& Moira Bianchi: Manhattan Lofts for sale

terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

Manhattan Lofts for sale

Hello, hello!

Today, Hot Rio Chick babbles about real estate...

Does anyone know about a gorgeous Manhattan loft for sale?

Or townhouse, or penthouse, or spacious flat?


Mr Darcy and Lizzy are experiencing a cozy romantic Valentine´s at a posh hotel on chapter 34 of my story - How WDarcy persuaded LBennett... aka Frienship of a special kind - and there he decides to put his plan into action. Oops... almost a spoiler... 

To help the love birds, Hot Rio Chick searched the web to find some choices.

First, let's find inspiration on famous lofts.
24 years ago and it still looks like fun!
When talking about NYC, how not to talk about Carrie?

22 years ago: Still corny but a nice loft nonetheless.

And this is what HRC could come up with:

This gorgeous one looks like something Lizzy would love but Darcy wouldn´t... Since it´s not HER place...
This magnificent place looks too... white.
This one looks nice enough. Don´t you think?
Ahhh... That would be lovely!
Yeah Something Beautiful, why not? A New York brownstone! Sounds so lovely! Upper West Side, charming and upscale! THAT would fit Darcy´s rich wordliness and Lizzy´s originality. Holly Golightly, who always knew the right place to be and right thing to say, lived in one with Paul Varjak and Mr. Yunioshi.

It's useful being top banana in the shock department. 

But, the right flower to gift, is a Lizzy expertise.

Even the dudes know all about Lilly of the Valley. Right Trilby and Harty?
Lilly of the valley on his wedding lapel... Mr Darcy would like that idea!

You know what? Let love be, I mean, let Lizzy and Darcy be... Unill next chapter?


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