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Bridget Jones's diary


Down the Austen path, I've seen, read and watched a lot of things. I made friends, had lots of fun, turned into a writer myself... but my first plunge into Austen-mania was Miss Jones
Oh Colin... so dashing!

It's always nice to revisit people we love, isn't it?

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Bridget Jones's Diary

Helen Fielding


Valentine's day massacre
page 40

"11.45 p.m. Oh God. It was me, four married couples and Jeremy's brother (forget it, red braces and face. Calls girls 'fillies'.)

'So,' bellowed Cosmo, pouring me a drink. 'How's your love-life?'

Oh no. Why do they do this? Why? Maybe the Smug Marrieds only mix with other Smug Marrieds and don't know how to relate to individuals any more. Maybe they really want to patronize us and make us feel like failed human beings. Or maybe they are in such a sexual rut they're thinking 'There's a whole other world out there,' and hoping for vicarious thrills by getting us to tell them the roller-coaster details of our sex lives.

'Yes, why aren't you married yet, Bridget?' sneered Woney (babytalk for Fiona, married to Jeremy's friend Cosmo) with a thin veneer of concern whilst stroking her pregnant stomach.

Because I don't want to end up like you, you fat, boring, Sloaney milch cow, was waht I should have said, or, Because if I had to cook Cosmo's dinner then get into the same bed as him just once, let alone every night, I'd tear off my own head and eat it, or, Because actually, Woney, underneath my clothes, my entire body is covered in scales. But I didn't because, ironically enough, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So I merely simpered apologetically, at which point someone called Alex piped up, 'Well, you know, once you get past a certain age...'"

'Exactly... All the decent chaps have been snapped up,' said Cosmo, slapping his fat stomach and smirking so that his jowls wobbled.


Don't you hate the Bingleys?
Sorry, snotty friends?

right, give them no importance!

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