& Moira Bianchi: A second before the duel - a historical nano tale

sábado, 13 de março de 2021

A second before the duel - a historical nano tale


I've promised, so I deliver:

Here's another NANOTALE!

Even being so distrated with Meghan & Harry bombastic interview, I managed to work on this post. 

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A second before the duel

'We are married, dear Anne, but only to our knowledge. No one will suspect that we have just arrived from Gretna Green. ' He kissed her cheek before climbing down of the carriage, took care to check for watchful eyes and only when asured of their safety, he reached out to help his young wife down.

Deeply moved by emotions, she tripped over her skirts and needed the support of her secret husband, who, roguish as a man violently in love can be, took the opportunity to kiss her bosom exploding from her beautiful dress' decoletage. As she laughed self-consciously, delighted with her lover's attention, her name was shouted in severe anger:

'Anne, what does that mean?'

'Oh, dear God! I cannot believe my eyes as I see my brother!' She felt her legs fail. 'My Lord!' She looked to her husband with wide eyes. 'You will need to defend my honor.'

* the end *

I so loved these ballet pics from Royal Opera House, they are so romantic, so inspiring.
I composed 3 nanotales based by ballet scenes. Here are the others:

The 19th century had famous ballerinas, I have researched them when composing a lovely historical short novella about one ballerina and her brothers

Mary Taglioni, La sylphide

I'm revising and sharpening edges to publish it.

Leah E Moss designs

See ya!
Again, stay safe and sane! ;)

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