& Moira Bianchi: Happy Valentines, 2018!

quarta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2018

Happy Valentines, 2018!

Happy, happy day!

Here in Brasil we celebrate in June 'lover's day' which is exclusively for couples - also a day to find a date. But Valentines - that we don't have - is much bigger, right? It's for any loved ones, friends, family and lovers. 
This year I timed two book releases to Valentines and would love to have a new chapter of the story I'm posting here, but it's not ready yet.

In Portuguese, it's the last volume of my first series - Princesas Possíveis. This romance is (freely) inspired by Sleeping Beauty.

In English, it's the second edition of my first book - Friendship of a special kind.

Here in the blog, 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously, is arriving in a pivoting point. There are important information in this chapter, Bertha has been attacting too much attention with her trips...

So far we´ve had 3 trips, 3 alternative lives she experienced.
- Apron strings (crafts, modern)
- Dressed to kill (fashion, modern)
- Big fish, difficult catch (reality TV, modern)

The 4th will be a Regency mashup for P&P and Northanger Abbey and that is where I keep looping on the plot. As I see it, fanfic is the product of great intimacy with canon, that's why I think myself capable of writing P&P inspired stories. But meddling with Austen's Tilney and Moreland... Oh!

Anyway, it'll be lovely and hot and filled with sigficant bits of plot on the biggest story, Bertha's quest.

I'm sorry it's not ready today, but the chapter will worth the wait.

Happy Valentines, everyone!

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