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Keeping Mr. Darcy

Hi there!

Darcyland is grooving here for me. 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy is under revision and I must say it's lovely. And... I've just finished reading Austenland .

My Darcy friends want to discuss the book before the movie comes out here in Rio and so, we're all reading it. My opinion in one sentence?

If you think your obssession with Mr. Darcy is a problem, Austenland is not a safe place for you.
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Why? Because he lives there...

Let me make myself clear: the book is engaging, a page turner even but... from page five you know how it will end. You may say that for a Pride and Prejudice afficionado as myself, predictability IS NOT an issue. It's not. But something in Austenland made me uncomfortable.

For starters, I can't understand why someone would pay to live a romance. It sounds like the call girl business only immature and gullible. Because when one hires a call girl/boy, sex is the main service provided - Anais/Charlotte from my 'Image and Likeness' would snort derisevely in my face - but in this case, the guests in Austenland hire romance regency style.

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Of course I relieve the regency romance in Mr. Darcy and Lizzy's offhand courtship over and over, reading and writing their story incessantly. I love their love but I never saw myself as Lizzy. In my head, I'm always someone from the outside witnessing it click between then. In Austenland, a guest could say: I want to be Elizabeth Bennet . Or I want to be Catherine Morland , or Anne Elliot . And then, bam! A dashing British actor would materialize as Mr Darcy , Mr. Tilney or Captain Wentworth and play the part with her.

Theater? Yes, theater! I get that. But... how can I put this?... It gave me the idea of being a loser proposition for losers. If one likes a book soooo much to the point of choosing to reenact it, she is related to the book. And then, she pays someone to fall in love with her, no, she pays someone to reenact the story she loves so much making her feel like the heroine. If she relates to the story so much, wouldn't it be heartwrenching? It's not real after all...

Throughout the book I kept hoping for a twist like......work at Austenland. Sorry, mild spoilers but... Nope, nada, zip. It didn't happen...

One thing I hated: the innumerous references to both the BBC series and the 2005 movie. The heroine is obssessed by Firth's Darcy but does she need to find him playing pool in his waist coast? Does he need to say 'Your hands are cold.' when they have a moment? I didn't like it. Nah... tacky.

One thing I loved: the banter between Lizzy and Darcy Jane and Nobley. Deliciously Austeny, tallyho!

The book is lovely, engaging, good humored but... blergh

Maybe I consider myself a loser as humungous as Jane Erstwhile.

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Yeah, that's probably it.

Let me close this post with a token from Mr Darcy judge , it always lifts my spirits.


disclaimer: Images from Google, Austenland is worth the reading and everything else is mine.

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