommy does in her office when she explained in Career day.’ She pursed her lips, her dad rose an eyebrow. ‘You should have been there instead; every day someone loses a tooth in my class, everyone would understand a dentist.’

‘But you do understand what Bertha does, don’t you?’

‘She thinks things for people who can’t think straight.’

‘She makes detailed plans for people who only have an idea but can’t make a business work, like a shop, a school, a restaurant. She imagines a problem and when it happens, she already has a solution.’

That satisfied her for a while.

‘Mommy always tells me about your surprise wedding.’ A pout. ‘She will tell me what is this in the bag.’

‘She'll say it's love potion because that’s what it is.’

‘Dirt? Ew!’

‘Herbs that grew too old, not dirt. Mom used to brew a magical tea to call me closer.’

‘You're kidding!’

‘No, absolutely true.’

The girl seemed suspicious, but her dad never lied…

‘Ask your godmother, she gave it to us.’ He challenged.

‘Auntie Lottie?’ Lizzy’s face lighted. ‘Uncle Finn said he’d bring her and cousin Charlotte to spend vacations with us.’

happy summers
‘If he said, they’ll come.’ Williams shrugged. ‘Then you can ask her about the love potion.’

‘Mommy likes to read bed time stories about good witches with love potions to me.’ She was still suspicious.

With a straight face, making an effort not to laugh, Williams nodded. ‘Exactly like those.’

‘And it worked, you married mommy.’

‘I was already near.’ He shrugged.  ‘But the tea helped dissolve her prejudice. It persuaded her we belonged together.’

‘I don't get it…’

‘Let me tell you when I met mom.’ He sighed choosing words. ‘We were in a reality TV show and I fell for her almost instantly.  Love at first sight thing.’

‘Lier, lier, pants on fire!’ Lizzy giggled.

‘Am not!’

‘Is too! Mommy told me you bought coffee from the shop where she worked!…’

‘Ah, but that's another story. The one I'm about to tell you is how I conquered her heart when she was wary and stubborn.’

‘When will you tell me the story where you and mom took our names from?’
Austen for kiddies

‘Ah, that’s a book, a romance.’ He smiled. ‘Quite thick.’ The girl pulled a face. ‘In a few years, you’ll love it.’

‘Mommy says that.’ The girl blinked in expectancy.

His smile grew. ‘So, we were on an island just like this one here where we live and…’


~ the end ~

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