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segunda-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2018

Speak my truth

Last night I watched the Golden Globe Awards in part to check if the ladies would be all in black, I confess.
And they were, not one dared to use yellow or green; only two were brave enough to wear red and one white in a sea of black. All men, or almost all, had a small ‘Time's up’ pin.
Oprah was very Oprah-ish telling how Sidney Poitier inspired her and how she knew (or hoped, can't really remember) she was inspiring little (black) girls at that moment by winning a big achievement award.

And as Oprah said we should all speak our truth, I caught myself wondering: What is my truth?
Don't know.
Can't say.
Am I afraid to speak up?

In truth, I kept thinking that many of those men shouldn't have the pin in their couture suits because at some point they must have harrassed a woman. Am I crazy? 
I told that to my hubs and he said: 'Imagine being a famous actor or director or producer. Even if you're a serious family guy, women will be throwing themselves at you in search for their big break.'
Shame, shame... But true. 
And these days, anything is the wrong thing to say or think.

Marilyn in black - Time's up

Merryl Streep was there in black applauding the speeches, but did she really know about Weinstein's hunger for ladies? 
Excuse my cloudy state of mind these days, I'm allowed that I suppose, but as awards were handed my mind was tangled in the hypocrisy of the show. How many of those people knew or did or do nasty things to stay afloat?
Guess what? This morning there it was in my Twitter timelime: Oprah kissing Weinstein's cheek in a very friendly intimate moment. Huh.

How many of the people I know and like are hiding weird sides?
Potentially many, right?


It's such a touchy subject.

Liz Taylor in black - Time's up

It brings me to literature. Why isn't it TIME TO STOP ROMANTICIZING HARASSMENT IN BOOKS too?

Last Saturday I started watching Sucker Punch but as Jon Hamm was about to attack the poor girl I chickened out. The movie's first 5min freaked me out! So I searched it's meaning... Boy, it is effed up! I'm glad I didn't watch it ...

The critic/explaining I found said something so so good: at the end, when Babydoll faces the High roller, she has been submitted to such violent mental control that she doesn't need to be forced neither manipulated to accept the harassment or sexual violence, she asks for it.
Ring a bell?
How many romantic books deal with that?

I apologize if I ever did that unintentionally. Maybe I'm as effed up as every other girl. I once did that and worse in my very erotic novel 'Image or Likeness' but it was the idea of the book. What creeps me is how many women worship crappy romances of horrid men destroying the girl they claim to love. Jeez... Talk about lack of self-respect!

Back at GG, Resse W said: 'We hear you, we see you, we will tell your story!' Weird, she has put herself far away from the cluster of women, from us... But anyway, couldn't she have also said: We READ you, for God sake! Stop this shit!!!

Audrey in black, Time SHOULD BE up

Babble, babble, babble; blah-blah-blah; here's the punch line for this post:
It should be TIME'S UP for harassment everywhere.

Maybe that is my truth.
see ya.

ps: I corrected the red and white dresses and I only used 'harassment' word when 'abuse' and 'assault' could be better applied. All in all, the sense is there.

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