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sexta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2018

I'm not eating dessert this week

hey, there.
If you were expecting a new chapter for 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously, I'm sorry. It's still in the oven, this is yet another babbling post, but a good one. Promise.
It comes from another Sex and the City pearl, now a Samantha quote.

'I'm not eating dessert this week.'

She meant food, sweets; but I took it far.
Difficult times here in Rio de Janeiro and you know what? I'm putting myself through detox - not only nutritional, but mostly spiritual.

A few weeks ago, a good friend told me about a great guru, but I hadn't read anything until now. Check this out:

His name is Prem Baba from Awaken Love movement, and he said stuff in crispy clear words here in this post : Life is supposed to be simple: one only has to find balance.

He asks: Do you deal the same way with happiness and sadness? You should.
Mental equanimity is the capacity to keep calm in any situation, no matter if during difficult times or in the middle of great victories. Of course, for that there's a road to travel.
He says the answer is in the capacity to restart and be able to renovate your vows with self-realization constantly.
Renovate and restart, like nature does, 
means do not dwell on what's transitory: 
emotions, thoughts, feelings - either good or bad. 
Imagine you are the sky where 
white fluffy clouds or heavy dark ones can pass. 
One cannot take either as the absolute truth.
Life is ciclical, one time we're surfing a big wave others we're down a valley. What we need is the ability to keep calm while passing throught the valley preparing to ride up again.
Distress attacks you through comparison and desire, that's how it drags down your conscience. You only need a sligh distraction and you go down.

That's me... I do get distracted and let myself get sucked down a drain of comparisons and empty desire and bad vibes and urgh! I avoid that, I swear, but sometimes we're not as strong as we should and could or would want to be...

So, this is where the detox promise comes in: avoid the temptations, focus on seeing myself as the sky and let the clouds pass me by.

Tks a bunch, Prem Baba.
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