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Welcome to my fanfic page.

write about mr darcy
I started writing Pride and Prejudice fanfiction very unassumingly. I already said it here on the blog countless times.

I liked the idea behind fanfiction since I found the first cool Harry Potter one, way back... 2001 perhaps. Being able to continue the plots, twist them or the characters this way and that, fill in blanks that the author didn't realize existed... Fantastic!
And I've even got a journals & notebooks collection!

Since then it's been a long way till I fell in Mr Darcy's arms and now I don't want to be anywhere else. 

hot rio chick love mr darcy chain bed

I just published my very first and biggest story as linked down here.

Here you´ll find my fics which are also posted on my favorite JAFF sites such as AHA and AU plus the mighty Fanfiction.net.

I write stories that I always searched for:
  • Mr. Darcy and Lizzy are together most of the plot;
  • Many canon standards are portrayed but cleaned up;
  • Almost always rated MA (mature adult-oriented, +18) with lots of HMS;
  • Some kinky fuckery;    
  • Lizzy is always strong and stubborn;
  • Darcy is a little more patient with her than in canon;
  • Darcy is always perfect in his imperfections;
  • Jane is not so passive;
  • Cel Fitzwilliam is even more charming;
  • Wickham is not such a vilain;
  • Mostly fluff, hot, little angst.
  • Always with some Brazilian zest.    

Hope you have a good time and please, leave a note. 

Miss Love & Mr. Hate

Get ready for a wild ride of passion, secrets, and forbidden love in this captivating romance. Join Elle Lovecraft as she encounters the charming cowboy, Titus Hatefield, in her small hometown. But their intense connection is threatened by a generations-old feud between their families. Will love to conquer all?

WIP, modern, adult, cowboy x college girl.
Fun, love, burning passion, a few grains of P&P, Romeo & Juliet vibe.
Start reading SOON.
Find out more here.

Nine Ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously

Bertha had her head full of ideas, her heart full of dreams, and a longtime friend who surprisingly had a pocketful of witchcraft.
Now, all Bertha needed was faith enough to step out of her comfort zone and try out new ways to live... Pride and Prejudiciously.

WIP, modern (mostly), adult, several short stories in a bigger one.
Fun, love, home for the heart, P&P all over.
Will post every other week, or whenever inspiration hits me as a healing exercise should be.
Start reading here

Back porch tale

This a cute Mother's Day short story linking Lizzy, her mother Fran, and Darcy's late mother Anne.

A side story to Friendship of a Special Kind. 

Rated T.

Read it here




How William Darcy could have met Lizzy Bennett

Darcy is in his mid-twenties and about to move to England to start his MBAs.
Lizzy is in her early twenties and starting college.
mr darcy rio de janeiro lizzie bennetBy fate, they meet in Trindade a small village that belongs to the historical city of Paraty here in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.
In this paradisiacal setting, they fall in love but fate is in their way.

A 'what if' 'near meet' story to Friendship of a special kind.
Rated MA, fluff, no angst. 

Read part 1 here.
Read part 2 here.
Read part 3 here.

How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again - aka - Friendship of a special kind

   A Pride and Prejudice-inspired romance novel; sexy, naughty, and touching.
   Elizabeth Bennett, widowed at 30, has already suffered a lot of heartache - too much in her point of view. Therefore, she avoids relationships and most of all, commitment.
   William Darcy, still single in his late thirties, would rather spend his time and efforts working on his family's company than engaging in angst-filled relationships.
   When these two stubborn, sexy, and handsome people meet they want the same thing: simply a good time. But what happens when he falls in love with her? How hard will he have to work to persuade her to love again?
   "It is a truth universally acknowledged, as well as feared, that fate has its twisted ways to dispose of our lives."
   A novel inspired by Jane Austen's unforgettable characters and their struggle to get together, here in a modern setting where they struggle to keep together.
   With a Brazilian zest to them. It was said that they were too forward, that Darcy would never give Lizzy a kiss on the cheek the second time they met. Or that Lizzy wouldn´t drink beer, but wine. Well… I’m Brazilian, so these D&E have a zest for Brazil too. Why not?
   So they are forward and a bit naughty sometimes. Darcy hacks into her iPhone so he can keep in touch while Lizzy is only interested in Darcy as a one-night stand.
   It´s not a retelling, it´s a P&P-inspired story (rated MA).

  Available in  
Download an excerpt: for the first 5 chapters, click here.

And there's also a vignette! Read it here

A good discount

A 'Friendship of a special kind' vignette.
In this short vignette, we find Darcy and Lizzy between chapters 40 and 41. 
They are back together after Lizzy's breakdown but still have ends to trim. While working out their issues, our loved couple deals with friends and family. And of course, love to love each other.
Rated MA, little angst, fluff, and hot.

Read the first half here
Read the last half here


Behind the mirror 

Short lovely storytelling about how these Darcy and Lizzy cannot stay apart even for a week. We find them at the beginning of their relationship when passion is budding and overwhelming.
It's actually a teaser for my new story 'Image and Likeness'.
This story celebrates Pride and Prejudice's 200th anniversary.
Rated T
Fluff, no angst.
Read it here



 Lucky 6 

boy dating older girl pride and prejudice fanfiction
Darcy is in school when he meets Lizzy who is finishing college. With a gap of six years difference between them, how hard would it be for this love to grow?

Songfic based on Legião Urbana's classic 'Eduardo e Mônica'.

WIP, read an excerpt here.

45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy

hot rio chick pride and prejudice retell sexyMy first linear retelling is a lovely story following a Brazilian Lizzy's 3 trips to Europe when she meets Darcy every time she steps foot in the Old World, much to her abhorrence.

 This story follows the timeline, characters' ages, and family ties from canon with small variations. 

Fluff, MA, low angst, young adult
It's available in paperback, ebook, or Kindle.

Royal baby

This is my entry on the lovely Drabble Festival celebrating the British Royal Baby's birth. I posted a cute story about the 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy's characters.

Read it here.

Fluff, sexy, MA

She's got a lot of nerve

My sweet Darcy friends from Goodreads had a Holidays vignettes party and my entry tells another side of what '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy' shows. It's Darcy's New Year's party with Bingley in Dubai.

Read it here.

Fluff, sexy, T


I have a NEW DARCY&LIZZY living in my head. They barged into my mind last New Year's and since then, they talk and talk and talk away screaming how they want their story told.

This is their first live appearance. A hot naughty scene for Valentine's Day.

Naughty, sexy, modern, rated MA.
Read it here.
This drabble is part of THE PRINCE OF PEMBERLEY.


My NEW DARCY&LIZZY are still living in my head but they are getting pretty busy.

This drabble shows them when they are already married, a little after Indulgence. A homely scene, but with these two, the sparkle is always alive.

Fluff, sexy, modern, rated MA.
Read it here.
This drabble is part of THE PRINCE OF PEMBERLEY.

The Prince of Pemberley

Here they are, my NEW Darcy and Lizzy, in all their glory. 

It's a big story about second chances, about having the guts to bet on what will be best even if the road is bound to be rocky. 

Both married, Darcy and Lizzy find each other in their 40s after almost two decades apart. Friends when teenagers, life pushed them apart and it brought them together, the pull was too strong to resist.

Fluff, sexy, modern.
Read a few chaps here.
BOOK 1 available in Kindle | eBook 
BOOK 2 available in Kindle | eBook
BOOK 3 available in Kindle | eBook

Love in acts

After a long time thinking about it, I decided to try writing Regency
The first two were posted here in earlier abridged versions. Later, with research both historical and from canon, revised extended versions are available at the best retailers.

1st Act is called 'LOVE HURTS'

Angst. Sequel to P&P. Rated M.
The blissful months after the wedding are disrupted by an upsetting discovery Elizabeth makes.
Read it here.

2nd Act is a 'What if ' called 'ECLIPSE OF THE HEART'
Fluff & angst in equal parts. Rated M.
Elizabeth and Darcy only meet a few years after Jane's marriage to Bingley and their past is a heavy burden to carry.
Read it here.

3rd Act is also a 'What if' - (I love those...)
Fluff and fun. Rated M.
When Darcy arrives at Rosings and pays an impromptu visit to the Parsonage, he and Colonel Fitzwilliam overhear Elizabeth and Charlotte Collins discussing a secret: Elizabeth is being blackmailed.

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